I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have this. My soul has PINED for this. This is likely the world’s only Lok Durd figure!

My friend is a superb customiser, and about four years ago, worked on a series of TCW characters. He was recently cleaning out his collection, and selling off a bunch of figures, and offered this one to me at mates rates.


My Mar Tuuk now has a friend :D

fun nicknames to call Bruins players

matt beleskey: matty b raps

brad marchand: bradley, pest, short stuff, nosey (both personality wise and in his actual nose), torey’s height twin

patrice bergeron: bergy, patty rice, God, Jesus Christ on skates (that’s sacrilegious but oh well)

jimmy hayes: jimmifer, a disappointment (HAHAHA im kidding please don’t sue)

ryan spooner: spoony, spoons, (if angry) piece of silverware

frank vatrano: frankie v, cinnamon bun (inside joke with @bostonbruinsfan)

adam mcquaid: quaider, darth quaider

zdeno chara: big z, 6’ 9" rabbit, (and my personal favorite) giraffe on skates

torey krug: kruggie, krugster, brad’s height twin, short stuff

tuukka rask: tuukka, tuuks, sassy Finnish goaltender, milk crate thrower

  • julien: okay so malcolm is starting tonight but i don't want you guys playing any different. pretend rask is out there. just play your game.
  • tuukka: *behind julien, making a slashing movement across his neck*
  • carlo: uh...why is tuukka threatening to cut our throats
  • julien: *not even looking up from clipboard* oh yeah if you guys hang malcolm out to dry Tuuks will kill you in your sleep tonight. but no pressure.
  • carlo: oh...but just....play normally?
  • julien: *smiling up at him* exactly
wcoh media day with tuuks & marchy

Q: You’re a fan, you’re coming in to watch this. Who’s the one player in the entire tournament you’d be interested in seeing?

Some guy: You can say yourself.

Rask: No, you know, I’m gonna say Brad Marchand. 

Q: How do you think he’s gonna do in a tournament like this, given his ability to agitate the guys?

Rask: I don’t think he’s gonna agitate all that much. I saw he plays on the first line with Bergy and Sidney Crosby, so just keep your stick on the ice and score some points, buddy. That’s what I’d say.

Q: He comes down on you - there’s no way you gonna let him score?

Rask: I sure hope not.


Q: Which is the one player you wanna see in this tournament? I asked Tuukka, and he said you, and he had some interesting advice for you playing alongside Bergeron and Crosby.

Marchand: Was it to give them the puck?