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Can you do a Julian Albert x reader smut on their honeymoon where the flash awkwardly walks in on them

Your nails scraped up Julian’s back as the two of you kissed passionately. Your leg hooked around him, pulling him closer to you. He ground his clothed crotch down on yours drawing a soft sigh from your lips. He parted from the kiss, leaving you panting, while he nipped along your jaw. Your fingers ran through his soft blonde locks yanking at the strands and causing Julian to growl at the sensation. One of your hands drifted downwards between the two of you, and you began palming his stiff erection through his pants, “Take them off you,” whispered to him while applying more pressure on his cock. An almost inaudible whine was emitted by him before he stood, quickly ridding himself of the tight confines of his tuxedo pants and undergarments. He stared at your bare, disheveled form lying on the bed, swiping his tongue across his lips subconsciously. He all but pounced on you planting sloppy kisses nowhere his mouth could reach. Slowly his fingers made their way to your cunt, rubbing your clit lightly in circular motions. Your eyes fluttered shut, thoroughly enjoying the treatment you were receiving from your newlywed husband. “I love you” he said after kissing your neck “I” kiss “love” kiss “you” kiss. You looked down to see his beautiful blue eyes staring at you with utmost adoration and love. You pulled him closer to you kissing him passionately, “I love you Julian. I love you so, so much.” Julian’s face lit up, his fingers lingering at your entrance for a brief moment before plunging in. Your hips bucked upwards as you cried out. His fingers thrust quickly curving to hit your
g-spot every time. Your hands gripped tightly to his biceps, nails digging into his skin. Your walls clenched around his fingers while coating them in your juices, “Julian I-I’m so close.” “I know, I know. I’m right here look at me.” Your eyes blinked open and looked him straight in the eye as you came. You moaned and writhed from the pleasure grinding down on Julian’s fingers. Your breath escaped in shaky pants as you came down from your high. Julian guided his throbbing dick to your entrance, rubbing it along your folds. Your lover pulled you close as he thrust into you. Both of you shared a moan at the intense pleasure coursing through both of your veins. His thrusts were slow and sensual letting all of his emotions with each rut. He kissed you deeply entangling his tongue with yours keeping his steady rhythm. Both of your groped and touched each other tightly, gripping to each other as if you were both each other’s life-lines. The moment was so perfect with pleasure and love filling your every sense. Your passionate love making was cut short though when the door was slammed open, “Hey Julian we need y- Oh shit.” A shriek left your mouth as Julian scrambled to cover both of you quickly. Panic and dread filled you as your started at Barry. He just walked in on you, having sex. You shook and clung to Julian’s back trying to hide the best you could. Meanwhile Barry swiftly turned his memory burned with the image he’d just seen. He groped behind him, desperately trying to grab the handle and return your privacy. “Get the fuck out of here, Barry,” your lover yelled throwing a pillow at him. “Sorry, I’ll leave you two alone.” Barry said before bolting down the hallway and out of the house. You collapsed into the mattress with a groan. Embarrassment flooded your entire being as you wished desperately that the world would swallow you whole. You looked to your husband to see his face completely void of emotion, “Julian?” you questioned. He grunted in response. “Are you ok?”, “Yes. Are you”, “Not really.” He pulled you close to his body encasing your form in his strong arms. He kissed your head, a gentle gesture that calmed your nerves a bit. Tom fidgeted a bit behind you grabbing your attention, “What’s wrong?” you asked. He shifted once again his hardened cock brushing against the back of your thigh, “We never got to finish.” A small smirk roughed at your lips as you turned to face him and kissed him deeply, “Well I guess we need to take care of this, don’t we?” He grinned pulling you on top of him. “I love you.” he whispered before capturing your lips, “I love you too.”

Oh Tom, you are the cause of so much smut. Anywho thank you so much for reading I hope you liked it, and thank you so much for requesting! I hope it was what you wanted.

High school isn’t as bad as people say it is, and I know that it’s hard to believe, but you will miss it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you can or can’t be. Shave half of your head and dye your hair green. Wear jeans or dresses or sweat pants or tuxedos, whatever makes you happy. It’s okay to not be happy. You will not always be happy. Sometimes, you’ll smile so hard that you swear your face will freeze that way and sometimes you cry so hard that you can’t stay awake any longer because you’re exhausted, go to sleep. Go to sleep at a reasonable time sometimes but also stay up all night sometimes. Never go to school drunk, don’t drink on a Sunday, school is even worse hungover. When the first kid in your grade kills themselves, feel. Feel sad feel regret feel anger, feel numb. Please don’t pretend to be okay. You will be not okay a lot of the time. And remember that there’s never enough time, so soak it up. Be young, sneak out, party, go to the stupid football games. You’ll miss the stupid football games. Don’t ever do anything you don’t want to. Remember that you’re allowed to say no. Say no. Don’t let the drunk guy at the party silence your voice. Don’t blame yourself if he does and you can’t stop him. Don’t be quiet about it afterwards, please tell someone. Tell your mom or a teacher or the police or your best friend. Cry. Cry until you can’t anymore, cry the well in your body dry and drown that boy in there. Fall in love… with yourself. You only get one body so you might as well become friends with it. Take it to get coffee, give it fruits and veggies often, even if you don’t want to. Don’t lie to your doctor. Lie to your parents… sometimes. Don’t lose who you are. Don’t forget who you are. When you do forget who you are, find yourself. Take yourself out on a date and reconnect with why you fell in love in the first place, reminisce old memories and imagine new ones. Stay in sometimes, but not too much. If you fall in love, you’ll fall hard. And they’ll break your heart in two. But that’s okay. And it’s okay to cry. Please don’t start drinking or smoking to forget, you’ll never forget. You will never want to, even when you want to. Cherish those memories, but please, oh fuck please do not try to recreate him. Kiss as many people as you must, kiss as many bottles as you need to but please don’t try to kiss him again in every person you meet.

An open letter to all teenage girls


Modern Day Meg Masquerade!

I’ve actually put a lot of thought into the companion piece to the revamped design for Christine’s gala look and there are probably more rejected designs in the folder for her than anyone else because every time I came up with something, it just felt way too easy to go down the cocktail dress route.

So I went back to the source material, or the rather the idea that her original costume had these somewhat masculine elements yet was distinctively feminine in cut and style, which made me think that Meg would absolutely show up to the gala in a tailored brocade jacket and matching satin tuxedo pants.

More Modern Day Phantom here and find my art on Redbubble!

Leaning against a building wall was a well dressed man. Wearing a black tuxedo and dress pants. A cigar in his hand, lit and drifting smoke into the air. His face clean shaven and somewhat handsome. His eyes a simple brown, though one could swear they had a dark gleam to them.

The man flicked ash from his cigar to the ground. A permanent grin on his face, as if he knew how amusing his mobster look was. Though only observant sorts may notice the man cast no shadow.

Those with connection to the arcane? They could see the black ink dripping from his fingers and corners of his lips. As if he was a bag near bursting.

6 Grammy’s Red Carpet Trends to Try Now

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From the glamorous red carpet looks to the phenomenal performances, such as Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler’s Sia dance, last night’s 57th Annual Grammy Awards were beyond entertaining. Risk takers like Rihanna in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture and Taylor Swift in custom Elie Saab stood out on the red carpet, while others opted for less daring looks. Scroll down to see what was trending at the Grammy’s and shop similar styles below!

Fancy Jumpsuits

Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace 

Giuliana Rancic in Inbal Dror

Noir Jumpsuit

DVF Camra Strapless Lace Jumpsuit In Black

Combined Tulle Jumpsuit

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Our favorite Swede easily winning best outfit of the night (hands-down, pants off ;-P) at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards (April 9, 2016, California). :-)

“Alexander Skarsgard (future Tarzan) comes on stage without pants to present with Samuel L. Jackson #MovieAwards.

-saba_h twitter (x)

“Also Alexander Skarsgard turned up in a tuxedo jacket and NO PANTS, saying “Me Tarzan. Gotta give the fans a little skin.” #MTVMovieAwards.”

-PiyaSRoy twitter (x)

“ Okey Alexander Skarsgard is pantless on stage, it’s happening and im literally dying “

-IsraelGanendra twitter (x)   

Photo credit:  ginae323 instagram