tv comebacks

Well, well, well. Would you look at this list.

Television: Call it a comeback.

Oscar talk was strong, bringing it back up to No. 8
How to Get Away with Murder returns at No. 11 after an explosive two hour season finale.

Movies: Sorry, we were handed the wrong list.

⬇︎ The Lego Batman Movie clicks into place at No. 2.
La La Land leaps up the list. We’re sorry, no. There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won the No. 3 spot.

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Music: Casting spells and issuing diss tracks.

Lana Del Rey moves up four spots to No. 1 after joining a global witch effort for the greater good of mankind.
Remy Ma (No. 12) disses Nicki Minaj (No. 7) on her newest track, but she’s still behind her on Fandometrics.

Celebrities: The Oscars Effect

Chrissy Teigen and Dev Patel debut at No. 15 and No. 18, respectively.
Lin-Manuel Miranda returns at No. 11 after performing on stage and bantering off stage.

Games: A thousand points for all of us.

☆ Do not go gentle into that dark Night in the Woods. Or do. Anyway, it debuts at No. 14.
⬇︎ Pokémon GO drops twelve spots. Now let’s all reflect on how long it’s been since we opened that app.

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Web stuff: The top of the dot com personalities, shows, stuff, and things.

Markiplier moves up to No. 1, taking the top spot from danisnotonfire.
⬆ Get into the zone. The Adventure Zone. Others are, that’s why it’s up to No. 3.

Zodiac Aesthetics based on my friends
  • Aries: Laughing loudly, talking loud, great times with friends, memes, a wicked sense of humor, getting everywhere by foot, short wild hair, minimalist jewelry, having a great music taste
  • Taurus: Eating until you can't anymore, good laughs, bad jokes, being passionate, living far but getting everywhere first, using the bus/metro, t-shirts and jeans, sneakers not boaters
  • Geminis: Drawing, sarcasm and irony, weird aesthetics and music, black clothes, bold clothes, reading fanfics, photos of the sunset, weird comments on facebook
  • Cancer: Kpop, being obsessed with tv shows, eclectic music taste, changing interests fast, loving your pets more than yourself, baking, laughing and joking with your cousins/siblings, having more clothes than anyone
  • Leo: Kpop, pop, doramas, not giving a fuck about what others think, being an ass sometimes but still a great person, nice clothes, having fun with friends, encouraging words, saying weird things out of the blue sometimes
  • Virgo: Quiet places, quiet people, classic books and classic music, jokingly threatening friends (with serious faces), ridiculous yet good logic, delicate things, white blouses and t-shirts with jeans
  • Libra: Books (reading), art, messy (and varied) playlists, messy spaces, being overly defensive, loud music, not liking yelling (but usually yelling a lot without noticing), good arguments, dirty jokes, not knowing how to flirt (but trying anyway, even if scared)
  • Scorpio: Sarcasm, the truth even when it hurts, combat boots, dark clothihg, witty comments and comebacks, comedy tv shows and scifi movies, holding a grudge forever, but caring deeply
  • Sagittarius: Luck, plaid shirts, black dresses, changing your hair color, keeping it in a bun, weird sense of humor, cats, selling your soul to tv shows, judging people with your friends
  • Aquarius: Fighting for what it's good, caring about animals, animals, colorful clothes, gold watches, messy thick hair, giving zero fucks, TiredTM
  • Piscis: Smol (or tol, no in between), dressing lovely, clear laugh, theater and arts, fighting for your dreams, anime, having long conversations with friends in empty classrooms, flirting, casual relationships, believing in true love tho
  • Capricorn: Lady Gaga's music, pop, great clothes, big earrings, not being afraid of letting your hate show, photogenic as fuck, trying and trying and trying /again/, not giving up (even if sometimes it doesn't get you anywhere at the end)