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Dude where's a good place to get a prom tux for this gay???

  • If you don’t wanna break the bank H&M has suits for cheap.
  • Macy’s & Nordstrom is pretty good.
  • Wildfang has really dope suits not too bad in pricing!
  • Brook’s Brothers has incredible suits, but is pricey. So if you want a suit to get a lot of use out of that’s that place to buy.
  • Also I know Asos & Express also have good suits!

Let me know how suit shopping goes! -Gabby

another anon added Zara is great as well!

I’ve done next to zero gifs of Pearl, so here’s an appreciation gifset of her in various attire. All of the gifs above will be posted separately, and linked in the post afterward.


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Thank you all.