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okay that episode was amazing. there was so much in it we didn’t deserve.

Holt calling the other dog a common bitch.


Jake & Amy saying how much they loved each others butts, the ‘Title of your sex tape’ jokes etc

The flashback to 8 years ago when Amy started

The fucking moment Jake knew he wanted to marry her.

But most importantly the look on their faces while Jake was proposing and his lil speech!!!!! 

and his little laugh when Amy thought it was part of the heist and she she would dump him so hard!

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I recently discussed LOST with my teacher and she said that they were dead the whole time.Why do you think everyone thinks that? It just makes me irritated.

Short answer: People is stupid.

Long answer:

1- As explained in a previous post the footage of the Oceanic plane in the beach that played during the final credits confused the audience. I’m surprised people interpreted it like “there were no survivors” because even if the footage would have been part of the actual plot (it wasn’t, it was an aesthetic choice to display the credits) it still doesn’t prove they were dead. They just left The Island of course if they show you the beach is going to be deserted.

2- “They died in the crash” had always been the most popular fan theory. A lot of people were convinced since s1 that The Island was some kind of purgatory. I think that after 6 seasons those peope had convinced themselves to the point that no matter what the ending was they would always interpret it that way.

3- The audience was used to search for a hidden or deeper meaning in everything that happened in the show. That’s usually what you are supposed to do in Lost because most answers are never stated straightaway, just hinted at so you can deduce them. Therefore when Christian clearly explains what’s going on at the end many fans thought “It can’t be that simple that he’s explaining everything, there must be more behind what he’s saying”.

4- The domino effect. Once a big part of the audience thought that was what the ending meant that spread to other people who thought “if so many of the viewers interpret it that way it must be true”.

5- A lot of people who say that they were dead the whole time have never seen the show and are just repeating what they have heard. They also seem to take a cruel pleasure from thinking that the show was bad. I remember that during the airing of s6 several of my high school classmates who have never watched it were in a facebook page called “Everybody knows the ending of Lost is going to be crap”. For some reason non-fans really wanted Lost to be bad. ??? Don’t ask me why.

6- People is stupid.

Who was the 42nd candidate, Jin or Sun?

The number 42 in Jacob’s list is Kwon but it was never clear if that means Jin or Sun or both.

In the list it also appears that Rose used to be a candidate with the number 335. She appears with her maiden name “Henderson” and not “Nadler” which is her current surname since she married Bernard.

This makes me think Sun would appear with her maiden name too, which is Paik. Therefore my conclusion is that the 42nd candidate is Jin.

It looks like they were both candidates at the start but then Sun got crossed out. Based on what Jacob says to Kate about crossing her out when she became a mother it makes sense that Jacob would cross Sun out when Ji Yeon was born. Although I don’t think Jacob crosses out every woman who has a baby (look at Claire and Rousseau).


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Blake Anderson is Matt Holt’s VA and I suddenly need a Workaholics AU with Matt Keith and Shiro

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I need this au more than I need oxygen now