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16.11.11 TV Guide Alpha Episode A Interview – Sakurai Sho Part 1 of 4 [English Translation]

Sakurai Sho x Agantgarde

――The release date of this magazine (11 November 2016) is Arashi’s dome tour…

“Ah, the first day!”

――Yes. I think there is a serious preparation, while regarding to the contents of this tour, is there any point (thing) that is avant garde and innovative?

“Hm~, it seems it is so [there is innovation] every time? Every time I think it’ll be a problem otherwise. We are grateful that every year we have a chance to do tour, and this becomes an assignment to update Arashi of that year. So every time every time we have to make things that ‘Ah, I haven’t seen it before’. However, though sometimes such attitude may be reflected in innovative things, I don’t think I want to be innovative…… Innovative is something when you are compared with surrounding, right? But our intention is not that [comparing with surrounding], we don’t have updating. [I am] not conscious what it is like when we are compared with surrounding, I always think that I should not [be concerned about this]. Just in the midst of the ‘history of Arashi’, regarding innovative concert, I think this is what we have to do, every time.”

――As the skeleton of the concert this year, the album “Are You Happy?”, compared with the previous album “Japonism” and the album before that “THE DIGITALIAN”, there is nothing intended for innovation or impact. It is an album delivering a feeling, if anything, of putting the gear back to neutral. What is innovation in such concept?

“No~, though we are in the midst of rehearsal, I think we are doing great things this time! In fact, I am not quite able to join the rehearsal this time. We five have a thorough arrangement meeting, though I cannot take it for granted to leave things [to them], I am not quite able to join the rehearsal. But, because of this, I have a chance to view things in an objective perspective – Every time I go to arrangement meeting and find that things are updated. I find things like ‘Ah, the set will be in this style!’, or am surprised about the set-list, the order of songs, ‘Ah so the song list is like this, I see!’. There are really many such things……”

――It is going to awesome, right?

“Though by saying this is to be awesome will make things more difficult (giggle), I think we make a concert that people have not quite seen before. Put it bit more concretely, it looks like it comes and goes through our natural ‘off’ status and our ‘on’ status. Undoubtedly it will be conveyed from the very first. I think our feeling of live (alive) and the things built-in will achieve a role of certain tempo.”

――So you are updating yourselves, but others also see it as new things?

“Hm~, I don’t know? To be honest, there is no capacity to see others [think about what they think]. No capacity, or [we] don’t mind.”

(To be continued in next next next post)

16.11.11 TV Guide Alpha Episode A Interview – Sakurai Sho x Avantgarde Part 4 of 4 [English Translation]

Sakurai Sho x Agantgarde

――Perhaps all the innovative things in this world are [built up] like this..

“Right. Though with good soil people can make innovative things, I guess there is no innovation that can be made by one person alone…… Um. Though I am not referring to the ‘mold-breaking’ of Nakamura Kanzaburou-san (※ Nakamura-san said ‘Break the mold from the established mold. If there is no mold there would not be any shape.’), if there is no ‘mold’ there is no innovation too. I mean, the person who makes the very first mold, I think he is the innovative person. If we do not go beyond the established molds we won’t be able to be innovative in the future.”

――With “Owing to the soil” in mind, Arashi is like Sakurai-san who progressively challenge new areas while at the same time value the conservative. Is it innovative for achieving such great balance?
“Ah~, yes, that’s right. We are grateful about this! In Arashi, no one wants to be the captain. If anyone says ‘Let’s go that way’ no one will say ‘No, I want to go this way’. We five would discuss other possibilities like ‘Well perhaps we can try this way?’. Or [when one says ‘let’s go that way’] the rest four would hold back and say ‘then don’t go this way!’, we would communicate either way. I think we are people who can wait.”

――People who are able to watch over each other.

――So, til now whether it’s about admission to university, or working as news caster, Sakurai-san widened the path of Johnny’s by challenging various things……
“Is that so? (Giggle)”

――I think so. Whenever you try doing something that has not been done before there will be opposition.
“Ah, there is always opposition on various things. So to speak, there was a long period of time that I thought I was an ‘ugly duckling’. When I went to school there were people saying ‘that is the guy who is working for Johnny’s’, when I went to Johnny’s I met people seeing me like ‘What’s your problem – as a [Johnny’s] Jr. but claims that your priority is on schoolwork’…… I have gone very off track but if to talk about my childhood, my mother was also working so I went to the children house which was like child-care facility, but I was the only primary school child who was in school uniform. On the other hand in my primary school, there were rarely families which the mother was also working. It is still so nowadays. I work on Caster·News reporting·Sports with a flavour of idol, so there are various voices [criticism]. Well at that time I just reply strongly/firmly ‘So?’ (Giggle). Therefore, perhaps I am just repeating this [persist doing things to which others oppose] all~ along.”

――In the future is there any area that you want to open up, and anything that you want to challenge? Even a vague idea will be fine.

“Ah…… I am not sure if Arashi manages to do this, I am not sure if it is good to say it publicly, I always think that it would be great if we can do something for children. Though I am searching how this should be done, I [only] think about it vaguely. I am the ugly duckling (Giggle).”

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The Beatles on stage during the filming of Thank Your Lucky Stars on Sunday 20th of October, 1963 (probably). 

This was the Beatles fifth appearance on ABC Television’s Thank Your Lucky Stars, recorded at the Alpha Television Studios in Birmingham, England.

The show was broadcast the following Saturday with The Beatles miming to  All My Loving, Money (That’s What I Want) and She Loves You, two of which had not been heard before. The show’s producer Philip Jones had been given advance acetate discs of them, and successfully persuaded Brian Epstein to have them premiered on Thank Your Lucky Stars before the release of With The Beatles.

While The Beatles were inside the studios, 3,000 fans blocked the streets outside and attempted to storm the building.

(Info from The Beatles Bible. Photographer unknown)