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10 Things I Hate About You - Five

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“Did you ever like me?” Laura looked at Harrison, halting her actions from getting out of his car. She saw you slam the front door and furrowed her eyebrows – you seemed to have met your soulmate, in her eyes. You and Tom were very alike. She then saw Tom walking up to the car in front of Harrison’s and getting in, driving off quickly. “Laura?” She turned her focus back to Harrison. “Did you ever like me?” He repeated. She shrugged, hesitating.

“Yeah, of course I did.” Harrison sighed, gripping the steering wheel as he shut his eyes in frustration, shaking his head.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Well, not at first-.”

“Then that’s all you had to say,” Harrison argued, leaning back in his seat. It was quiet between them, Laura didn’t make a move to leave because she felt like the conversation wasn’t over – and it wasn’t. “Are you always this selfish?” Laura visibly shrunk, thinking back at everything she’s done – the attitude she held that because she’s pretty, she could get whatever she wanted… whoever she wanted. She thought back to her relationship with her sister, the way she treated her at the party. After that interaction, the next time she saw her sister, you were drunk and dancing on top of the dining room table.

“Yes,” she finally answered, the feeling of guilt weighing heavily on her.

“You know, I liked you – like, really liked you. I defended you when people called you selfish, I tutored you in French – no, I learned French for you and you just-,” Harrison was cut off, feeling Laura’s hands on either side of his face and feeling her shut him up with her lip son his. After the initial shock wore off, he eventually kissed her back, tilting his head slightly. She pulled away a second later, smiling softly at him, seeing his eyes still closed and his lips puckered slightly. She reached behind her and opened the door, causing him to open his eyes. She got out of the car, grabbing her bag and closing it. She walked back to her house, turning around to see Harrison still looking at her in a daze while she tried to minimize the smile on her face.

Harrison watched her walk away, feeling as if he’d just bounced his way to cloud 9. When he couldn’t see her anymore, his hands returned to his steering wheel, gripping it as his smile widened. One of his hands loosened as he pulled it back, slamming his palm against it. “And, I’m back in the game!” He whooped, forgetting that it was close to one in morning. He mentally shushed himself, starting his car, beginning his ride back home with the same excitement he felt from the beginning of the night.

“Well, what happened?” Harrison asked Tom. It was Monday, and they sat on the bleachers after school while the girls practiced soccer practice. Tom shrugged.

“Nothing, and if it had, she would’ve been too drunk to remember.”

“I thought it was going well between you two!”

“What do you care?” Tom asked annoyed, “I thought you wanted out?” Harrison bit back the smile that was beginning to form while he shrugged nonchalantly.

“Yeah, well, that was before she kissed me.” Tom’s annoyed expression turned into a smirk, nodding at his friend.

“Yeah?” Harrison nodded, “Well, where?”

“In the car.” Tom nodded again, this time as congratulations.

“Excuse me!” They heard, picking up their heads and looking to their right, seeing Tony clumsily make his way through the track practice, trying to reach them.

“Hey,” Harrison said, “what’d she say?” Harrison had Tony go ask your best friend if there was any way Tom could fix whatever he messed up. Tony shrug.

“Hates him with the strength of a thousand suns, and that’s a direct quote.” Tom rolled his eyes.

“Thanks, Tony,” he said sarcastically, “that’s very comforting to hear.” Tony shrugged, giving him a sympathetic look.

“Well, you never know,” Harrison jumped in, “she may just need a day to cool off.” Just as Tom and Tony were nodding in agreement, a soccer ball flew right past them, missing their faces by only a centimeter. Tom looked up, seeing you on the soccer field, shrugging at him with an eyebrow arched before returning to practice.

“Maybe two,” Tom suggested, looking at the direction where the ball landed.

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i’m just picturing domestic!dreamhusbands in london getting ready to go out to this big fundraiser for dunkirk veterans and prince harry is there and arthur is trying to finish getting ready on time so he can help eames because god knows eames needs help getting properly dressed for these functions but just as arthur does up his tom ford tux and bowtie eames strolls out of the bathroom with THAT HAIRCUT and the patterned suit and the random pins and arthur is just



Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.. (Miss Marple: Endless Night)