Some quick redraws of the babies <3

And just gonna mention here… “Ash” now has a new design and name! Her nickname is still Ash but her full name is Ripley Ashwood~ and she is now of Asian descent instead of being white. I haven’t decided if she’s full Asian yet nor have I decided what part of Asia she is from but this is still the facts huehuehue 

EDIT: added some flats

Wut Character Info

Got a message asking stuff about Wut and decided to share with all of you ;]

Wut: 22, 7'0" 

Very tall. How he looks to everyone: 

External image

Personality: Happy all the time! Very confident with himself and his body. Loves to laugh and joke around. He’s adventurous but he can also appreciate the simple joy of sitting and doing nothing. He’s a people person, loves meeting new people and talking and mingling. He finds everyone fascinating. 

Likes: He likes pretty normal guy things like video games and music and sports. He likes food, hanging out with friends. He loves helping people, does a lot of volunteering as well as just patrolling the city looking for trouble. An all around great guy, really.

Taste in Food: anything and everything. He’ll eat whatever, will try anything!

Clothing: Anything that stands out. He’s very fashionable. His favorite pants are his white drop-crotch pants with black pinstripes. 

Background: He’s the product of an experimental drug for pregnant women. That’s all I can really say xD You’ll have to wait for the comic :3

Powers: Flight, semi-Super Strength, semi-Super Speed, Can alter the pigment of his skin, hair, and eyes, Can accelerate the growth of his hair, heals faster than normal [but still takes all night for most wounds]

As for “is he a normal guy or a hero”, he’s both. He’s a normal guy with a normal life [sort of] but helping anyone and everyone is part of who he is. He loves to do it, he’s a natural born hero.

He’s extremely flirtatious, likes to make people laugh and feel good.

He’s bisexual, but he didn’t discover this until he met Citi. Didn’t ever have any romantic feelings towards a guy before he met Citi. But now that he knows he’s bi he is totally okay with it! <3

Piercings: 2 on each eyebrow. Bridge of his nose. Snake bites. 2 industrials on each ear. Both ears gauged. A surface piercing on each collar bone. And SOMETIMES he wears nipple piercings. But not always 

I’ll add to this as I figure out more