tv concepts

concept: a TV show with a dark, tragic, fucked-up beginning that steadily gets happier and lighter and more hopeful as the seasons go on, the narrative arc premised on healing and growth instead of a “gritty” downspiral, the challenges faced in each season finale leaving the characters in a progressively better place. nobody queer dies, and the worst things we ever see after season 1 all happen in flashbacks to events preceding the now. 


these look like stills taken from an indie film about two professional women in their 40s that are coming to terms with the feelings they have for one another and despite trying to ignore the desire, in which they harbor; they eventually embark on an intense, passionate love affair that jeopardizes both their personal and professional lives. wow, i love angst.  

So, I had another amazing Tangled revelation just a few days ago. I was flipping through my art book (as I do, quite often), and I stopped in my tracks when I saw these designs of the King and Queen:

These designs seem oddly familiar to something we’ve seen recently…

It could just be a coincidence, but knowing how much research the crew does on past concept art, I think it’s safe to say that Herz der Sonne and Shampainer are based off old designs of the King and Queen!