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The Golden Demon arrived in Tuula Prison in shackles and manacles on the eve of the Lunar Revel.

Brother Asya busied himself that day with calligraphy, meditation, sparring, and gaping with his eyes as they walked him through.

The whole enclave held their loudest silence that day.

He remembered what it was like to watch the procession. Guardsmen– not monks– were escorting him, tall and ferocious, clad in jade-colored breastplates and iron helmets. Their spears clunk each time they set them down on the cobblestone to stop and adjust, giving the Demon a moment to breathe. Monks of all prestige stood before and past them. If the Demon managed to spurn himself free, he would have been overwhelmed before he took four paces. 

They worried that he wouldn’t need four paces.

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Ordinarily, sworn enemies. They wouldn’t be able to sit in the same room together without a Whisper pointed at a throat and twin blades down someone’s chest. Chants of demon to one and understudy to another. All is well in the natural order, except–

–except, well, GD has no Whisper and he certainly is not canon.

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