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Rip Hunter - Time Master (Legends of Tomorrow)

You can tell that the writers are fans of Doctor Who when you have a character with the Tenth Doctor’s fashion sense and the Ninth Doctor’s disposition. Also, Arthur Darvill is pretty friggin’ bad ass in this show. Just look at that Broody stance:

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Name: Sage
Age: 20
Country: United States

Hi guys! I live in SOUTH Georgia but I’m definitely not a southern girl. I was going to school down here (majoring in psychology) but I’ve decided to take a semester off. SO, what better way to spend my time off than to get a pen pal! So now you probably want to hear some personal stuff…… In order for me to learn anything, I have to experience it first hand. I have so many stories, so many beautiful things to share, and so many tough times to talk about too. I have experienced and felt SO many things (well, for a 20 year old at least).. I can give someone some “sage” advice who needs it but sometimes I also need it myself. I’m just looking for someone who is cool with reading my deepest thoughts, and sharing theirs too. I enjoy talks about space, love, astrology, How we all got here??? soul searchy things. Anything profound, really. While I’m at it.. here are some of my fav things: TV SHOWS: Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, American Horror Story, Stanger Things, Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. MOVIES: Scarface, American Beauty, Stand by me, Slumdog Millionaire. HARRY POTTER.. the books too, of course……. some other things I love are animals, nature, exploring, & having FUN.

Preferences: I’d like to have a pen pal with an open mind. Someone who is close to me in age would be nice!

In serious need of tumblr internet friends

16-18, I’m 17.

Lives anywhere, preferably Canada and the US.

Won’t leave after one conversation.

We can rant and vent together about everything.

Gender doesn’t matter.

Can fan boy or girl about everything.

Loves, TV shows, music, books, movies.

Won’t mind my consent complaining and I will do the same.

Loves; glee, teen wolf, roswell, the librarians, supernatural, the flash, super girl, the 5th wave, pretty little liars, once upon a time, star wars, riverdale.

Message/inbox me if you are interested, and will go through from there ♥

i’ll be honest with you guys… i’ve never watched singles because people told me the movie was kinda average? but i’ve heard the entire soundtrack so much i feel pushed to do it, even more right now.

however i’m more that person who prefers listening music, than watching videos or movies. i do it all day.

ID #90808

Name: Shivonne
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Salutations, everyone :) I call myself Shivonne, and I am a 17 year old female from Australia!

I’ll make it short and sweet for everyone to read. I honestly love talking to people and making new friends, so finding an email pen pal sounds like a lot of fun. Personally, I love to draw, read and write, and I love lots of books, movies, TV shows, music… everything! In future, I hope to find a career that involves writing and expressing my feelings/views about a topic. But I am also very open-minded and I’ll talk to anyone about anything! :D so don’t ever feel like you can’t mention your interests to me - I actually find everything interesting heheh :P On top of that, I might talk a lot and have lots of energy once you get to know me… ehehe yeah I’m a little crazy :P

Preferences: I would prefer someone the age of 25 and under, and a person who would be interested in using email for now. Gender doesn’t matter to me, and neither does race or anything like that.

Oh yeah, two more things - please, no racists or homophobes or anything like that - and no people who are interested in contacting me for ‘flirty’ pictures or anything (I know it sounds crazy but you’d be surprised…)

I totally had a dream this morning about some crazy stuff like usual, but also for a while in my dream I was just sitting on a couch watching the Lifetime channel because they were playing cheesey monsterxhuman romance movies with actual gross monsters…

At this point I would take it, come on Lifetime-get with the program.

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Name: Morgan
Age: 20
Country: USA

I am currently in college studying dietetics. I have many widespread interests, from theatre to sports to tv shows and movies. Super into Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, and Friends. Disney movie fanatic. I am really just looking for pals to talk with and get to know from anywhere! However, I am studying abroad this summer in Italy, so if you’re from Europe and live somewhere cool let me know and I might visit!

Preferences: Ages 19-22