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okay but turn the tv to cnn cause all the anchors are drunk and it’s great

Don Lemon got an ear pierced and is considering a tattoo. A guy in Dallas is hitting on Anderson Cooper from across the timezone. This is great.

Stop watching the news

Stop watching television news.  Networks like CNN and MSNBC treated Trump like a serious candidate without acting like real journalists.  They normalized his nonsense for the sake of ratings.  They spent every fucking opportunity they could talking about Hillary’s emails while ignoring dozens of disturbing stories about Donald Trump.  There are a lot of people to blame for why Trump was elected, but the media has the most blood on their hands.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell did a better job than any other so called journalists, but aside from them, everyone else latched on to Trump’s dick and didn’t let go.  CNN was especially a fucking joke.  They hired Trump’s former campaign manager while he was still being paid by Trump.  I’ve stopped watching the news.  There are plenty of legitimate news sources online to stay informed, but do not give CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC and CBS ratings.  Boycott the media who elected Trump.  They wanted Trump’s dick in their mouth, now let them choke on it.

i got off the plane and got home today and turned on the tv and on cnn in the corner they had a countdown with like four hours on it marked “turkey learns fate.” and i legitimately thought that i watch such little news in new york that i somehow missed that the state of turkey the country was at stake. like a supervillain has a laser in space pointed at turkey right now and the world has four hours to comply to a list of demands.


Ginella Massa became Canada’s first hijab-wearing television news reporter in January 2015


Rachel Joy Scott’s funeral took place at the Trinity Christian Center on April 24, 1999. More than 2,500 people attended and it was televised worldwide on CNN, as well as multiple other TV channels. Millions watched across the world. Up to that day, it was the most watched event on CNN, even surpassing the funeral of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

An excerpt from “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown about Rachel’s funeral.

“Just a few days ago, Steve and I had driven around looking for Rachel, hoping to find her alive. Now she was here, in a closed casket at the front of the church. It still didn’t seem real.

There were several moments during that funeral that truly were beautiful. Rachel’s sister did an exact recreation of the Christian dance Rachel had performed at the talent show the year before, accompanied by the song “Watch the Lamb and Who Nailed Him There.” When it came time for Rachel’s friends to speak, Nick Baumgart gave a genuine, from-the-heart speech that focused on the positive memories we had of her. “Her trueness to herself was amazing,” Nick said. “She didn’t let anybody affect who she was. She didn’t let anybody tell her that what she believed and who she was wasn’t okay. She was true to herself, and because of that, she was true to everybody else. In a sense, she is still here. She always will be, and that smile will still be here … I’m lucky to have known her. I’m fortunate to have been her friend, and I’m fortunate to have called her my Prom date. But I’m truly blessed to have had her in my life.”

At the end of the funeral, as people were getting ready to file out, they asked the family to leave. No one was expecting what happened next.
They opened Rachel’s casket. There was Rachel. Dead. Her body, right there, in the casket for all to see. I don’t know what they were trying to show people by doing this, but in order to exit, you had no choice but to walk right by it. As we filed out, Doug was the first of our group to see her. He started crying. It was hard to watch. Steve (Rachel’s ex-boyfriend) was next. He saw Rachel’s body and collapsed on the floor in tears. Here was his former girlfriend, who still meant the world to him, and his body just failed him. Doug and I had to pick him back up and help him out of there. Of course, when I saw Steve lose it, I was right behind him. All the tears I hadn’t cried up to that point came gushing out, just like everybody else, as I saw Rachel lying there in that coffin.  As we walked out, holding Steve, there was a literal wall of cameras and reporters waiting for us. Taking pictures of us, looking at us, video-taping us.
We just wanted it to be over.”

Some videos from her funeral:

Part 1 

Part 2 (Tribute Video)

News footage

Nick Baumgart speaking at 1:06