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how to do prom on a budget

Because not everyone can afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one high school dance, but that absolutely does not mean that you can’t enjoy your evening to the fullest. 

  • Your prom dress definitely does not have to cost several hundred dollars. Amazon.com has some really nice formal dresses, and most of them are in the $50-100 range! (I know there are other websites specifically for discount prom dresses, but in my experience Amazon has better quality and lower prices. Plus prime shipping can be a lifesaver if you’re in a rush.)
  • And if fifty bucks is still out of your price range (and I know that it is for a lot of people), check your local thrift stores. Second-hand prom dresses sell for a fraction of their original price, and they’ve usually only been worn once or twice. Seriously, I got my first prom dress at a thrift store; it was a very pretty, very well-made dress, and I payed $15 for it. Check. Thrift. Stores. 
  • Or, if you just don’t like second-hand clothes or if you couldn’t find anything good in the thrift stores, check Ross or a similar store. (Ross is just what we have in my hometown.) They usually stock some formal dresses around prom season, and they’re almost all in the $20-30 range. I’ve gone to formal events in dresses from Ross before, and they hold up really well and look great in pictures.
  • All of the stores I just mentioned are also really good places to get shoes, jewelry, ect. to go with your dress. Even stores like Walmart and Target might be good places to look for shoes, bags, and other accessories. And definitely check your own wardrobe – you might already own stuff that will look good with your dress. (I’ve worn the same pair of heels to, like, three different proms at this point tbh.) 
  • Get a dress that fits you well without alterations. Seriously, tailors are so pricey – you’ll probably end up paying several times more for alterations than you did for the dress itself. You’ll save yourself a lot of money if you just buy a dress that already fits and looks good. 
  • Do your own hair and makeup. There are approximately two billion “prom hair and makeup” tutorials on YouTube – find one that you like and practice it a couple of times before the big night. 
  • And if you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself, call in a friend for help. I’m totally useless when it comes to hair, but my best friend is a hair genius. We would always get ready for dances together, and we’d do a trade-off; she’d do my hair for me, and I’d help her with her makeup, and then we’d both go to the dance looking amazing. It’s a good system, and makes getting ready a lot more fun.
  • Or, if you don’t want to do your own makeup and don’t have a friend you can ask, a lot of department stores that have makeup counters (Macy’s, Belk, ect.) will do free makeovers, even if you don’t buy any of the products! I had a friend in high school who always got her makeup done at Belk for school dances. I don’t like trusting a stranger to do my makeup, but it is an option if you want to get it done professionally without spending a lot of money. (MAC and Sephora both do “free” makeovers, but only if you make a $50 purchase first, so probably not the best option if you’re trying to save money. Always make sure that the makeover service really is free before you sit down in the makeup chair.)
  • Also, you absolutely do not have to wear dramatic makeup or complicated hairstyles to prom if you don’t want to. If bold makeup isn’t your thing, you can just do mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. If you don’t want to spend two hours on your hair, just wear it down, or pin it up in a really simple bun, or whatever works for you. You don’t even have to wear a dress if you don’t want to – if renting a tux is more your speed, then rent a tux. Feeling comfortable and confident in how you look is more important than following trends. 

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u take a lot of selfies. do u think ur pretty or smoething? ur not

hi there, anon. i didn’t realize i took a lot of selfies. thanks for the info. so, your question was whether i think i’m pretty. you already answered that no, i am not. 

and i have to agree, anon. i don’t think i’m pretty bc i’m not.

i’m fat.

i always have a double chin.

i constantly look like i haven’t slept in a week bc of my dark circles

and, i always look sunburnt. idfk why

i have this white line across my nose that makeup can’t cover up 

i have tons of wrinkles on my forehead. like what the hell? i’m 25

also, it’s the size of fucking texas

i still don’t know how to smile in pictures bc i hate my fucking teeth

my feet are flat. my hips are huge. my boobs are weird. i am covered in stretch marks. my voice is grating. my ears stick out two miles from my head. i am always fucking sweating and i’ve been asked if i was pregnant more times than i can count. 

so, you’re right. i’m not pretty. i can’t stand the way i look.

which is why it’s so fucking important that i post “a lot” of selfies. bc, anon, you’d better fucking believe that if i look in the mirror that day and don’t cringe, i’m gonna take a fucking picture to save that tiny little second. and GOD FORBID i show the world that i posses a little self love every once in a fucking while. 


that beard finally coming in? go ahead, bro. take a selfie.

you finally got that piercing you’ve been wanting? not really my style, but you’re fucking rocking it. take a selfie.

your boobs look awesome in that shirt? take a selfie.

you finally lose or gain that weight you’ve been working on? take a selfie.

your eyeliner look awesome? your new sunglasses make you look like  a celebrity avoiding the paparazzi? you killing that tux? you feel a tiny, rare level of self love? you always on a high level of self love? you just like your face? 


thanks for the question, anon. this one’s for you.

I’m By Her Side

* Burr x Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: reader is in love with Lafayette but he’s getting married and the reader is just…*suffering.* And then after Laf gets married, Burr realizes something’s off and the reader has to spill. And then she and Burr are in a soft and happy relationship

    A/N: Yet another one I pulled from the depths of request. I used a shit ton of italics in this one. Yeah anyway, there’s some probably wrong French translations. Also, wedding planning is a pain in the ass and no where near as easy as I made it sound. I just shortened it. Trust me, it sucks. Oh, and the suit I’m picturing Lafayette in is the one Daveed wore to the White House. But I hope you all enjoy.

    Word Count: 3,456


    “Mes amies!” Lafayette greeted the group warmly. You looked up at your friend and smiled. His curly hair was pulled back like always. His eyes sparkled happily. His happiness was contagious. He dropped into the seat next to you. “I have great news!” He said.

    “What?” Alexander asked his energetic friend.

    “Adrienne is coming here from France!”

    You all exchanged blank looks. “Who?” You asked.

    Lafayette looked around at your confused faces. “Have I not mentioned mon amour before?” You recoiled, physically recoiled, at his words. Mon amour. My love. He had a girlfriend. “We’ve been engaged for years now.” Correction, he had a fiancé.

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    Will you please write a drabble where Alec is a chauffeur and it is his job to "pick up" Magnus?! I think you would do an excellent job of that.

    OK, here goes…..based on these pics. *deep breath*

    Driving Him Insane

    The flashing lights and the wall of media sound did their best to distract him as he walked the length of the red carpet, but not even the glamorous beauty clinging to his arm could pull his focus away from the man waiting for him at it’s end.  Tall, dark and impeccably dressed in a fitted charcoal suit that moulded itself to his impressively-built body, he stood with one hand behind his back, the other on the door of Magnus’ limo.  After four interminable hours of meet and greet at yet another premiere, the sight of his driver was more welcome than the fresh air outside the busy theatre.  The door was opened for them promptly and Magnus handed his date into the car, locking eyes briefly with a pair of hazel ones, before getting in himself.

    As they pulled away from the noisy crowds, Magnus finally allowed himself to relax against the black leather interior, letting his head fall back and his eyelids close.  He felt his companion move closer, and waited for the inevitable attempt at seduction, that would inexplicably leave him cold. All week, as he’d been ferried between press junkets and radio stations, only one thing had stirred his blood. And that was the man who’d been assigned to deliver him safely to each event. They’d barely exchanged more than pleasantries during his time in New York, his schedule being run with almost military precision, but he’d got a name.  Alexander.  

    Unbuttoning the jacket of his navy tux suit, he feels a pair of delicate hands already loosening his bow tie, whilst soft red lips at his ear make him an offer not many would turn down. But instead of his usual enthusiastic response, he opens his eyes to stare up at the barely-visible camera nestled in the ceiling, it’s green light telling him that he is being watched.  He remains impassive as quick fingers open up the neck of his crisp white dress shirt, and an eager mouth begins to kiss a trail along his jawline.  His attention is solely focused on the lens. On Alexander.

    As mood music begins to fill the dim interior, Magnus’ lips twitch in amusement as he considers the possibility that his chauffeur wants a floor show.  Just hoping those eyes were fixed on him at this moment was making his heart race quicker, but imagining those capable hands touching parts of him still clothed made his throat suddenly dry.  He needed a drink.  But first things first.  

    Without averting his gaze, he pressed the intercom.  “Miss Belcourt’s apartment please, Alexander.”

    “Of course” came the expected reply.

    Magnus covered the hand that was wandering lower over his stomach with one of his own, and brought it to his lips. “Camille, my dear, what do you say to a drink?”  Without waiting for a reply, but sure that he’d missed a sour look cross that beautiful face, he rose gracefully to sit closer to the well-stocked bar and fix them both a flute of champagne.  

    With a sigh of resignation, she accepted her glass.  “Thank you for a lovely evening, Magnus.  Maybe next time you’re here, we can get a bite to eat?”  

    “We shall,” he promised. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”  As they raised their glasses in a toast, the car drew to a stop outside their destination.  The doorman approached and Camille handed back the glass, untouched, with a request to keep it for next time, before exiting the car, blowing a kiss.

    About to quaff both drinks, he was surprised when his driver lowered the privacy screen, to ask,  “Where can I take you, Mr Bane?”  

    Pursing his lips and raising a suggestive brow, Magnus replied truthfully, “Anywhere you please, darling, but let’s have these drinks first!”  

    “Not while I’m driving, sorry, ” he smiled.  The screen slid back into place and Magnus felt a stab of disappointment as the car pulled off.

    Damn him. Always polite, always professional.  Magnus wanted to get under his skin, light a fire in those eyes that would spread to every part of that muscular body, and consume them both in the process.  And he only had tonight to make it happen, before his flight out in the morning.  There was no time for his usual charm offensive.  Taking a long sip of his drink, he was about to set the glasses down, when he realised the vehicle was coming to a halt.  Knowing it was too soon for him to be home, he knocked back the rest of his drink, intrigued as he listened to the object of his desire get out and approach his door.

    He watched as Alexander climbed in, loosened his tie and took off his jacket, tossing it casually over the seat before working on his cuffs.

    With a lopsided smile, he gestured at the glass that Magnus was still holding.  “Is that for me?”  Nodding, but rendered speechless, he held it out, but Alexander had other ideas.  Moving to kneel in front of him, he relieved him of his empty glass, setting it down, before covering Magnus’ hand over his own drink. Tipping it enough for him to taste the champagne, he then motioned for Magnus to do the same, but when it touched his lips, Alexander gently tilted it further, causing the liquid to trickle down his chin and throat.  Swiftly, he lapped at it with his tongue, tracing the spill with it’s tip until Magnus forgot how to breathe.  Only when confident fingers began making short work of releasing his burgeoning erection, did he remember to respond.

    Taking great pleasure in messing up the perfectly styled mop, he grabbed a fistful of the dark hair, yanking it backwards and plundering the alcohol-kissed mouth that had opened on an amused gasp.  Alexander tasted every bit as good as he’d imagined, hot and sweet, letting Magnus take what he wanted, while those capable hands cupped him and massaged his throbbing shaft in slow spiralling strokes that were threatening to put a premature end to his fun.  Pulling back to drag some air into his lungs, he thrilled to see his normally well-groomed Adonis looking as undone as he felt, but there was always room for improvement, he thought, as he knocked back the last of the champagne and threw the glass.  

    Reaching for Alexander’s shirt, he ripped it open, sending buttons flying but neither cared as Magnus ran desperate hands over the glorious chest hair that adorned the sculpted torso, fascinated by its rapid rise and fall and using his painted thumbnails to scratch circles around and over his nipples, forcing a pained laugh from the vision in front of him.

    “Tell me, Alexander..” he rasped, “is this all part of the service, or do you consider it pro bono?”  He inhaled sharply as he was squeezed playfully.

    Licking his lips slowly, Alexander increased the speed of his strokes, using the other hand to push him back against the leather.  “I’m pretty sure this will go down as perks of the job,”  he whispered with a wink, before taking him whole, his shoulders straining against the cotton as he worked the angle needed to bring Magnus closer to release.

    Flinging his arms out along the back of the seat and bracing his feet against the floor, he let his head fall back in hedonistic pleasure, his eyes clouded with desire so strong that he knew he was going to pop his cork at any moment. As he felt the heat gathering, he hardly had time to give a warning of “Fuck!” before his Dom Perignon White Gold erupted in celebration, most of it though was caught by his thirsty handler, his sated smile an indication that the brand was to his liking.

    As Magnus’ vision began to clear, the camera caught his eye again, but this time he noticed it was lit with both a green and a red light.  A thought occurred to him that brought a slow grin to his lips. Looking down at that angelic-looking face, was it really a stretch to imagine him being wicked enough to record them?  As that angel had the good grace to blush at the realisation that he’d been rumbled, Magnus leaned forward to give him a deep, slow kiss, his thumb tracing his cheekbone as he held his head with both hands.  

    Smiling as he tapped the seat next to him, Magnus swapped places with Alexander, declaring, “Despite your taking a liberty with my appearance fee for this private performance, I do believe in payment for services rendered, and my driver has yet to be compensated for taking care of me during my stay here.”   Running his ringed fingers slowly up the inside of Casanova’s thighs, he cocked his head and asked, “Would payment in kind be acceptable?”

    “Sure,” he replied, reaching to rip Magnus’ shirt open. “As long as this time, it’s payment in full.”

    With a confident smirk, Magnus assured him, “I’ll even give you a generous tip.”


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    Do you think all of this (what you pointed out in your post about Stefan and Elena realizing they still had feelings for each other) was done intentionally or unintentionally? I.e. it was written on purpose or it just happened on its own, so to speak?

    I think it was both because the writers can’t ever make up their minds and they always write with one foot out of the door.

    Like certain things are absolutely done on purpose. The 5x04 near-kiss, for instance, or when Elena freaks out about her daylight ring in 6x11 or in 6x13 when she says Silas is hot which indirectly means Stefan is hot or the 6x17 “two epic loves of my life” plus Elena thinking that a picture of Damon is actually Stefan, in 6x21 “people are uncomfortable around Salvatores in tuxes, it stirs … feelings”, these were done on purpose. And all of these things were unnecessary insertions. Elena insisting that Silas is hot didn’t need to be there, neither did the two epic loves of my life or her thinking Stefan was Damon. Even the daylight ring scenario, she could’ve just freaked out over losing the ability to walk in the sun but the show made it a point for Kai to reference the ring’s sentimental value. The 6x21 banter is hella flirty and again didn’t need to be put in. Elena’s jealousies are also things that don’t need to be there but every time Stefan is with someone else, she goes crazy, and with Caroline, she’s purposefully not around or if she is around, she’s witnessing Stefan breaking Caroline’s heart. That is intentional.

    At the same time, I think the show indirectly emphasizes SE through Damon’s obsession with that relationship, which is actually just their obsession with SE. You realize that Damon is insecure about SE in nearly every single season of the show? In seasons 1-3, it’s obvious why. In season 4, it’s fear of the sire bond and Elena going back to Stefan when she’s human/gets her emotions back. In season 5 it’s fear of the doppelganger prophecy and the universe. In season 6, he just brings them up at random, like when he tries to get Elena to remember their MMF dance he brings up how Stefan was supposed to be her date. When Kai says Elena became a vampire and dated the bad Salvatore, Elena and Damon have this conversation about how he doesn’t think she’d be with him if she were still human and I remember being like, bruh, it’s been TWO seasons are we still going back over this ground? And it’s the show. It reminds me of that scene in Mean Girls when Cady is obsessed with Regina and can’t shut up about how much she hates her to the point that everyone else is like, “this again?” and she knows that it’s getting tiring but she can’t stop speaking about it? That’s the writers and the SE. There’s this weird pathological need/obsession with trying to break SE down over and over, which only just shows that that relationship is everywhere.

    Yet again, I do believe there are scenes that are meant to show that a connection still exists. The 6x08 phone call for instance about how much Stefan loved her and the 5x18 fireplace scene, it’s supposed to show trust and togetherness and at this point both of them are supposed to have moved on but at the same time, Stefan and Elena can’t connect to other people the way they connect to each other, like it’s narratively proven that they don’t have this intimacy with Caroline or with Damon and the jealousy that Caroline and Damon have over SE is also a consistent thing. I mean, Elena is brought up by Caroline in freaking 7x21 where she says she’s stopped waiting for the day Stefan will respect her the way he respected Elena. Not to mention, in scene, Elena and Stefan share a lot of gazes and Elena is purposefully silent and those silences are intentionally ambiguous and those scenes are open-ended.

    And they know. Whether or not it’s intentional or unintentional, the show knows a romantic narrative/undercurrent is there and that the chemistry is there because they’re always pained about crafting an SE goodbye, they’re always like it’s so hard because it can’t overshadow DE or SC, it needs to be this but it can’t be that, so I believe they know, I don’t think they can’t not write for SE.

    I really wanted to get at least a small doodle out tonight to celebrate BH6 winning an oscar so this is something a lot messier than what I normally do, but wooOO MY BABIES WON AN OSCAR I’M SO PROUD

    I seriously owe a lot to this movie, it pulled me outta a horrible art slump and put me on the right track again, and honestly made me the happiest I’ve been in a long while. I related a lot to the characters in the movie (Hiro particularly), and I only wish I had this movie around when I was 14 and suffering through the exact same thing Hiro was. So here’s to this amazing movie, and I strongly urge everyone to go see it on DvD when it’s released in a day.

    Again - Congratulations, Big Hero 6! You deserve it, and so, so much more!

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    I had a lot of potential scenes laid out for this scenario, but I ended up going a little more fluff-y route ^-^ hopefully you like it! <3

    It starts as a favor. Your friend from class, Yoongi, needs someone to be a model for his photography project. You agree because he’s nice, and you both get along well. However, you have to admit that you’d had no idea what you’d gotten yourself into.

    Walking up the steps of the church isn’t nerve-wracking at all, but the minute you step through the doors and see Jeon Jungkook up head, dressed in a well-fitted tux, you kind of feel like melting into a puddle. Or maybe just dying. But either way you can’t handle this.

    It’s not like you have a crush on Jeon Jungkook or anything—in fact, you’re actually well acquainted with him, and may even call him a friend—but you’re used to seeing him in sweatpants and a jacket at the library, quietly studying away. Seeing him here in front of you, black hair styled perfectly and messing with his cufflinks, an innocent look on his face (like he doesn’t know how freakin’ stunning he is)—it’s really messing with your brain and heart.

    “Oh, Y/N,” Yoongi says at spotting you and waves you over. Embarrassed, not knowing how long you’ve been standing in the entrance staring at Jungkook like an idiot, you jog forward and meet the two at the head of the row. When Jungkook smiles at you in greeting, you smile back and hope that the rapid thumping of your heart isn’t visibly showing.

    “Here’s your dress,” Yoongi suddenly speaks up, shoving a bundle of fabric into your arms. Surprised, you blink down at the fountain of white that you’re holding and then look up to Yoongi, utterly confused. Rolling his eyes at your oblivious look, the older male nudges you towards the nearby bathroom.

    “Go get changed. Let’s get this photoshoot over with sooner rather than later, yeah?”

    Unsure what to do, you simply follow his directions and head away, shielding yourself behind closed doors. When you emerge a few minutes later your red cheeks are contrasting your brilliant white dress, and despite your obvious embarrassment at wearing a cocktail length wedding dress both males attention immediately turns to you.

    “Wow,” Jungkook says, eyes shifting from you to himself. “It looks like we’re actually about to get married. What the hell, hyung?”

    “My photography teacher is tired of me turning in profiles filled with still life and neutral emotions. She wants me to give her something…alive. Something happy, I guess. So, when I thought of the idea of being happy, getting married was the first thing that came to mind, so here we are.”

    “Why didn’t you just get married to Jimin then?” you mumble under your breath. “Then you’d actually be happy.”

    “Nice,” Jungkook laughs behind his hand, and the two of you high-five, ignoring the way Yoongi is glaring at you. Luckily, he sighs soon after and waves you both off, starting towards the back of the church hall.

    “Whatever—let’s get started. The two of you just need to act like a happy couple, alright?”

    “Alright,” Jungkook responds quietly, watching Yoongi’s back as he walks away, fiddling with his camera. Gulping, you turn your head and look at Jungkook, a little overwhelmed, because dear god the two of you are supposed to act like a happy couple together??? Your heart is thumping already…

    “Hey, you good?” Jungkook comments, snapping you out of your worrying thoughts. All embarrassed at having been daydreaming right in front of him, you nod your head and try to shove any of your distracting thoughts away.

    “I’m good!” you comment, smiling (albeit a bit nervously). “Let’s not keep Yoongi waiting!”

    Nodding, Jungkook smiles back at you reassuringly, takes your hand in his, and gently tugs you up the aisle.

    Oh, how you’re going to explode.

    “Alright, we’re almost done!” Yoongi announces, dropping his camera and fiddling with the lens. A moment later Jungkook’s hands slide down your waist and brush over your hips before a small sigh tickles your ear and he leans back away from you.

    “Who would’ve thought posing would be so hard,” he says, rubbing his neck, and you laugh quietly in agreement, feeling a little more comfortable around him, but still embarrassed nonetheless. Having Jungkook hug you and hold your waist, placing his head near your shoulder with your cheeks nearly smushed together…you’re hoping your pink face can double as looking like blush in Yoongi’s photos.

    “Let’s get one last shot of Jungkook carrying you outside and then we’ll be done! I have enough here I can work with,” Yoongi announces in a loud mumble, turning to head outside without looking at either of you.

    “Sorry,” you immediately say, placing your hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. He just rolls his eyes, and bends down, hooking his arm under your knees. A second later your find yourself strongly held against him, his face peaceful as he effortlessly carries you towards the doorway.

    However, right as you’re about to pass through you see something out of the corner of your eye, and before you can say anything your head clunks against the doorframe.

    Shit,” you curse quietly at the pain that resonates throughout your skull. You instinctively bury your face into Jungkook’s chest and lift your hands to cradle your head. Not a second you hear Yoongi’s distant swear, and Jungkook intake a shocked breath.

    “Oh, shit–! I’m so sorry, Y/N! Are you ok??”

    Cracking your eyes open, you notice that Jungkook is no longer holding you, but has set you on your feet, your back leaning against the doorframe as he brushes your hair out of you face. His dark eyes are filled with worry and he gently picks up your hands and moves them away, eyebrows furrowed as he tenderly checks over your head.

    He’s so damn precious like this, worrying over you and so apologetic and caring that you can’t take it, and you let loose a laugh because dammit this is just too much. You have such a crush on him, and at this point you’re so done stressing out over it. He’s so freakin’ cute.

    “Dammit, Jungkook,” you laugh, rubbing your head and hitting his chest playfully, a disbelieving smile pulling at your lips. “Remind me to never marry you. Jesus.”

    “Wha…?” he starts, taken aback, and he breaks out laughing as well, grabbing your hand still lingering on his chest and holding it tight. “How are you gonna say you don’t wanna marry me when we haven’t even gone on a first date yet?”

    “First date?” you repeat, eyebrows waggling, and instantly Jungkook’s ears redden at realizing what he’s just said.

    “I, uhhh…wanna go on a date?” he stutters awkwardly, trying to regain his footing in the situation, and you giggle quietly, cheeks blushing yet again.

    “Of course I’ll give you a shot, dummy. When are you free?”

    Jungkook smirks, rubbing his neck. “Are you free after this?”

    “Indeed I am,” you respond, and before you and Jungkook can fully get lost in your own world of flirting, Yoongi’s voice cuts in.

    “Wow…in the future when you two get married I better get credit,” he says, stepping forward, and both you and Jungkook sigh in embarrassment. Yoongi only grins and continues, patting each of you on the shoulder.

    “Now, now—don’t let me keep you two! Go and get changed and go out for your little date~”

    “Hyung…,” Jungkook whines, but nonetheless allows Yoongi to push him back into the church, and you follow closely behind them, a wide smile hiding behind your palm. For someone who was terrified of potentially having a crush on Jeon Jungkook at the beginning of this shoot, you’re sure not minding it too much at the end.

    Begin Again

    Anonymous requested: She is a doctor working at the emergency room and meets Zico there by a casualty. If he’s the patient or the guardian or if they fall in love or if it’s fluffy or whatever and how it ends that’s up to you. I will only ask for it to be a damn long scenario. I’m sorry if I’m annoying and shit but I’m about to cry of tiredness and I really need something to lift my mood, please have mercy of the tired ass of a med student.

    A/N: Let me first start of by apologizing to my med student nonnie who sent this in months ago. I finally had a concept for this pop up. I hope (if you’re still around) this was worth the wait and sort of what you were looking for! All the best wishes for you and your studies! Much love, Jenn

    Genre: Zico x Reader

    Words: 4073

    Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

    It wasn’t that you necessarily hated weddings…oh who were you kidding? You absolutely loathed them. From the time you had to be a bridesmaid in three separate weddings. Defending against drunken uncles or trying to remind someone’s seventy-year-old grandfather while slow dancing that their hands still needed to stay on your hips, not your ass.

    Keep reading

    I’ve posted some Tony/Pepper recs all over the place and one day I will organize them properly, but that’s probably not going to be today. Instead, here, have the fruits of my diving back into this pairing because I still really, really have feelings about them. ♥

    The Pregnancy Scare by igrockspock, tony/pepper, humor, 1k
        Pepper Potts has made it thirty-five years without a pregnancy scare. Unfortunately, she’s not going to make it thirty-six.
    Domestic Bliss and Detours by foolyoulove, tony/pepper + other marvel characters, fluff, 20.7k
        Wherein Tony and Pepper decide that, despite the number of times one or both of them has almost died saving the world (or at least the metro area), maybe lifetime commitments and procreation aren’t terrible ideas… even if things don’t always turn out quite right.
    Pale Queen by icarus_chained, tony/pepper + rhodey, 1.3k
        “Ask me to help you take over the world, Pepper Potts. Ask me to be your knight, and you my queen. Ask me that, ask me anything, and I will.”
    Black and Blue by roboticonography, tony/pepper + other marvel characters, 1.5k
        Tony and Pepper attend a function with the rest of the Avengers. Steve practices his dancing skills. Tony not-so-secretly enjoys wearing a tux. Pepper feels like she’s at superhero prom.
    As It Should Be by MusicalLuna, tony/pepper + the bots, humor, ~1k
        In the wake of Iron Man 3, there are three things Tony still needs to take care of. Three ‘bots, to be specific.
    Silent Like the Grave by Arukou, tony/pepper, 5.8k
        The first night in the hospital, Tony sleeps like a baby. By the third night, he can barely sleep at all. The surgery was supposed to make everything better, but somehow he feels like he’s falling apart.
    Ring of Fire by NyxEtoile, OlivesAwl, tony/pepper + rhodey, 23.6k
        Why don’t we take a vacation?“ "Like the last vacation where you stole a race-car and we almost got sliced into ribbons by your crazy, tentacle-having nemesis?” She put her hand over her eyes, remembering the car she was in getting sliced in half.
    Velveteen Rabbit by PutItBriefly, tony/pepper, im2 au, 16.2k
        Iron Man 2 AU. Soon after the onset of his palladium poisoning, Tony reveals the truth to Pepper – about his condition, and his feelings for her.
    Invasive Maneuvers by PutItBriefly, tony/pepper + rhodey + natasha, 3.8k
        When their romantic getaway is ruined, Tony and Pepper learn their closest colleagues share a strange hobby.
    Sometimes a Fantasy by PutItBriefly, tony/pepper, 1.7k
        “This is my 'she loves me’ fantasy, not a 'drill her like she’s never had before’ fantasy.”
    Plus/Delta by PutItBriefly, tony/pepper + j.a.r.v.i.s., 3k
        A surprising assessment of their relationship.

    full details + recs under the cut!

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    Cockiness (Love It)

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader
    Word Count: 5, 324
    Summary: Bucky asks you to be his date for a Stark event. He promises to make it worth your while. 
    Warnings: dirty talk, face fucking, language, choking, restraints, mild Dom!Bucky, 
    Author’s Note: I got stood up last weekend, and the loml @rogersxbarnesx sent me pictures of Seb and Evans in tuxes to make me feel better. I got drunk, and this came to me. Dedicated to Katie since this is all her fault.

    The only reason you went to Tony Stark’s latest party is because Bucky said he’d make it worth your while. You’re going to hold him to that. You don’t really like Tony. You think he’s arrogant and obnoxious, but, as Bucky’s partner, sometimes you’re forced to attend. Bucky always promises to reward you for being on your best behaviour, and it’s always worth it. So you show up. You wear the uncomfortable fancy dresses (held up by an insane amount of tape) and the heels that make you want to stab someone with them. Bucky always comes through, and tonight won’t be any different. You can’t wait to see what this evening has in store.

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    stefan & elena \ we were soulmates {6x21}

    This is basically a dedication to every Stelena shipper. Stefan and Elena’s exchange last epi was brief and seemingly innocent but their chemistry and the magic of that couple just poured through so I decided to make a vid about how Elena seeing Stefan in his suit “stirred feelings” in her about their history, their love; how it’s like she’s re-remembering their connection and I decided to take everyone through some of their most precious moments in each season. I had a beautiful time making it so I hope SE fans enjoy it and please like and reblog and comment!


    “The last I saw of him, he was his kissing his hand to me, with a red light of triumph in his eyes, and with a smile that Judas in hell might be proud of.”

    Finally joining in letsdrawsherlock’s monthly challenge!

    This month: Favorite AU, in celebration of halloween. And what better fits the tone of the season than some nice, bloody vampire!Moriarty

    anonymous asked:

    Danny and Vlad for number 2 if it hasn't already been done!

    it has not anon uwu

    I hope you enjoy~


    Danny felt his core pulse in an almost forgotten pattern. All his brain managed to process was Vlad before the man phased into the room, an irritated scowl on his face. And the younger hybrid resisted his immediate urge. An urge he should have been able to suppress easier than what he was currently doing.

    But it had been so long.

    The man’s arms were crossed as he walked towards him, stopping only a few mere steps away. “What was the point of it?”

    “The point of what?” Danny managed to mutter out without stumbling, glad his voice remained even. Suddenly his tux feeling too tight and suffocating in the otherwise cool room.

    A hand held up the wedding invitation, Danny’s fiancé and him on the front with the information for their wedding. An invitation made specially for the billionaire but sent only days before the date of the occasion. And may or not make it on time.

    But he had been too nervous to send it.

    And he had done it for another reason. 

    “I thought you would want to come.”

    “Why would you think that?”

    Danny swallowed thickly, attempting to keep his heart and breathing calm and even.

    It didn’t work.

    A silver eyebrow rose, waiting for an answer.

    But he didn’t have one.

    At least one he wasn’t going to say out loud. Never. Because if he did, then that would ruin what he currently had. And Danny wasn’t about to ruin it if nothing waited for him after he ruined it.

    “Daniel?” A shiver ran down his spine at the voice, old emotions quickly bubbling to the surface.

    “I wanted you to come, okay?”


    Light blue eyes snapped up to darker. Biting his lip, he couldn’t speak now even if he wanted to, his words stuck in his throat. A warm hand cupped his cheek, thumb stroking his skin.

    “Did you want me to come, or did you want me to stop it?”

    Danny moved his head down, feeling his whole body tense. The words sat on his tongue, vile and shameful. But somehow he knew, that if he uttered those words, that Vlad would make it right. That Vlad would fix his mistake, the mistake he was currently living and making.

    A mistake that had been done in fear.

    “To stop it,” he muttered out brokenly, tears forming in his eyes as he moved them down in pain and shame and guilt and-

    Lips touched his roughly, urging his face up to have a better position.

    They pulled away much too soon, but when they did, words filled the air that wanted to make Danny crumple to the floor in relief.

    “All you ever had to do was say so.”