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ID #20961

Name: Natasha
Age: 16
Country: Malaysia

hi, my name’s natasha and i’ve just finished my igcses!! im on a 6 month break (bc igs are stressful & i took 12 subjects bc im a nerd ha) before starting college!! i speak 4 languages and 3 dialects fluently and i also understand french, though im not fluent!!
my interests are all over the place; i love reading and writing and books and poetry and just!!!! im also trash for a million and one tv shows, western or asian, drama or lifestyle or wtv (i mean, i loVE cooking shows)!! im open to all kinds of music, but im currently really into banks, borns, allie x and the like! (i appreciate kpop too so) im a cheerleader and im also on the swim team, as well as the volleyball, football and athletics team! i play 6 musical instruments and am an arts student!!
im an avid shopaholic and im basically 80% coffee, 10% stress and 10% bad jokes :’) im usually really awkward but i do loVE making new friends & meeting new people! i’ve travelled quite a lot and so experiencing new cultures & learning about a new country and lifestyle is sUCH a thing for me!! if you couldn’t already tell, i talk a lot (yikes) and i would really really love to have a penpal!!
PS. i love maths and im really good at maths and i dont know why im writing this but it seemed like an important fact to include

Preferences: preferably someone around the same age as i’d think it a bit strange and a tad harder to connect with someone way older?? but other than that, im cool with anyone as long as you’re a respectful human bean and we have things in common :D