Tutustuck, now with Even More Drosselmeyer interference!

So, one of the things that strikes me the most about Princess Tutu is the dual natures all the main cast has. This influenced the weird Dual Classpect nature of this session that I’m gonna blame Drosselmeyer for cause lets be honest he’s a great excuse for fucking with shit.

How this works is that each of the main four have their false classpect caused by Drosselmeyer’s interference, along with their true session classpect which is kinda repressed due to Drosselbutt. The division between true and false amounts to most of the story vs the finale where they all grow into themselves

Also if you care spoilers I guess???

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While we’re at it: tutustuck
Duck is maid of hope
Fakir is knight of light
Rue is witch of heart
Mytho is prince of doom

Fakir and rue dream on derse, mytho and duck are prosprit

rue has featherkind
Fakir and mytho have bladekind
duck has fankind

Duck had the land of ponds and feathers

Fakir has the land of ink and candlelight

Mytho has the land of clouds and castles

Idk about rue’s land yet

I should probably just stop thinking altogether

So me and Skill were talking a while back on the way back from choir practice, and I was still on my Princess Tutu high. We were talking about Homestuck and an image came to me…

“Did I just Tutustuck?”

So yeah, I’m pretty sure the of the sburb titles of SOME of the cast…

Duck/Ahiru: Seer of Hope
Mytho: Prince of Void
Rue: Witch of Light
Fakir: Knight of Blood (same as Karkat, but don’t tell me it doesn’t FIT!)
Drosselmeyer: Thief of Time (though he’s kinda the Doc Scratch of PT)
Autor: Page of Mind
Femio: Bard of Heart (I’m sorry, I had to give him the codpiece)

Oh, if only I could make sprites of these! This could be so much fun if I could!