• julien: okay so malcolm is starting tonight but i don't want you guys playing any different. pretend rask is out there. just play your game.
  • tuukka: *behind julien, making a slashing movement across his neck*
  • carlo: uh...why is tuukka threatening to cut our throats
  • julien: *not even looking up from clipboard* oh yeah if you guys hang malcolm out to dry Tuuks will kill you in your sleep tonight. but no pressure.
  • carlo: oh...but just....play normally?
  • julien: *smiling up at him* exactly
wcoh media day with tuuks & marchy

Q: You’re a fan, you’re coming in to watch this. Who’s the one player in the entire tournament you’d be interested in seeing?

Some guy: You can say yourself.

Rask: No, you know, I’m gonna say Brad Marchand. 

Q: How do you think he’s gonna do in a tournament like this, given his ability to agitate the guys?

Rask: I don’t think he’s gonna agitate all that much. I saw he plays on the first line with Bergy and Sidney Crosby, so just keep your stick on the ice and score some points, buddy. That’s what I’d say.

Q: He comes down on you - there’s no way you gonna let him score?

Rask: I sure hope not.


Q: Which is the one player you wanna see in this tournament? I asked Tuukka, and he said you, and he had some interesting advice for you playing alongside Bergeron and Crosby.

Marchand: Was it to give them the puck?



30 day NHL Challenge

Day 4: Picture of your all time favorite goalie and why

Tuukka Rask

From his name being weird, to his face being weirder, I love everything about Tuukka Rask. I love his old fits of rage and the now odd calm he has. I love that he cares so much about his team and also the game. I love that while everyone was worrying about if he could even fill Tim Thomas’ shoes, he just took the Bruins right to the SCF without even blinking. He put 2010 behind him, became a starter, and silenced the critics by just being himself, and i have so much respect for him because of that.