@tuxedopug Okay here’s the thing, dude you are not the fucking victim here, she is. She has every reason to be mad at you. You’re a shitty fucking person to make something that is literally your fault, all about you. You are not the fucking victim so stop making her look like the bad guy. You were the one that caused the situation so just take fucking responsibility.
You don’t give a shit about other people unless they’re there to listen to you bitch about your problems. Stop fucking whining about how much your life sucks and do something to make it better. You’re miserable because you want to be. You have never made any effort to take any of the advice given to you. You’d rather wallow in your own sadness then fucking grow up and move on like an adult. You talk about needing to take time and be happy by yourself but then a week later you’re in another relationship. If you were truly able to make yourself happy then when they break up with you, which seems to be the trend, you would have an easier time moving on. You don’t get in relationships for the person you just want someone to love you because other people’s attention is the only thing that makes you happy. And that is why you love to be miserable, because if you aren’t then people pay less attention to you and you just can’t have that, can you? The spotlight has to be on you all the time. What you consider friendship is not anything like real friendship. “Are you okay yet? Oh okay good, now im going to bitch about how awful my life is.” That. Is. Not. Friendship. No one wants to be treated that way, ever. It fucking sucks to not be heard or listened to. You refuse to take other’s people’s advice and it makes them feel really unheard and that’s a fucking shitty way to feel. You’re one of the most inconsiderate, selfish, thoughtless person I’ve ever met and I didn’t realize it at the time but you’ve been that way since the very beginning. You’ve gotten away with it for so long that you don’t even think about it anymore. You’re so entitled because you want everything to be about you. You need to stop fucking blaming other people for your unhappiness and take a look at your damn self. How you treat others is not okay and I won’t let myself make excuses for you. If you’re smart you’ll take what I’m telling you and take it to heart. Treat your friends better, don’t bitch about having to be there for them when they have to be there for you every fucking day. Treat people in general better, if it seems selfish, it probably is so check yourself before you do things, trust me you’ll be less likely to push people away. Cut the passive aggressive shit, it isn’t funny or cute, it’s ugly. Again, you’re not the victim. You’re not, so stop acting like you are, it’s not cute dude.
I hope you’ll take the things I’m saying here and use them to better yourself but chances are you’ll completely ignore the things you could use to improve yourself. I’m telling you, you will never ever be happy treating people the way that you treat them right now, that’s a promise.

Sydzi Fic: A Touch of Fun at Playlist

Here is a submitted fic about Sydney and Kenzi

Genre: Romance / NSFW

Word Count: 963

Outside an old motel that had seen better days in Orlando, Florida, stood a red headed girl leaning against a car, tapping her foot and frequently checking her phone which never left her hand.  Hazel eyes scanned the area, continually looking for a particular silver car, with a particular blonde driver.  “Come on, where are you?” she mumbled to herself, checking the time on her phone.  Suddenly, the phone vibrated.

Hey Kenzi, sorry I’m late, traffic’s murder, the text read, Shouldn’t be too long, though, read a following message.

Don’t worry about it.  Besides, you shouldn’t be texting while driving!  She replied, giggling to herself.

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