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His Flower - Part Two


  1. His flower was so sad 😭😭. But if possible (like if you think there can be a continuation of the story) where he meets you in the underworld? You are first mad, but then it’s Peter the one you love, you can never stay mad at him. He also tells you about the flower that’s on Neverland? Again you don’t have to continue the story, like it’s perfect the way it is but still…
  2. (anagabisina) Can you do a part two of “His Flower” were you come back from death as a demon because of Hades and he tries to make you kill Peter by manipulating your memories so you think he killed u with no reason and true love’s kiss brings u to your old self???

Warnings: none

Notes:  didn’t follow up so much on the second request, but I liked the true love’s kiss part!

Part One

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You watered the flowers that were pearl white with a golden outlining. They were the only thing in the Underworld that were alive and beautiful–aside from you. The only things that didn’t look demolished and dead.

Even though you were killed by the one you loved, and you were dead in the Underworld, you still looked as lively as ever. You wore this golden dress with a pearl white outline. Like your beautiful flowers, but reversed. People of the Underworld envied you only because you still looked just as beautiful as you did when alive. And even though you were so badly hurt, you still smiled. People of the Underworld hated but loved you. You were so kind, and you made the place not seem bad.

You owned a nice little flower shop in the Underworld. Again, that’s where you displayed and sold your very rare and unique flowers. You also sold others like roses and gardenias; lilies and daffodils. The perfect little floral shop. Again, the only thing in the Underworld that seemed very much alive.

But one day, people were hesitant around you. So very hesitant. They either avoided you completely, or acted much nicer towards you than usual. Something was wrong, that was clear. But you didn’t know what it was.

Everyone in the Underworld knew you were once Peter Pan’s lover. You both loved one another before he killed you in such a morbid way. When you were sent to the Underworld, you were confused at first. You didn’t know why you were there. You knew being sent to the Underworld meant you had unfinished business, but you didn’t know what that business was. At first, you were upset and showed it, but with time passing on, you got over yourself and made the best of your new life in the Underworld.

But that day, once you figured out why people were acting so differently towards you, you showed off your wrath. You shut down your shop. Closed it for a while. You refused to see him. Refused to see the boy who murdered you. You just couldn’t face him and you wouldn’t let it happen. So you closed shop, and refused to speak to anybody. If anyone dared set you off, you’d blow your top off. No one had ever seen such anger come out of little you.

Time passed, and now, present day, your shop is once again open. But right next door is this pawn shop where he is. Where he lives. You were glad Peter was dead, but you hated how he also had some unfinished business. You refused to see him or speak to him. Even though it’d been years since he’d been in the Underworld, you had never spoke nor saw him once. You made sure that didn’t happen. And if anyone even mentioned his name or shop, you’d kick them out of your flower shop.

Eventually, he would see and speak to you. And today was that day. Peter came into your shop. You were in the back getting something. The few people who were in there immediately fled the scene, not wanting to witness the wrath you were going to show. 

Peter looked around, seeing all the different colours and flowers. He saw your flowers; the Y/N Flower. He hadn’t seen them since he got to the Underworld. He missed them so much. There were more of them in your shop than there was on Neverland. He just had to pick one. He reached out for the biggest and healthiest looking one. Right as he was about to touch it, he was stopped by you.

“Get. Out.” You said so darkly. Peter had never heard you sound so mad.

The boy, now in an all black tuxedo and tie and slacks, turned around. He stared at you admiringly. He missed you. Missed your hair, your smile, your eyes, your smell, your voice. He missed it all.

“Did I stutter? Get out, you sick bastard!” You shouted, snapping him out of his trance. Peter’s hand shot down from the unique flower. He stepped closer to where you were.

“Y/N…” he said. “I’ve missed you so much, please, let me explain–” But you cut him off.

“No. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t! Screw you! I loved you, and you go off and kill me like I’m nothing to you?” Your voice was laced with hatred and poison.

“Y/N, no, you don’t understand. It was all a misunderstanding,” Peter took another step closer to you. That’s when you threw a vase at him. It was full of water and pretty flowers. It was your favourite vase, too. But you threw it at him, screaming.

“LEAVE ME ALONE, DAMMIT!” You screamed so loudly, everyone in the Underworld heard. You chucked the vase at him, and he dodged it. The vase crashed and shattered on the floor. Glass, water, and flowers went everywhere. 

“Darling, please–”

“No!” You cut him off again. “Don’t you dare call me darling. I am not your darling. Period.” 

You were breathing hard, and Peter was trying his hardest to keep himself together. He so badly wanted to cry and fall apart right before you. He felt terrible of what he did to you, felt awful. He hated himself so much and all he wanted to do was make it better, but you weren’t letting him.

“Leave, Peter… please.” Your voice faltered at the slightest. You calmed down now, but you were still angrier than angry. 

Peter looked at you. He slowly walked closer while you looked away from him. When you turned back to see if he left, he was right in front of the counter you were standing behind. His features were soft, displaying such a sadness that still killed you. You always hated it when Peter was upset.

In one swift movement, he reached over the counter to grab your face. He pulled you in and kissed you sweetly. You felt such a rush. Such love and passion. Your entire world lit up. And as if that kiss broke some spell, you felt better. You felt like you could forgive him.

“You will always be my darling, Y/N,” he said so gently, as if his words would kill you if he spoke too loudly. “Please, let me explain.”

You stared at him, tears instantly coming to your eyes and falling. That was enough to set Peter’s emotions off. He started crying, too. Your tears fell and you stayed completely silent. A sob never once left your throat. You were completely silent.

“One minute,” you croaked. “You have one minute.” You still wanted to hear what he had to say.

Peter nodded, and jumped right into explaining himself. “I let my anger get the best of me. I let my demons overpower my being. Darling, you must understand, I overheard you saying where I was, only then to hear the Storybrooke people talk about heading over to Skull Rock. I thought you were talking to them. Not Felix. I was so mad over an innocent misunderstanding. I don’t deserve you one bit, and Y/N, when I found out the truth… I couldn’t stand myself. I couldn’t. I still hate every fiber of my being because of what I did to you. You never deserved that. And on Neverland, in your place… those flowers right there, they sprang up from where your body was. I named them after you and never let them die. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really am. I never stopped loving you. I thought about you every single day and still do. Please, just say you forgive me, and I’ll leave.”

By now, Peter was a blubbering mess. He kept his voice straight, but he was crying so hard. A sob left his own throat here and there. He fell apart, right in front of you. That made you cry much harder than you already were. Everything was just some big misunderstanding. So all you did was go around your counter and wrapped your arms around him.

You hugged Peter so tightly. You never wanted to let go. Peter hugged you back as well, not letting you leave his sights again. He kissed the top of your head as you both still cried. His tears landed on your hair, your tears landing on his blazer. 

“I love you, Peter. I love you so much.” You finally let those choked back sobs leave your mouth. 

“I’m sorry I did this to you,” was all he said.

You looked up at him, opening your once closed eyes. His face was so red from the crying. You leaned on your tip-toes, this time kissing him. He kissed you back with all he had. He wanted to prove to you that he really was sorry. He put all his might in this one kiss, and you could still feel that he truly was sorry.

The kiss was cut short, however. A bright white light appeared in front of you guys. Crisp air, fluffy clouds, and pure bright light. You guys had both solved your unfinished business. Peter looked at you, you looking at him.

“Ready?” He simply asked, grabbing your hand.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” you replied.

You and Peter walked right into the light, finally being able to rest your troubled souls. You both let the purity of the light consume you. You and Peter were finally at peace.

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Jinki jerks minho off underneath a table.

“That’s the very essence of the project, Governor. With this proposal we’ll be able to redirect funds from adjunct abandoned projects and funnel it to this one project. With your help we’ll be able to build the Children’s Science Facility that will allow impoverished youth access to–“

“I understand, Doctor. It sounds like a wonderful plan. Let me think it over. Come by my office, Monday, will you and we’ll look over the paperwork.”

Minho nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, Governor, absolutely! First thing! Monday morning!”

As the Governor turned to his wife to continue their meal, Minho leaned back in his chair and turned to Jinki, who was rubbing his back. “I think it’s going to work this time!” he whispered. “I think he’s going to bite! Thank you for convincing me not to mope around the house tonight, honey. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. I’m so happy for you. Now I wish we were somewhere else so we could celebrate.”

Minho took a look around the stiff, black tie soiree they were attending. There was no way they could leave now, even if there was no real reason for them to be there. “You’re right. We may be able to slip out after dinner? There’s supposed to be a slide show in honor of the recipient.”

Jinki shook his head. “No, we can stay. I don’t want to appear rude, especially with the Governor sitting right across from us. We can find other ways to celebrate.” Jinki patted his thigh reassuringly. “Don’t worry.”

Minho nodded and tried to keep his excitement off of his face. Finally! A Children’s Science Facility! His dream! Soon he’d be able to–whoa.

His head rotated slowly towards his boyfriend, who was staring at the dance floor in front of them with a content smile.

“Jinki,” he hissed. “What are you–“

“Shhh. Celebrating.”

The heel of Jinki’s hand was grinding down on his groin, long kneading motions that were sending tiny shivers of pleasure up Minho’s spine.

“I don’t think this is–“

“Honey,” Jinki picked up the pace and Minho bit his lip to keep him from making a very embarrassing sound. “You’ve done enough thinking tonight. Just–don’t think anymore.”


Jinki leaned towards him. “Keep it up and I’ll make you scream at this table.”

Minho promptly shut up. Even if it was impossibly difficult as fingers, short and slightly chubby, were sliding the zipper of his expensive black tuxedo slacks down, snaking past his briefs, and taking him into his warm hand.

Minho felt his eyes rolling in the back of his head. It was this precise moment that the Governor turned towards him.

“Doctor Choi, another thing.”

Minho almost bit clean through his bottom lip as he struggled to open his eyes and concentrate. “Y–yes?”

“This is the Assistant Director to our Grant committee,” he said pointing to another man who’d joined them.” Could you briefly explain the redirection of the funds again?”

Jinki grinned, his thumb sliding over the slit of his cock, and Minho wanted to die. Well, if it didn’t feel so good.

“I–um–um. Uh.” He wiped a hand across his sweaty brow. “–By, uh, projects…that…abandoned–“

“Hello, Governor,” Jinki smoothly interjected. “Assistant Director. I’m Jinki, Minho’s assistant.”

Minho frowned because Jinki was most certainly not his assistant. He was sneaky incubus with the hands of a God. Minho shivered because there were waves of something warm and Jinki was jerking him off in quick smooth motions while looking two high ranking officials in the face without breaking a sweat.

“What Minho and our department want to do is simply take funds from uncompleted projects, which we have listed out and redirect them towards the Science Facility. It will be a…”

Jinki voiced faded out and Minho focused all of his energy on what he was feeling because Jinki was doing that thing with his hand where his fingers grazed his balls with each down stroke and Minho knew, he just knew he had seconds before–

His vision went white and stars and fireworks and anything that even felt like an explosion blasted behind his eyes and it took everything in his power not to curl forward with each spasm and spell Jinki’s name backwards and shout the million different ways this man made him feel like a million fucking bucks, so effortlessly. But he couldn’t do that because once his vision cleared the Governor was looking at him with concern.

“Are you alright, Doctor Choi?”

Minho couldn’t speak yet, so he just nodded.

“Good,” the governor said, frowning. “Remember to bring Mr. Lee by on Monday. He’s a very brilliant man. You’re lucky to have him.”

Minho chuckled weakly as Jinki dropped a towel to his own lap before surreptitiously grabbing it and slipping it under the table, using it to clean Minho up.

“Thank you, Governor,” Jinki said as he tucked Minho back in his pants. “Thank you very much. He is lucky, isn’t he?”


As a member of the world’s biggest boyband, Liam Payne is the subject of crushes all over the world. But he is devoted to his beautiful girlfriend Sophia Smith and the pair put on a tactile display at the Great Gatsby Charity Ball in London on Thursday. 

 Liam, 21, only had eyes for Sophia, who looked stunning in a sheer, blush pink dress while he opted for a light blue suit. She wore her long brown hair swept over one shoulder and chose dramatic eye make-up and pink lipstick. Meanwhile, Liam grabbed attention with his bright blue suit, grey shoes and a white shirt with no tie. 

 Payne is currently on a break from the On The Road Again world tour and he and his bandmates have returned to London to work on their fifth album. The couple cuddled up to each other as they posed for pictures while lending their support to the event, held on behalf of the cancer charity Trekstock. 

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Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan get bromantic

They recently became a quartet when Zayn Malik made the shocking decision to walk away from One Direction but in London on Thursday night, the band became three, albeit temporarily.
While Harry Styles enjoyed some time off in Los Angeles, his bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson attended the Great Gatsby Charity Ball in London. And the trio showed that Zayn’s departure has not affected the group, putting on a bromantic display with lots of hugs and laughter as the caught up on the red carpet. 
But it was Liam who grabbed attention, opting for a startling light blue suit which he paired with a white shirt and grey shoes.Speaking two weeks after Zayn quit the band last month, One Direction said the period after his departure had been the toughest since the band was formed’.The four remaining members of the chart-topping group admitted they were ‘gutted’ by his decision to leave.
Louis, who has been making the most of his newly single status since splitting from Eleanor Calder, was handsome in a dark three-piece suit and white shirt. 
And Niall opted for a white tuxedo jacket and black slacks as he joined his pals at the event.
Liam confessed: 'It’s been a tough few weeks, probably the toughest since the band was formed five years ago. We’re gutted that Zayn chose to leave, but now after a few performances as a four piece, we’re feeling confident and are determined to carry on stronger than ever.’
However, they reassured fans about their dedication to continuing with the group, and thanked fans for their support.
Louis continued: 'All four of us are 100 per cent committed to staying in One Direction and we want to thank the fans for being so incredible during this time. We have so much more we still want to achieve.’
The four-piece added they are now focusing on recordin
g their fifth studio album and completing their On The Road Again string of shows.
Niall told The Sun newspaper: ’We’re looking forward to seeing all our fans on the tour this year. The fans are amazing. They are so loyal. All we want to do is make them proud and return their faith in us with a brilliant tour and an amazing new album.’
Harry added: 'It’s very exciting to be working on our fifth album, it shows how incredible the fans have been.’
Meanwhile, Liam, 21, only had eyes for Sophia, who looked stunning in a sheer, blush pink dress while he opted for a light blue suit.
She wore her long brown hair swept over one shoulder and chose dramatic eye make-up and pink lipstick.
Sophia completed her look with a faux-fur stole.
Payne is currently on a break from the On The Road Again world tour and he and his bandmates have returned to London to work on their fifth album.
The couple cuddled up to each other as they posed for pictures while lending their support to the event, held on behalf of the cancer charity Trekstock.
Liam has teamed up with the charity to raise funds, offering the chance to win a trip to meet One Direction on tour as a potential prize to those who donate.
Writing on the Prizeo website,  Liam explained: 'As part of my fundraising for Trekstock’s 5th Birthday, the band and I have decided to work with Prizeo to give you a chance to win a trip to London to meet us all backstage at the final leg of our On The Road Again 2015 world tour, in exchange for a small donation to Trekstock!
'It’s an amazing prize, we’ll fly you in from anywhere in the world (and you can bring a friend!) and put you up in a hotel. You’ll meet us and watch the show from VIP seats! Take a look at the awesome rewards we have put together for you below.
'All we ask is that you support Trekstock with us and do what you can. So please tell your friends and post about the campaign!’
The singer is passionate about helping the charity, which helps young adults diagnosed with cancer.
Trekstock explained their philosophy, writing: 'We want every young adult diagnosed with cancer to have the vital support they need to thrive through and beyond the challenges that come both during and after treatment.
'In the last five years over 50,000 young adults in the UK have been diagnosed with cancer. For this age group, survival rates are better than ever, but the physical and emotional impact of cancer remains life long. With your help, we can transform the way that support following treatment is designed and delivered - by giving them an authentic voice.’