tutu tugging

dameferre  asked:

i'm wondering about your opinions on enjolras and cosette as siblings


  • cosette was adopted first, but she’s younger, and so when enjolras joined the valjean/fauchelevent family, he was met by a hulking giant of a man who was covered in tattoos and wearing a leather jacket and this little nine year old girl with pigtails and a hot pink tutu who tugged him down so that she could whisper “papa may look tough, but he’s really just a teeny little bunny rabbit inside and you shouldn’t be afraid” into his ear
  • enjolras would Heck You Up if you ever dared to harass cosette in high school— not physically, but he’d give you such a tongue-lashing that you’d wish he had just punched you in the face and gotten it over with
  • they were dubbed “The Scary Hot Blonde Siblings Of Doom” by the entire school
  • cosette is just as fiercely protective of her older brother as he is of her
  • sometimes cosette will just go and stay in enjolras’s dorm for the night and at first everyone thinks that she’s his girlfriend and they’re like “good going, dude!” and enjolras just starts carrying a sign around that says “she’s my sister” like in this gif and then lectures them on how even if he wasn’t gay and he was dating a girl, it wasn’t like he had scored some kind of goal or something, she was a person and not an object
  • they have matching “feminism is the radical notion that women are people” shirts (cosette’s is a tank top, enjolras’s is a t-shirt)
  • cosette is scarily good about getting him to admit his feelings to her about the guys that he likes
  • enjolras has a bunch of photos of the two of them just being dorky siblings hanging above his bed at uni because she is the most important person in his life and like there are photobooth strips and awkward family vacation photos and a picture of them on a rollercoaster at disneyland paris and a shot of cosette sitting on his stomach on the couch and calmly watching tv while he glared up at her (that one’s his favorite because it’s just so cosette)