Class Advisers: Byron and Nichole - 30

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Hi Class! I’d be one of your advisers for this year’s Tumblr University Meetup. 

My name is Byron Fill and I’m taking up BS Civil Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I enjoy watching movies (and making reviews out of them), series and anime. I also read some manga. I fancy eating, a lot, which explains my current body mass. I guess, that’s about it and I hope to get to know you all soon.

I’d be posting some “assignments” and/or “lectures” every now and then so please make sure to tag, #tumu5. It’s not compulsory to do them, but I’d be glad if you would join the fun. Until then, you may reach me through here

Introductory assignment:

Kindly TA me your name, nickname, birthday, title of blog, and your answer to this question, “ how do you characterize your blog?” :) This would be worth 10 points.

Oh, btw, did I mention that whoever gets the highest points until the meetup would win a prize? Have fun class!

Section 5 assignment.. habol before 11pm.. XD

Before I start let me introduce my self formally

I am Red, I crave natural highs.. Total day dreamer.. Easily amused, although easily distracted.. I don’t like to settle for anything less.. I’m a slave for music.. I love to lose myself. I’ve lived through a lot, and experienced more than I can count.. I understand that NOTHING BEATS THE FEELING OF BEING LOVED, OR BEING IN LOVE. ;p coz when it comes around, it means everything.. I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex….

I’m usually very nice… until I get crossed….

I dont favor superficial characteristics, so no need for pretentions.. Mind your own business and stop talking about what & who you don’t know because some day, you will be the vehicle of stupid actions that are equally as ridiculous as the sins of others.. And discursive opinion will often not match reality so I suggest you keep your girly antics to yourself & shut up..

Don’t judge me because you’re a dumbass.. Don’t judge other people either based on your ignorance. You makin me laugh..

If you wanna talk about nothin and just give me dirty ass looks across the room, I’ll be happy to give you flying fists across the face.. that’s f'sho..


lol, not a war freak but will not allow some fag to use my name so that he could post something.. Sorry if you have to read all of my bad traits but I present to you the real me and not some polished stuff toy who has nothing substantial within. I forgive but I never forget.. I’m not a preacher so don’t expect me to be ooh so holy and believe what everybody believes. I want to try almost everything at least once.. You only live your life once so live it to the fullest.. better you know my good and bad side.. No pretense whatsoever. BTW, I also like to use a lot of periods (…) in my sentences. I can’t call them ellipses since some of them only contain 2 dots while others contain more than 3.. Going back to the assignment….

What I look forward to in the future is of course a lifestyle that is suited for professionals. I am currently paving the way for that as I am the Placement Coordinator for Makati Campus of Mapua Institute of Technology. Some of the services we offer aims to assist undergraduates, graduating students, and alumni of MAPÚA in defining their career goals and in learning how to achieve them through counseling sessions, workshops, alumni network, on-line career resource library and information and placement services. As part of the Center for Career Services, we offer Career-related services and programs that will assist graduating students in preparing for the world of work and in increasing their chances at employment.

Such Services are as follows:

Career Expo

Career Development Seminar Workshop

Graduates Directory

In campus recruitment

Job Ads Bulletin

Resume Book

On the Job Training Assistance and Coordination

For now, I am focused on assisting our HRM students in their internship both locally and internationally as we are making partnerships with hotels, restaurants, and resorts globally.

One of the long term goals I have set is to gradually elevate in the office with a comfortable lifestyle and be happy with my special someone. I believe that happiness in the workplace comes from personal fulfillment. With such, helping not just my fellow countrymen but also my fellow Mapuans. I was inspired by my HR Manager from Accenture, Yuri Gagarin, when I took one of my internship in their office to help my country by giving jobs and opportunities to our Filipino kins. His small speech decided it for me. Right now, I am reaping the benefits of my studies in Psychology. It is a great help as I know how to handle people with different personalities. This also helps in the selection process whether the student is ready to part take in the many offerings our department caters.

Personally, I see myself happy and committed to someone I like and is comfortable with. Whom I can be myself and that no matter how near or far we may be, trust and love prevails over worldly desires of the flesh. I know it is hard to find that person. So right now, my doors and windows are open. Yet, even though I am looking, I am still focusing on my career. I don’t know if I’m ready. But come what may and I will let the strands of destiny play.. For who knows where the road may lead us, only a fool would say..

But honestly, I don’t wanna look forward to what have not yet come to pass.. So I don’t really look towards the future so I can’t answer “why”.. I want to live in the now, not what the past has done and what the future may bring for today is a product of the past and the way to the future.. I don’t even understand what I just said but yeah, it makes sense in a weird sort of way.. Our future can change depending on the choices we pick today. As Brian Kinney used to say, fuck everything, anything.. no regrets, no apologies..

First person to approach me on TUMU2011 gets a Venti drink of their choice from Starbucks..

second person will have a dinner date with me loljk

Gustuhin ko man ilibre ang buong section 5, baka hindi na ako makauwi nyan.. lol XD