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The Keepers-2017 (TV)

Dir: Ryan White (The Case Against 8)

Length: 7 Episodes-Netflix

Genre: Crime-Documentary.

Before we start, here are some important questions:

  1. Is this an artsy academic TV show? No
  2. Can I Netflix and chill to this? No.
  3. Will I cry? Possibly. The show is quite shocking at times.
  4. Do I need to watch more than once to understand? No.
  5. Will this TV show end up being in a franchise which means I’ll waste a load of money trying to watch them all? No.

Free from Spoilers

The Keepers is one of the best shows on Netflix at the moment, and one that everybody with an account should be watching. It starts with the death of a nun, Catherine Cesnik who worked at an all girls Catholic school in Baltimore, America. We follow two former students of Sister Cathy who want to find out what happened to her. The case is still open and we go with them as they interview old police detectives and work out the case by themselves. Through their investigation and the documentary itself, we learn there is a bigger mystery hidden underneath the murder.

Throughout the show we are constantly changing our mind and our opinions on who murdered Sister Cathy. The second episode creates another angle to the show. So now we have two separate investigations going on but they link together creating excellent TV. Every episode brings a new twist, with new people, and more evidence to explore. You watch, waiting for what else could be brought to life that could shock you. 

Technically the show is outstanding, there isn’t a flaw within any documentary-making viewpoint. The editing is crisp and fast, we aren’t bored from watching this show. The reconstructions which are shot black and white are chilling and terrifying to witness. The music is haunting, and accompanies the footage so well. The interviewees as well are balanced, we hear from old students, family members of the victims and suspects, the police and Government. This is clearly not a Michael Moore style documentary. Every interview makes your ears cling onto each word being spoken. It truly is an amazing TV experience. 

Rating: 5/5. Absolutely amazing.
The new series from Netflix is definitely one to watch, each episode is more heart-breaking, exciting and shocking as the last. With a twist and a leading question at the end of each episode to lead you into the next, this show really will keep you guessing all the way through.