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Tutu Tuesday: Principal Dancer Sonia Rodriguez in the Act III wedding tutu in The Sleeping Beauty.

Did you know that there are two types of classical tutus? The pancake tutu has a very short, stiff skirt that extends straight outwards from the hips in a flat pancake shape whereas the bell tutu has a longer, stiff skirt with a slight bell shape. Tutus with a bell-shaped skirt were popularized in paintings by Degas and are often referred to as Degas tutus.


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Flashback to last autumn with ballerina - Isabel

And today happens to be her wonderful mom Abby‘s birthday.

So Happy Birthday to you Abby!!
You have a great beautiful ballerina daughter! ;)

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Ballerina jumping fun with young dancer : Isabel, Daniel, Madison and Mackenzie.

Have a happy holiday to everyone!

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Tutu Tuesday
: The Queen of Hearts’ tutu in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is as big and bold as the character itself. The size and shape of the tutu are exaggerated with a bodice designed to suggest a heart shape at the neckline.

The National Ballet of Canada’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland opens tonight in New York City at Lincoln Center. Onstage until September 14. More information here.


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Fun shoot with ballerinas - Isabel, Madison and Mackenzie.

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