tv chair

When you loose a best friend, it’s worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself.
—  M.
So whats your main color?
  • P1: purple
  • P3-kun: blue..
  • P3P-chan: PINK!
  • p4: yellow
  • P2 & P5 : red
  • P2:
  • P5:
  • P2: did you just steal my color?
  • P5: they dont call me phantom thief for nothing

A former Colorado GOP chair blamed Democrats for voter fraud. Then he was charged with voter fraud.

  • A former chair of the Colorado Republican Party was charged with voter fraud last month, according to a local Colorado television station.
  • Steven Curtis, who chaired the Colorado GOP from 1997 to 1999, was charged with one count of forging a public record and one mail-in ballot offense, after he allegedly forged his wife’s signature on her mail-in ballot, according to the Denver7 report.
  • Ironically, Curtis told a local radio station in the run-up to the 2016 campaign that only Democrats commit voter fraud. Read more (3/22/17 8:20 AM)