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victorious is the greatest show ever made in herstory of tv shows it invented television it invented the concept of tv it literally invented the concept of acting and musicals and having people interact on screen and whomever disagrees is fcking wrong cause i know what im talking about

concept: a TV show with a dark, tragic, fucked-up beginning that steadily gets happier and lighter and more hopeful as the seasons go on, the narrative arc premised on healing and growth instead of a “gritty” downspiral, the challenges faced in each season finale leaving the characters in a progressively better place. nobody queer dies, and the worst things we ever see after season 1 all happen in flashbacks to events preceding the now. 

The Host leans contently upon the blonde-haired lady, relishing in the quaint company they are keeping. The calm and domestic atmosphere brings tranquility and soft enjoyment to the two beings. The Host continues to whisper quiet narrations to the sleepily conscious Amy, who, in turn, shows signs of tender affection in small but noticeable actions. The two are happily in this state of stasis where troubles are a foreign memory and problems are an alien concept.

I feel like the Host and Amy would be good friends. This started out hella lazy but I kinda like it haha. I have some theories with the Host using the dialogue from DIF 2 that the author spoke but that’s for another time (that ‘time’ being when I get my thoughts down on paper. Loved MarkiplierTV and all the egos in it. Can’t wait to see how Mark progresses his lil world of lore within lore within lore. :)) 

Hope y’all have / had a good day! 

TV Show Concept: The Goyim Are Coming

A show about a MoDox Jewish family (mixed Ashkenazi and Sephardi, and it comes up) living in Brooklyn.  They’re working poor and just trying to survive, but then…gentrification starts, and they get new, rich yuppie goyish neighbors.

Simultaneously, it cuts to parallel stories set in 1491-1492 Spain and 1880s Poland/Russia/Ukraine with their ancestors (perhaps played by the same actors) dealing with the goyim showing up and being horrible.

The drama is obvious, the comedy mostly comes from

  • Treating the Jewish family like you’d treat other TV show characters
  • Jewish sarcasm/fatalistic humor
  • Some Aryan looking neighbor who THINKS they understand everything about Judaism but really, REALLY don’t, and the family gets to roll their eyes and explain things properly…except one of the kids, an 8 year old girl, who deliberately teaches the goyish neighbor incorrect things to mess with them (this is in all three parts of the show, the snarky kid is always there)

princess-unipeg  asked:

Will there be a scene where the characters actually climb Rapunzel's hair? It would be funny to see her reactions.

There already has been, in “Cassandra v. Eugene”:

Although, to be frank, this is the hair climbing scene I’m hoping to see:


There is an element to this journey into the dark that I’m only now beginning to appreciate.  // What’s that? //  How good it feels.

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