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Had to take all my pops down for Irma and take them with me. Re-doing my shelves by what I have, here’s my anime one. 

I made Levi look at Sasha like “WTF, i just cleaned there, don’t get potato all over!” xD 

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all this wedding talk has me thinking about what kinds of wedding dresses lesbian v+y would wear!!!!! or do you think they would wear suits? or one of each for the two ceremonies? aaaaaahhhhhh

Listen. Listen. Viktoria is a Useless Lesbian but she is also the definition of Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both. 

She and Yuri want to have both a traditional Russian Orthodox wedding and a Japanese Shinto-Christian hybrid wedding. Well, okay, mostly Viktoria wants this but Yuri plays along because she knows that Viktoria’s Orthodoxy is important to her and that it would make her parents Very Happy to see her in a white kimono. She’s happy to do it for the people she loves even though she would probably be just as happy getting married in the clerk’s office with the next people in line acting as their witnesses. 

So the Russian wedding is the aformentioned Big Fat Russian Wedding. Viktoria wears an A-line ballgown with a cathedral-length train and veil, sweetheart neckline and full-length lace sleeves with finger loops. Yuri’s favorite picture of Viktoria in this dress is a picture of her standing in front of a row of prayer candles, head tilted down with the long line of her neck leading into the sweet lace of her dress, train swirled around her. It took the combined efforts of Chris and Phichit to get the train just right, and for most of the pictures Viktoria stayed in one place and everyone else just kind of traded places around her.

(For this wedding, Yuri wears a less ornate but no less beautiful all-lace empire waisted gown with full-length butterfly sleeves and royal blue detailing on the hem matching the lacing on her veil.)

On the other hand, for the Hasetsu wedding–Yuri’s mother has been praying for this day since Yuri was born. By the time Yuri came along, Hiroko had already accepted nine-year-old Mari for the beautiful and strong asexual aromantic she would someday grow up to be, but Yuri has been so wonderfully and desperately romantic all her life. Hiroko has been pining for wedding bells since the moment Yuri’s eyes met Viktoria Nikiforova’s through the screen of their television and gasped so loud that people from two rooms over came running to see what had happened. 

The second Hiroko is informed that Yuri and Viktoria are to be married, Hiroko takes Yuri with her to Fukuoka and has a Kimono designed for her. She burns the receipt so Yuri can’t somehow figure out how much it costs and reconstitute into a wailing puddle of goo. 

It, like her wedding dress, has royal blue detailing in the form of beautiful blooming flower patterns. The combination of blue and white makes Yuri wonder what her mother thinks she and Viktoria did on their wedding night after the ceremony in Russia (Or, for that matter, in all those hotel rooms during the figure skating season), but she isn’t going to ask. 

Viktoria, however; Yuri was half-expecting Viktoria to wear the same wedding dress again, which Yuri would have been fine with. She enjoyed everything about it the first time Viktoria wore it–even all the shuffling she had to do to avoid stepping on the train, and especially the part where she got to help Viktoria pile it up onto her butt in a bustle and groped her new wife in the backseat of a limo for twenty minutes.

However, on the day of, Viktoria meets Yuri outside Yu-Topia to walk to the shrine in an impeccably-tailored tuxedo with tails and a black bowtie and a pair of sky-high Louboutin pumps. Vikoria is almost six foot barefoot, so wearing shoes that tall is rare for her, but Yuri, who’s tottering along in slippers and well over twenty pounds of fabric while having horror-visions of her pure white headdress falling off her hair and into the dirt, feels her mouth go dry. Other parts of her anatomy are far from dry, but that’s neither here nor there. Viktoria’s hair is all combed over to one side, in a hairdo that’s somehow both delicate and masculine at the same time.

They meet halfway and Hiroko, thankfully, catches on video the moment both of them whisper, “Wow,” at the same time.

Lost Track of Time pt 3 (final)

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 ||

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff 

Summary: Jungkook wanted to make it up to you. Hopefully, a little less-than-perfect date would do the trick.

[Updated] Word Count: 1322 

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Your hands fumbled against the keypad. Your fingers were trembling as you tried to aim for the buttons. 

What was up Taehyung? The tone of his voice had scared you. You never heard him this hushed, this sad, this worried before in all the time that you had known him. What had happened to Jungkook for him to sound this way?

Was he sick? Was he hurt? Was he okay? 

The electronic sound of the door opened chimed after you were finally able to input your passcode. You wanted to slam the door open and rush inside, but you were scared. You were terrified that something so bad had happened to Jungkook, that you weren’t sure if you were prepared to see the worst. 

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So, AU wear suga and daichi are dance students and daichi just transfer to sugas dance school

I’m listening, Anon.

What kind of dance are they into? Ballet? Interpretive? Swing? Hip-hop? Jazz? Belly? Latin?




No seriously listen to this. What if Daichi transferred to Suga’s school and he’s kind of uptight and all about keeping to the choreography and hitting the timing perfectly and tight, concise movements. He’s been dancing since his mom put him in a local dance club when he was a little kid and he takes it VERY SERIOUSLY.

Then, you meet Suga, who is all wild flailing arms and improvising, wearing a huge grin on his face as he clomps around. There aren’t really a lot of tap dancers in the school, as tap dancing has kind of fallen from popularity in favor for other dance styles, (hip hop, modern, belly, etc.) Suga loves to dance but is also a really troublesome partner and can’t ever keep anyone around because he likes to show off and steal the spotlight. 

At first, he and Daichi don’t get along all that well. Daichi constantly tries to correct Suga’s form, which pisses Suga off and he ends up yelling at Daichi to pull the stick out of his ass and learn how to REALLY dance.

Eventually, they are assigned as each other’s partners in class by the sensei and they have to perform Moses Supposes from Singin’ in the Rain AND LIKE DAICHI AS GENE KELLY AND SUGA AS DONALD O’CONNOR AND OMG THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE IN THEIR LITTLE MR. ROGERS SWEATERS. They do such a good job with it and they realize that they mesh incredibly well. Suga helps Daichi find the FUN in dancing, and Daichi somehow manages to keep Suga in line and remind him that, “THIS ISN’T A SOLO. WE WORK TOGETHER.”

And OH MY GOD they take turns picking the songs/dances that they do for assignments and tests and shit and Daichi always wants to do some incredible, complicated performance that’ll just blow everyone away with its complexity and beauty and then Suga gets payback by choosing fuckin’ Fit as a Fiddle and making Daichi wear the dorky ass checkered suit and play the fiddle as they tap, at one point, Suga even jumping on his back as they strut around the stage and Daichi just wants to DIE from embarrassment and everyone watching can see “KILL ME PLEASE” in his eyes as they try to stifle their laughter.

Then, Daichi gets revenge by choosing the Nicholas Brothers Jumpin Jive dance and Suga has to learn how to do the splits repeatedly and every night after practice he is so sore that he’s practically in tears, “Stupid Daichi! I hate Daichi and his powerful thighs! Fuck Daichi!” But Daichi carries him home so he forgives him. 

For their final exam they organize an intense, wonderful rendition of Fred Astaire’s Puttin’ On the Ritz with a remixed version of the song and everyone is just in AWE. Like… they wear the cute tuxedos with the tails and the white spats and bowties and top hats and they each have canes and they do some great shit with them like tossing them back and forth and the slapping the floor and it’s just GREAT. It’s GREAT and I want to SEE it.


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I feel a bit sick tonight but i must finish this before i go to bed :’3

this is inspired by the talk i had with @eriboook in twitter about FT x SailorMoon XD

it’s kinda fun to draw lol

also special thank to @angrycucco for the watermark idea lol

it’s easier this way :D



The day she was scheduled to visit the studio for a meeting, I got inspired and draped an original gown. Though, when she walked in she immediately fell in love with our midnight blue gown. I wanted something with incredible stage presence and the exaggerated tuxedo tails in the back went perfectly with her orchestra setting. We tried the gown on and it was perfect. I loved how the navy  color worked against her skin. I wanted to shock people with the edgy elegance of my creations and her power as a performer. - Zac Posen

Masquerade Part 2

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Dark Paradise x Lana Del Rey


Although he tried his hardest Bruce had been whisked away by his colleagues and Iris was left alone. She always made sure to stay as close as she could, following them at a distance and staying in his line of sight, but she lost him in the crowd of people. 

‘Who would be stupid enough to try something with all of these people around?’

Some of the guests were still talking about the auction, stealing glances that they thought she wouldn’t catch. Iris rolled her eyes and continued walking among the crowd, focusing on finding Bruce.

‘Do you guys really have nothing better to do?’ 

Their stares and hushed conversations were beginning to make Iris anxious. She tried her best to ignore them and enjoy the rest of the party but their critical eyes seemed to follow her everywhere she went; she grabbed another glass of champagne and walked over to the orchestra. There she stood again lost in the music. The orchestra produced a slow and haunting tune. 

“Care for a dance, doll?” She jumped almost spilling her drink. It was him; Iris quickly looked around for Bruce but he was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes floated back to the man, he stood there waiting expectantly. His mask was dark purple with intricate golden accents that flowed across his entire mask. She could only see his cold blue eyes through the mask, everything else was completely hidden.

She looked him up and down; he wore black and white oxfords that were shined to perfection, a tailed tuxedo jacket, and his hands were covered in pristine white gloves. He was much taller than her even in her heels. There was a sense of familiarity to Iris as they stood there looking at each other. She hadn’t realized that she’d zoned out until he spoke up.

“Doll.” A gloved hand landed on her shoulder. Iris followed his hand as it ran down the length of her arm, her eyes fixated as he took her hand. His gloves were soft and warm in her hand, it was a comforting thought at how gentle he held her hand. She looked up at him meeting his gaze head on. His eyes bore into hers, making her feel like he knew everyone of her secrets. Then began to back away and she followed him with total abandon. 

In the middle of the dance floor, he placed a possessive arm around her waist and took her hand in his and began to dance. He was graceful in the way that he moved, his eyes never left hers as they moved together as one. There was something about this man that pulled her in, she couldn’t look away and she didn’t want to. He had her under his spell.

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“Close your mouth, doll.” He leaned in and whispered. Her cheeks blushed bright red as she shut her mouth and turned away in embarrassment.

“I am so sorry…I-I didn’t mean to…” She trailed off unsure of what to say. It seemed that the moment was forgotten, he said nothing and continued to swing her around in front of the orchestra. Suddenly they stopped dancing in the middle of the song.

“Regretfully my sweet, I have business to attend to.” The man stepped back holding onto her hand for a moment longer, he took a small bow and disappeared into the crowd of people. Iris stared after him, stunned that he’d just left her like that in the middle of their dance.

‘Did he really just disappear?’ 

Now that the man was gone Iris figured that she’d continue her search for Bruce. She walked among the guests, stopping to ask if anyone had seen him. Everyone of them replied the same, they hadn’t seen him since the auction. Iris figured that his study was best place to look next.

Another waiter walked by and she swiped another glass of champagne from him and continued towards Bruce’s study. She weaved through the crowd one last time before stopping at one of the buffet table to drop off her now empty glass.

As she set the glass down, the ballroom erupted into gunfire. The orchestra dropped their instruments, discordant notes hung in the air, as they scattered trying to hide from the vast array of bullets flying across the ballroom. Iris dropped to the ground and crawled underneath the table. 

She heard the guests scream, plates and glasses shattered on the ground as the room erupted into a panicked frenzy. The rich trampled over each other as they tried to preserve their own lives. The gunfire finally stopped and Iris looked around frantically for Bruce terrified of the idea of him caught in the crossfire.

‘Where are you!?’

All of the guests were all pressed against the walls trying their hardest to keep some distance between themselves and the armed men. She quickly scanned the room again for Bruce and Alfred but stopped when she saw the man that she’d been dancing with standing in the middle of the room. A perplexed look crossed her face. 

‘What the hell is he doing?’ 

Iris almost called out to him but something told her to stop.

His arms rose in the air, as if he was greeting the chaos like they were old friends, he almost looked gleeful. Iris tore her eyes away from him to look at the group of men filling in with assault rifles and duffle bags. There was one that was dressed in a panda bear costume and another that wore a jacket with a fabric batman mask. They all stood in a line together, like disciplined soldiers, waiting for their orders.

‘What the hell is going on?’

Then she heard it. The laugh rang through the ballroom, filling everyone with a silent terror; it sent a chill through her body. Her eyes whipped back to the man with the purple mask, she saw him slowly take off his mask with one hand and slick his green hair back with the other.

‘Its him…’

‘How did I not notice his hair?’

‘How did I miss that!?’

“Now now now, I don’t want anyone pulling any funny business. If your feeling brave…tonight, you die.” He laughed again, flashing chrome capped teeth that glinted in the light. Iris watched him closely, trying to gauge what he would do next.

“Do a sweep, grab everything and lets go.” She looked for the source of the voice and saw Frost barking orders at the men. Half of the group of thugs went around the room and began to rip jewelry, wallets and other valuables from the guests; the rest stood with their guns trained on them, daring someone to move.

“Now, where is my little dancer?” There was something animalistic about the way he spoke about her. Iris’ heart began to hammer in her chest. She sat under the table and watched as he looked around for her, any semblance of his amusement disappeared as fast as it had come. Her eyes grew wide as he looked directly at the table that she’d taken shelter under.

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“What do we have here?” The Joker sang while walking towards her. He didn’t bend down, he didn’t say a word, he only held out a gloved hand for Iris to take. Almost instinctively she placed her hand in his and he helped her to crawl from underneath the table. Iris stood, staring at him once again captivated. They stayed there at arms distance while his goons pillaged in the sea of wealthy pockets.

“Miss me?” His eyes squinted as a silver smile spread across his face.  

“Boss, we’re ready.” Frost said from across the room. The Joker then pulled Iris into him, wrapping a possessive arm around her waist again. Her chest rose and fell quickly as adrenaline began to pump through her veins.

“You’re coming with me, doll.” He whispered. They stared deep into each others eyes, until what he said finally registered with her. She blinked a few times trying to clear her head.

“Wait—“ She took what felt like her very first breath

“She’s not going anywhere with you Joker!” A deep voice snapped her out of the trance that The Joker had her in. She turned around and saw Batman standing there, clad in pitch black armor. Then she heard a noise that almost made her knees buckle, a deep and furious growl ripped through The Joker’s chest as he turned around ready to destroy who dared to interrupt him. 

He pushed Iris out of the way and pulled out a purple and gold gun, pointing it straight at Batman. She landed on the ground a few feet away from them. Batman stole a quick glance to make sure she was okay then turned his attention back to The Joker, his face hardening into a furious scowl.

“You always have to ruin all the fun don’t you, Batsy?” He sneered at him, his silver teeth shining in the light.

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Without warning Joker fired at Batman’s chest, everyone in the room screamed with terror as they watched him fall to the floor with a sickening thud. Iris was frozen to the ground as she stared at Batman in horror, unable to move or make a sound. The man in the panda suit walked up and ripped her roughly from the ground and dragged her away.

“LET ME GO!” Iris bellowed as she tried to fight the panda, yanking her arms away with as much strength as she could muster. The panda stopped and picked her up, flipping her over his shoulder.

“LET GO OF ME!” She screamed in frustration, ending in a small sob. Iris began to panic, her heart pounded in her chest as she tried to wiggle out of the man’s grip. She pushed at his back trying to slip through his arms but it was no use, the man wouldn’t budge.

Iris looked up and saw Batman still laying lifeless on the ground, tears began to fill her eyes. Through blurred vision she saw him move; the tears washed down her cheeks as she watched him rise to his feet, feeling a small dash of hope wash over her. 

“BATMAN!” She called out to him, elbowing the panda man in the back of the head as hard as she could. He grunted in pain and dropped Iris. As soon as she hit the floor she got up and ran towards Batman but the panda tackled her to the ground. He got up He slung her back over his shoulder,like a rag doll, and continued out the door.

“NO, PUT ME DOWN!” Iris commanded, beating on the panda’s back. She watched as the rest of Joker’s goons swarmed around Batman, then the doors shut. 

‘No no no no!’

The panda carried her down the lawn and threw her into the back of the van, then slammed the doors with an angry force. She heard the front doors slam as she crawled to the back and tried to kick the doors open. The van lurched and she fell forward, hitting her head against the cold metal doors. 


She was tossed all over the van as they weaved through the streets of Gotham at an alarming speed. Iris could hear cars honk as they were cut off, spinning out to avoid collision. Soon they took a sharp turn and Iris slid across the floor of the van landing against the opposite wall with a hard thud. 

She laid there holding onto her head and groaning in pain when she was struck with an idea. Quickly she undid her heels and crawled to the front of the van, there she began to bang on the driver’s side hoping that he’d get frustrated and come open the doors.

‘If he does, maybe I can make a break for it.’ 

Instead, the driver slammed on the breaks and Iris hit her head on the metal again and fell back to the floor. 

“Dammit!” She yelled in frustration as the van skidded to a stop. She laid on the floor of the van, once again, panicking. 

Her mind was blank, she couldn’t think of any idea of how to escape the back of the van. It seemed like hours before the people in the front of the van got out. The doors flew open and The Joker stood there in all of his glory, his skin practically glowing in the moonlight. 

“Why don’t you crawl out of there like a good little girl?” He purred raising his non-existent eyebrows. When she made no attempt to move, his lovely purr turned into another deep growl. Iris’ eyes widened in shock at the sudden change in mood, but what do you expect when you’re in the presence of The Joker?

“If I have to come in there and get you, you’re not going to like what happens next.” His blue eyes became menacing and Iris’ heart skipped a beat. Out of fear she crawled out of the back of the van, when she made it to the edge The Joker held his hand out once again. 

“Thank you…” She whispered not looking him in the eye but staring at all of the goons that stood behind him, every one of them held a duffle bag from the night’s spoils and some sort of weapon.

“C’mon Doll.” He swept Iris off of her feet and carried her into the building, bridal style. Tentatively, she put her arms around his neck for support, he looked down at her and smirked. 

“Welcome home, my little sweet.” He kicked the door open and set Iris down in the foyer of his extravagantly gaudy home. He backed away as she took it all in. The floor was a shiny white marble that practically froze her feet where she stood, reminding her a lot of Wayne Manor.

“I-I don’t understand…why am I here?” She said in a tiny voice, unsure if it was really her own. She turned toward him but stared at the floor directly in front of her.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew.” His voice was a purr again.

“Knew what?” Iris said looking him in the eye.

“That you were going to be mine.” A huge grin spread across his face as he said this. His silver teeth greeted her as she watched the expression and meaning behind his eyes take a dark turn. A cold chill ran down her spin.

“Now that you’re here, its time to lay down the ground rules.” He took a slow, menacing step towards her closing the distance between them. He took his hand and gently grabbed Iris’ chin, lifting it so that she was forced to look into his eyes.

His unseen power over her took control and Iris’ mind went blank. The fear of being in an unfamiliar place with a complete madman and his goons had dissipated and the entire world fell away from her; it was only the two of them. His voice was stern and his eyes deadly,

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“You are mine and only mine. You will do what I say, when I say it.”


“Met Gala: Black Swan”. [Tom/Jared - One shot.]

Summary: Tom and his fiancée are attending the Met Gala but so is her ex-boyfriend, Jared. A second encounter after the WHCD.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter“His pink bow-tie”

Notes: I’d like to apologize on behalf of @clockgirl94 and @flakapinto for distracting me from working on the Chris Evans multi-chapter. Ahahah. I’m kidding. HOWEVER THAT WILL HAPPEN #SOON. #PATIENCE 


A few days had gone by since the White House Correspondents’ dinner had taken place.

But being famous meant attending event after event. Now, she and Tom would be present at the Met Gala.

…And so would Jared.

She was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing nothing but her underwear and putting her hair up in bun while waiting for her stylist to arrive at their hotel room.

A shirtless Tom was lying on the bed with his glasses on, reading an article on his phone.

-Did you know the first Met Gala happened in 1946? –Tom asked with a frown and not looking away from his phone.

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