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harlots // charlotte’s fuchsia dress


costume series — riverdale (season 1)

It has a bit of a retro feel at times and on some characters more than others. Every character is based on either a composite or a decade of the actual ‘Archie’ comics, but reinterpreted in our new modern way. So nobody is head-to-toe running around in '70s or '40s [looks].  — Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup, costume designer.


harlots // marie-louise d’aubigne

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I regularly wonder why I do this job

Then @jamesnortonblog​ goes and posts the Grantchester Season 3 trailer here

And look what’s coming, shirtless detectives:

Detectives and babies:

British Detectives thinking very hard to solve crime:

There are even running detectives:

And even handsome detectives in cricket costumes:

I’m even thinking about a new series, detectives in formal wear. Because. Handsome:


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“Terry snuck some fittings in at the end of Season 1, but it was beautiful because all of a sudden you saw this vision board that she had and it was all these beautiful bruised colors. It was so different to what we were doing. Then she had some mock-ups and toile and you kind of get a sense of maybe the shape, but you don’t realize how stunning they’re going to be. And when I came back and I did all my fittings for Season 2 and I saw them – I mean, each one is a piece of  c o u t u r e . And what was so beautiful – and what [Terry and I] talked about – it was this amazing opportunity for Claire the character to explore her femininity for the first time.”

~ Caitriona Balfe, From Scotland to Paris