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I hate that every time I bring up LOST someone has to make that shitty joke that goes “The real mystery is how Hurley didn’t lost weight after all that time stranded in an island”.

First of all this joke has been made 98763736483 times already, please stop.

Second of all it was always clear that they had more than enough food. In season 1 they had loads of fruit and boar-meat (may not be a very diverse diet but they were definitely not hungry) and after opening the hatch they had a huge amount of Dharma-food, even chocolate and snacks. In one episode a ton of food literally fells from the sky. There’s no logical reason for any of the survivors to lose weight.

But imagine for a moment these fan’s complains are valid and the survivors didn’t have all this food, then why is the focus only on Hurley? If the camp were short on food then everybody would lose weigh. But the audience didn’t want Jack or the rest of the hot people to lose weight for “realism”, no, the only “continuity error” for them was Hurley. Because it has never been about realism (C'mon from all the illogical things in LOST the problem you see is an overweight guy?) the issue is these people couldn’t bear that there was a TV show with a fat latino as a main character.

I’m so happy Jorge Garcia never cared about this criticism. One of the heroes in LOST is fat and that doesn’t make him any less great. Deal with it.

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Is Barry secretly some sort of programming genius? I mean, he's supposed to invent Gideon at some point, and he's been shown writing algorithms to find villains (although not sure if Earth 2 Barry counts since he has a PhD and Earth 1 Barry might not? Was that ever clarified?). Wish they'd show this skill of his more often if he's on that level.

Well, “programming genius” would be an exaggeration from what we’ve seen so far, but it’s likely he has some computer programming skills and he definitely is very intelligent.

But it’s hard on a show / in a universe with a bunch of super-geniuses to discuss IQ and intellect (especially because how these shows seem to build up intellect, particularly a narrow subset of what counts as ‘smart’, which can be pretty ableist). 

Because look, we’ve got… Eobard, Cisco, Harry, Ray, Stein, Jax (yes, absolutely Jax, the dude taught himself to fix space ships)… all who demonstrate what probably counts as supergenius-level abilities. And we’ve got people like Caitlin and Leonard and Rip and Felicity who are all going to be in the genius level (at least), or so I would argue. 

Oh and Jesse? Isn’t she as smart as her dad? Andddd Hartley, right, him too, right up there with the other supergeniuses.

What I’m saying is this universe has a genius issue. (Note that “genius” =/= “good decision making skills”).

And then we’ve got other characters, who are many not as “smart” as those ones, but are probably up there in terms of more general metrics or comparisons to the population. Wally, for instance, what with Wally’s designs for school and engineering stuff, and Iris is a gifted writer and investigator within her journalism, which is an intellectually demanding craft, especially at the level she’s working at. Hell, since we’re looking at Arrow, you’ve got Laurel as a DA as well, and its not exactly easy to get into that career. And Nate on Legends has a PhD, right? Which doesn’t make someone a genius but it’s implied, given how he’s the “only one” who figured out about history and the Legends. And though the show jokes about Joe needing the science explained, he’s described as a damn good detective on more than one occasion and likely has an above-average intelligence level.

Anyway, sorry I’m rambling. Everyone on DC CWTV has above average intelligence, and if we were to look at their IQs, the mean IQ of main characters across the shows would probably be like 145 and the median would probably be like 130.

Which leaves us with Barry. Barry being a forensic analyst by the age of ~23 and having a master’s degree most likely (but no, not a PhD on Earth 1). He’s implied to be quite good at that job too, judging from the fact that Patty had read his reports and complimented them. Barry who was working on the speed equation and working on other algorithms, who pulls moves like jumping off the roof of STAR Labs with Zoom because he reasoned on the fly that as they’re falling, Zoom’s speed advantage will disappear. Who works out temporal dynamics seemingly without much issue and his hero, back before the accelerator blew, was the scientist Harrison Wells.

So it’s… tough to say. He’s very smart, likely in the gifted range. Could he be working more on the science side of the show and doing more of the programming stuff? Probably yeah. He’s got the background in science to make contributions there, more than we normally see. But at the same time… does that need to happen? Because most of the characters on the show are already doing the science thing. I’d like to see more of his forensics stuff, personally, rather than his programming skills, whatever level they happen to be at. 

It’s a toss-up for when/how he’ll invent Gideon, but he can speed-read books and temporarily retain the knowledge from them so he could very well use that trick to design her. He could also yet learn a lot to do with time travel and programming that we haven’t seen yet, or get help from his team to design and build her? It’s really unclear ^^;

caw17 day 1 - favourite character
I don’t have the software for gifs, nor the patience for fics (despite this primarily being a writing blog) so I decided to just write what I think for each day. That falls under meta right?
The fact it’s an ensemble show makes picking a favourite Community character very difficult, especially since (for the most part) each character is given enough attention to shine. I don’t know what the parameters of the prompt are, but to make it easier for myself I’m going to narrow my choice to series regulars.

After a lot of thought (you can’t tell here, but multiple days have passed since I wrote the last paragraph) I’ve decided that my favourite character is probably Abed or Britta.
Abed is the kind of character that I would historically lean toward in terms of preference; he’s smart and nerdy in a positive way. When I think more about Abed and how he’s written in a deeper manner, I like him a lot more (albeit in a different way). He’s incredibly aware of what people think of him but, despite that, he’s also still incredibly confident.
Britta is more of a wildcard in my choosing her because of how oddly treated her character was you could almost claim that she was a completely different character to the one she was in Season 1 by the end of Season 6. In general, she might be the character with whom I can relate most - she wants to do good things and only has the best of intentions, but sometimes doesn’t act on them in the best way, if at all.

I don’t feel like I’ve articulated this in the best way possible, and I’ve definitely simplified what I think, but I want to get this posted at a reasonable time so I’m going to stop here.
And in case it’s of any interest, this two-way tie would have been a four way tie if not for my narrowing it to series regulars (Duncan and Magnitude are both fantastic).

I’ve read lots of people write about how Yuuri is such a wonderful gay icon but what about Victor?! I MEAN

Come on

The guy has a pink ferrari for God’s sake 


He has been the pro of what he does since he was a teen 

he takes cute pictures with him and his beloved dog for the press

his whole country loves him

he is not only comfortable but happy to play both a female and male part

He can get away with those lines

this one speaks for itself

he has insecurities about his hair


He is more beautiful than a disney princess

and he is a genuinely kind person 


he gets to spend the rest of his life

with the cute boy he fell in love with 

and live happily ever after

really, Vitya is an inspiration to us all