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MTVS Epic Rewatch #165

VM 3x07 Of Vice and Men

Stray thoughts

1) This is probably the episode I relate the most to Veronica, and not precisely in a good way. I kind of see one of the worst parts of me in her, and it’s a sobering mirror to look into. 

The previous episode ended with pretty much every man in her life disappointing her in some way or another. But the thing about Veronica is that she doesn’t settle with letting others know she’s disappointed in their actions. No. She has to torture them with her disappointment and to keep reminding them at every turn how low they have sunken and how big of a disappointment they are. She really does love riding her high horse. 


KEITH: Where are you staying these days? If I can be so bold. You didn’t come home last night.
KEITH: I called Logan’s room at the Grand. He…said he didn’t know where you were. Thing is, I think he was telling the truth.
VERONICA: I didn’t come home last night, you didn’t come home the night before that.

Veronica has every right to be disappointed in her dad. He’s not making stellar choices in his love life, that much is true. But a) I don’t think what he’s doing in his personal life constitutes a reason for Veronica to move out of his house, especially because he was keeping her out of it; and b) she was purposefully trying to hurt him and, worst of all, worry him. What’s more, not only is she worrying him by not letting him know where she’s staying at but also she’s trying to make him feel it’s his own fault she’s giving him reasons to be worried about. What kind of logic is that? “Oh, you’re having an affair with a married woman and I disapprove of it, so I’ll just stop sleeping at home, I won’t answer your calls and I won’t let you know where I’m at so that you can worry yourself sick believing I’m being kidnapped, raped, or murdered. Same thing!” 

Keith was already aware that Veronica was disappointed in him and that she didn’t approve of what he was doing with Harmony. But that wasn’t good enough for Veronica. She had to make him suffer until he acted the way she wanted him to. She’d done it before (Rebecca, Alicia.) And every time, Keith gave in because his daughter is more important than any woman in his life. The problem is, no one is ever going to measure up to Veronica’s standards. So he’s giving up on having a life of his own just because his daughter is kind of a brat. And she’s not even a little kid, come on! 

(I’m not saying Keith should’ve pursued his relationship with Harmony, all I’m saying is that he shouldn’t have been made to make that call because of Veronica, it should’ve been up to him.) 

(also, let me be very clear about this, I may be too hard on Veronica in this review precisely because she reminds me too much of myself.)

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“My favorite character is  Logan Echolls. He is such a layered, complicated character, who got so much development on the show, and then later in the movie. Like my other favourite fictional character (Dean Winchester), there’s so much more to him than what you see on the surface, and I find that fascinating. He could easily have been one-dimensional and remained the stereotypical antagonist, but both the writing and Jason’s acting really brought the character to life.”