tv : leverage

I’ve just been thinking today about how amazing a show Leverage is. I mean you have a drunk-ex-insurance guy who is a genius who’s whole goal in life is to help people (ie. while simultaneously being a control hungry bastard), a woman who could con herself into being queen of the universe while drunk, a dangerous ex-military guy who can filet a steak or punch you unconscious or be trusted with your firstborn because he’s phenomenal with kids, a hacker with skills like nobody’s business and charisma like woah, and finally the best thief in the entire world who loves cereal more than life.  I just…LEVERAGE. I’ve seen it beginning to end like 3 times over and it’ll never be enough.

honestly Leverage goes so far out of its way to show us how Deserving the victims are that it’s almost too much. like. “Do you trust your government, ma’am?” Hardison asks the lady who’s sitting in a rigged court case after her court-appointed lawyer has skedaddled, and “of course,” she says, like there was never any question. I don’t know about you but this is America, I haven’t trusted my government since I was six years old and I haven’t ever even had legal troubles.

in the very second episode you have this serviceman who was shot, lost the use of his legs, lost his girlfriend, watched his best friend get shot down in front of him, and he’s just like “I just want to be able to work again, if they’ll just pay for my rehab I’ll be satisfied, all I want is for them to fix the damage they did,” and I mean. maybe this dude is just a saint, but if anyone shot my legs out I’d be a lot more vindictive about it, especially if they faced no repercussions and were still out there, shooting other people’s legs out with impunity.

I think my favorite thing about Leverage is that Parker had possibly the hardest, most scarring childhood/past of anyone in the group (she was labeled “insane” at the beginning of episode 1) and yet she was able to overcome everything, including her insistence to work alone because she has finally found a group of people who she can work efficiently with. In the end, she’s with a group of people who truly care about her, and is an essentially functional member of society despite most likely being mentally ill.