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the signs as Tuxedo Mask speeches

Aries: Pure, innocent maidens who love sweet foods… I cannot forgive fake dentists who snare them into unfair traps!

Taurus: I will not allow anyone to tarnish a star-drenched evening with tasteless evil. I am just one stem of a rose that cuts through evil.

Gemini: A supermarket is the people’s fountain of health. The fresh vegetables of the open country and the melt-in-your-mouth shabu shabu meat are angry!

Cancer: The hospital is a mansion of life that saves people who have fallen ill. Those who fill it with tainted energy, I cannot forgive!

Leo: It is a woman’s eternal wish to stay beautiful in the latest fashions. To protect the wishes of all women, I am here!

Virgo: If you can’t understand what it feels like to be a Pawn, you have no right to command the Queen.

Libra: Turning a sacred place of learning into a battlefield is an unforgivable outrage. Now, Sailor Moon, teach them the ABCs of Justice!

Scorpio: A true boxer would never hit a lovely young maiden. Instead, he would embrace her gently.

Sagittarius: The beach is a garden of beauties in swimsuits. It is not well-suited to bombs! Massive amounts of gunpowder should be for large fireworks to light up the night sky!

Capricorn: Ruffian who creates a storm of riots in the warm sun of Spring! It’s best you retreat!

Aquarius: The drum is a percussion instrument. If used correctly, it can touch people’s hearts. But you have used it as a weapon. You are a disgrace as a musician! If you are going to play the drum anyway, play something like the cheerful tune of a Japanese dance!

Pisces: Sweets are works of art, nurtured by the dreams of young girls. And at times, even the sweet hearts of those girls who adore beauty, will melt. Sweet sugar candies can melt away their heartache. But even those sugar candies sometimes melt.

Sailor Hamlet

Because I really liked the idea of Tuxedo Mask as King Hamlet’s ghost.

Hamlet: Chibiusa (troubled chid extraordinaire)

Gertrude: Usagi (queen of everything, including emotional trauma)

King Hamlet: Mamoru (pedantic ghost dad)

Claudius: Seiya (replacement dad, not living up to previous dad’s legacy)

Horatio: Setsuna (doomed to watch as they world falls apart)

Polonius: Haruka (voted most likely to be stabbed through a curtain)

Ophelia: Hotaru (part 2 of world’s greatest vaguely homoromantic friendship)

Laertes: Michiru (would fight a child for the sake of The Mission)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Luna and Artemis (practically canon anyway)

Fortinbras: Makoto (spends the whole play getting ready to fight a dead guy)

Osric: Ami (excellent at counting)

Marcellus and Bernardo: Taiki and Yaten (serve the function of exposition)

Gravediggers: Minako and Rei (entire dialogue consists of puns and insults)

Yorick: Naru (too soon?)

anonymous asked:

Hello. My partner is agender and is struggling to find androgynous formal wear that people wont simply read as "butch lesbian woman." Any ideas for gender neutral formal wear that isn't purely masculine?

It depends on the everyday style your friend has. For maxinum comfort, just try and fancify what they’d prefer to wear normally. This could be done by changing materials (eg. polyester for silk, wool/polyester blend for cashmere), changing patterns (eg. graphic prints for more simple designs, bland colors for richer or shinier colors), and adding fancy accessories (eg. heels, nice dress shoes, well fitting jacket, jewelry, makeup). Mixing and matching typically feminine and masculine read clothing could be quite effective.

Here’s some ideas:
● Tuxedo pants with heels and a structured cropped blouse.
● Mid length black circle skirt with oxfords and a crisp dress shirt
● Black pants/jeans with dress shoes and a v neck sweater
● Ballerina flats with slim dress pants, a genderflux shirt and a sharp blazer
● 60s mod inspired dress or 20s flapper inspired dress and dress shoes with a structured blazer.