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Signal boost this: #capaldi2018

With UK tabloid rumours today claiming the BBC wants Capaldi gone for Series 11 (not enough toys being sold, apparently), and ongoing fan upset/disgust over his total awards snub for Series 9, a number of folks are trying to gain social media traction for the hashtag #capaldi2018.

I’m happy to do my part, since I see it has having two meanings: not just more recognition for Capaldi’s work on Doctor Who (I’m sure he will give us some amazing performances in Series 10), but also in support of him returning for Chris Chibnall’s first year as showrunner (at least).

Just for the record, Mark Harmon is 65. He’s still the star NCIS, which is still one of the most popular TV shows on American TV. It’s an action-adventure show. Lots of running around. Harmon is 65 and nobody cares. The implied ageism I’ve seen expressed by some towards 58-year-old Peter Capaldi ever since he was cast, epitomized by the (I hope bogus) tabloid report that claims the BBC wants a younger Doctor because they haven’t sold enough TARDIS bath towels or whatever, to be honest pisses me off. It also shows narrow thinking as there are a lot of young people who are vastly entertained by his Doctor, there are young people who find him sexy as hell (both on his own and when paired with Jenna Coleman), and lots and lots and lots of kids love his Doctor to pieces. This ageism - wherever it’s coming from - needs to stop. Criticize the episodes by all means, but going after someone with a few more candles on the birthday cake is just wrong.

Imagine Person A is the main character of a TV show, but knows nothing about it. All their life, from birth to adulthood, they’ve been on live TV and they have no clue about how their every waking and sleeping moment is recorded. Person B is an actor on the show that initially took the position of ‘romantic interest’ for the money and fame, but winds up falling for Person A. Due to this, Person B attempts to inform Person A about their situation, but is dragged away mid-statement by some burly security folks. What does Person A do?

Did you Star Know…

Mark Hamill’s first film after Star Wars was Corvette Summer, a highly underrated coming-of-age comedy/drama about a young man on a quest to recover his customized sports car on the Las Vegas strip.

Hamill has gone on to lend his voice to the animated versions of many comic book characters, most famously the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and various DCU movies, as well as The Fantastic Four (as Maximums and Triton), The Incredible Hulk (as Gargoyle), Spider-Man (as Hobgoblin), Ultimate Avengers, Justice League and Avatar: The Last Airbender.  He’s also played the Trickster in both live action Flash TV shows.

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but it’s the fact that we have TWO STRONG QUEER WOMEN OF COLOR WITH A HAPPY ENDING TOGETHER AND LOVE IN A FANTASY ACTION-ADVENTURE ANIMATED TV-Y7 SHOW people can be as bitter as they want, people don’t have to ship it, but years from now the only thing that will matter is this ending and A HAPPY ENDING FOR LADIES IN LOVE and you can’t STOP THE BEEEEEEAT~


One of TV animation’s last breed regarding action adventure character design in America, Warner Bros’ DCAU Lead designer Phil Bourassa (Young Justice, DCAU DTVS), explains his process on how he designs characters. Son of Batman is used as one of his examples. Woah!