‘Gotham’ costume secrets: Revealing details you may have missed

Oswald Cobblepot: “Everybody’s got such an iconic image in their mind of what the Penguin is. We’ve seen a lot of shows where he’s been portrayed in mostly comic book ways. I took from the storyline that he’s young, he’s working for Fish Mooney in a nightclub—so I riffed on more of a burlesque theater/1970s/Las Vegas/vintage look. His piece is from all different eras, yet made with modern fabrics. There’s a black-and-white tux shirt—which is his standard—and a mixture of blood-plum red and acid green. His shoes are pointed and pop up at the end—like a bird’s would. His lapels are sort of like wings. His hair is spiked up and punk—A Flock of Seagulls-feel. With the slight extension to his nose, together it evokes a bird-like quality.” [x]

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Or Cin2    ;)

- who stays up late at night to read and who sleeps with their head on their lap
Jacin stays up late, Cinder sleeps with her head on his lap

- who has the more complicated Starbucks order
Jacin, he would want a lot of custom additions and Cinder would just be like, gimme some coffee

- who wants kids and how many
Neither wants kids

- who looks best in a tux/ gown
Cinder does not look good in gowns because she’s so out of place in them, so she wears tux’s instead and looks better than Jacin when she does.

- who despises the other’s favorite food
Jacin is really squeamish about some of Cinder’s food tastes. Especially the fried chicken feet.

- who is the dog person and who is the cat person
Jacin likes cats and Cinder likes really big dogs

- who feeds the ducks at the park
They both think ducks are really overrated

- who cries over the aspca commercials 
Both of them while desperately trying to hide it from the other

- who has the motherly instincts

- who laughs too much

- who is the worst cook

- who watches too much TV
Not sure, probably Cinder though

“Shit sorry…sorry..”. Could you even say words like that in a church? Skimming past members of the wedding party Gage just gave up saying sorry and made sure he didn’t knock anyone over. The wedding had started about ten minutes ago, all he could see from his spot at the back was a black tux and a long white wedding dress, close family members in the front aisles. Grimacing slightly he decided to not risk a fight with anyone and waited where he was, chewing on the inside of his cheek.