When Finland Män wos tshild, distans to skuul wos 70 kilometers. Roads not eksist. Häv tu drive thru snou änd forest. Tuuk hälf hour with thö moped. Samtaims tuuk longer, if häv tu ämputate frosen fingör. x


30 day NHL Challenge

Day 4: Picture of your all time favorite goalie and why

Tuukka Rask

From his name being weird, to his face being weirder, I love everything about Tuukka Rask. I love his old fits of rage and the now odd calm he has. I love that he cares so much about his team and also the game. I love that while everyone was worrying about if he could even fill Tim Thomas’ shoes, he just took the Bruins right to the SCF without even blinking. He put 2010 behind him, became a starter, and silenced the critics by just being himself, and i have so much respect for him because of that.