tv baftas 2013


So the Bafta experience was a bit mental. We had to queue from 6am to ensure that we were at the front of the enclosure ,had to wait around for hours and then everyone came along at once and it all got manic.

Our moment with Peter was very brief. I will say that he seemed genuinely shocked and surprised that we were there for him. I mentioned that we were rooting for him and wished him luck, He smiled and thanked us and posed for my photo ,which a lovely fellow Calpadian on here took..Then he was gone as he was called over for another interview. 

So that was it. All that waiting,We were wet and cold, but it was worth it just to see him close up.I was struck by how blue his eyes were.

Oh and I included a rear view of lovely Mr Capaldi for those who are not fond of the current facial decor. I don’t mind it, it’s there for a purpose and will disappear after I’m sure .