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BTS Single Dads

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Single Dad!AU - Part One - Part Two - Part Three -


  • has a little girl who is most definitely Daddy’s Little Princess™
  • wears tiaras and tutus at her tea parties and OWNS IT
  • lets her help him w/ the simple things when he cooks
  • like washing the vegetables or taste testing
  • there won’t b a day where jin hasn’t made her the best lunch
  • is the dad all the moms look like w/ heart eyes
  • he cries the first day of day care
  • bc wow…….his baby has grown so much
  • she is 3 seokjin chill
  • doesnt know what to do w/o his bundle of joy
  • b u z z e d  when it’s time to pick up his princess
  • spots his daughter skipping out but damn near has a heart attack
  • his baby……his LITTLE GIRL was HOLDING HANDS with a BOY THAT WASN’T HIM
  • calm yourself seokjin he is a child
  • “Who’s that pretty girl you’re holding hands with, sweetie?”
  • your voice chimes from behind him, going over to the two toddlers and affectionately rubbing your son’s head
  • jin freezes and watches you like…..hey………you’re kinda cute………
  • snaps out of it when his daughter sees him and squeals
  • your eyes settle on jin and youre like wow he’s so handsome no wonder his kid’s beautiful??????
  • you shyly introduce yourself to him and he does the same
  • then his daughter’s askin him if she can go play with her new friend at the park
  • now jin’s lookin at two sets of puppy eyes and your pretty smile
  • next thing he knows these little play dates become regular whenever his schedule is free
  • n you and him begin to spend time together after dropping your kids off
  • have lil dates of your own when he doesn’t have shoots n you don’t have work
  • don’t realize how close you’ve become/how you feel about each other until one day your son calls him ‘dad’ n later on in the day his daughter calls you ‘mommy’
  • neither of you bother correcting them????
  • so you just melt into this family unit wordlessly and it all just slips into place, you take care of his daughter whenever his idol life takes up his time
  • all you know is that if anything were to happen to that man or his daughter, you’d b right there by his side
  • you know that he feels the same

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Red Velvet Reaction to: Coming Home to You & Your Child(ren) Playing Together

May I request: RV’s reaction to coming home to you and your child(ren) playing together? Thank you!! xx

Irene: After her schedule, she had felt tired and drained. But immediately forgot all that once the sound of children giggling reached her ears. “Can I play too?” she asks.

She joins in on the game of tag, furiously running away from the twin girls that chased her.

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Wendy: Can hear your sons dolphin-like screams from outside the house. So she enters silently, peering around the corner to see Inseong in a tutu, serving tea to his teddy bears and you. She smiled to herself. There was nothing better to come home to, than this.

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Seulgi: Records the cute moment. She wants to cherish the sweet sight before her as long as she lives. Your daughter eventually notices her, proudly posing for the camera. “Aren’t I pretty, Mommy?” she asks.

“The prettiest in the world!”

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Joy: “How could you play Snakes and Ladders without me?” she whines. Sooyoung wastes no time in joining in, on your sons side. Every time you looked away, she moves your counter and keeps cheating.

Her and your son together are a devilish team ~

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Yeri: Proudly watches you play together, thinking back on your daughters birth, on how you and Yeri ended up dating. The moment reminds her to be grateful for everything she has, for her family with you and her career. She can’t believe she got so lucky!

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omg could you do a birthday imagine of jumin celebrating his birthday with mc and V but while they are in high school please c:

Late Jumin birthday fic lol

Those three were an odd trio alright. 

There was Jumin Han, the ever so serious and uptight heir to his father’s company. Always working hard to keep his grades up in the prestigious private school, he certainly was a focused student.

Along with him was Jihyun Kim, aspiring photographer. He was a very good person, hardworking as well. Unlike Jumin, he had an air of ease surrounding him. Despite that, he was very secretive.

Lastly, there was MC, the ever so bubbly spirit. Her grades weren’t Jumin or Jihyun standard high, but they were fairly good. She could be awkward at times, but she had a very big heart.

If you asked anybody how these three were best friends, they wouldn’t have an answer. How could these three completely different personalities get along? The answer was simple; they’re childhood friends. A tight-knit group of friends who have been together for so long, through thick and thin. There was no doubt they all cared very much for one another.

So when the date for Jumin’s birthday rolled around, the latter two were set on giving him a birthday different from what his father would give him. His father’s celebrations were all very elegant, over the top in the posh department, filled with people he didn’t even know, and very expensive gifts.

Jihyun was happy to suggest using the photography clubroom to hold the small party, since they seemed to spend a lot of time in there anyways. They would eat lunch in there together, study, or meet after school just because. Over time it eventually became a place to hangout for the friends. Nothing grand was needed to celebrate in there, it would just be them.

“Do you think he’ll like it, V?” she asked, calling him by the nickname she had given him in their childhood days.

“Of course he will,” Jihyun huffed as he carried a rather large box of cameras from one table to another before glancing at the wall clock, “Speaking of Jumin, he should be here soon.”

No more than forty minutes later came in a very tired looking Jumin. An aching hand ran through his now-messy hair and a deep sigh emitted from his mouth. “I’m sorry I’m late, the student council meeting took longer than–”


His eyes widened in pleasant shock as he shut the door behind him and walked deeper into the room, “What’s this?”

“What else would it be? It’s your birthday today, is it not?” Jihyun sarcastically answered, earning laughs from his two friends.

“We didn’t want anything over the top for you, so we settled on this!” MC chimed, “Oh! We have a gift for you too.”

She grabbed a thick, rectangular, wrapped item from a nearby table and handed it to him. It was carefully wrapped in navy blue wrapping and donned a bright white ribbon on top. “From us, to you,” Jihyun spoke.

Upon opening it, it became clear that it was a photo book. The book itself was white, with beautiful gold thread stitching. The cover of the book held a photo of them from a week ago, standing together closely and smiling at the camera.

Jumin opened the book and began to reminiscence the memories that came along with each photo. 

There was a picture of the first time their parents had made them all meet for the first time when they were 6. The young children in the photo looked uncomfortable and stood far away from eachother, a drastic difference compared to the cover photo. Another photo showed the time MC convinced him to wear a tutu for her tea party.  And there was the photo of Jihyun persuading him to climb a tree for the first time in his life–followed with a photo of him in the hospital with a broken arm.

A small smile graced Jumin’s lips as he continued to flip through the book, “Thank you. This gift means a lot.”

“We’re glad you like it,” MC beamed proudly, “I made the actual book and V had all the pictures and printed them. There’s even extra pages in case you ever want to add more in!”

“Yes, but enough about that, I’m starving,” Jihyun chuckled, opening a container and cutting slices into a cake, “Let’s eat. It’s red velvet, Jumin, your favorite.”

“How could I refuse?”

Even after several years, the book was never bare of new memories to behold within it.

Take Care of Her (Part 2)

A/n: Okay guys Part two is here!! I hope you all enjoy! 

You can find Part One here: http://owen-gradys-little-lady.tumblr.com/post/122440810728/take-care-of-her

Special thanks to oliviaxgrady​ and the-queen-of-the-dragons for being my Beta Readers for this Chapter! You’re both dolls!

You lay in bed, reading through your itinerary for tomorrow when you feel the covers beside you shift, and hear a quiet; “Shhh.”

“Honey,” Owen says, walking in the room, “Have you seen Charlie? I can’t find her anywhere.” You laugh at the joking tone in his voice and hear a small giggle beside you. “Oh, well, I guess I’ll just crawl into bed then,” he says going to the opposite side of the bed, and sits on top of the covers, “ And I guess I’ll just roll over.”

He playfully rolls over onto the small bump in the sheets when she shouts; “Daddy, You’re squishing me!” dramatically. He pulls back the covers and lets out a gasp in mock surprise and begins to tickle her mercilessly.  You smile at the two of them and Owen looks up at you, stopping his assault on Charlie and whispers in her ear.

In Charlie’s eyes, her daddy is the greatest thing to ever walk the planet. With his animated bedtime stories, trips to the ice cream shop, and constant willingness to give her anything she wants (even when what she wants if for him to wear a tutu to her tea party), he has won her heart completely. You love seeing how much he loves her, but in moments like these, you wish she wouldn’t do anything he says.

“NOW!” He shouts and they both jump on top of you, tickling and kissing you all over. You laugh and pretend to scream for help until they stop, saying that you are gonna pay them back for that. You give Owen a look and he turns to Charlie.

“Okay kiddo, time for bed,” Owen says, sitting up, but she protests.

“But I’m not tired,” she pouts out her bottom lip and you shake your head smiling, “Two more minutes mommy?” she asks pleadingly.

You look at Owen and he turns to you, mimicking her expression, “Yeah, mommy, two more minutes?”

You can’t help chuckling at the two children in front of you, “Fine, but only two! Then you need your sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.” You immediately regret having said this as she stands up and begins jumping on the bed.

“We’re. Going.To.See.The.Dinosaurs!” she emphasizes each word as she bounces and Owen reaches out for her, sitting her down in his lap.

“We might see some dinosaurs,” He corrects her, stealing a glance at you. You can read the concern in his eyes, but there’s something else there. Something….hopeful.

“However,” he continues, “If you want to see them, you need to be awake. So that means you need to go get some sleep.” He raises his eyebrows at her and looks at her sternly and she smiles widely.

“Fineeeeeeee~” She says, crawling to the edge of the bed, sticking her arms out for him to come pick her up.

He swoops her up into his arms and you hear her begin to ask him one of the million questions she’s already asked about dinosaurs. His voice fades as he walks down the hallway and you’re left alone with your thoughts.

When Claire called you two weeks ago, you were shocked to say the least. After leaving the island, she fought long and hard with InGen and ended up getting back the DNA, Hoskins not being around anymore to give orders. Eventually, she ended up getting a position with them and slowly but surely, she began to turn the company around. But when she said she wanted you to come back to the island, you were floored.

“Claire, I’m sorry, but we have a child, we can’t go through that again.” You said sadly, knowing that if Owen had answered the phone, he would be all for it.  

“Y/n, there’s no danger anymore. We sedated the T-rex and transported her to Isla Sorna. There are no carnivores here now. Don’t tell me you don’t miss it here. Don’t you want to be back here, raising baby dinosaurs?” She sounded like she was begging, and your heart really went out to her. But her argument had one flaw.

“What about Blue?” You ask, point blank.

“Well, okay.” She starts, but you can already imagine what she’s going to say. “We haven’t found her, yet. But she’s not exactly as big as a Tyrannosaurus, and she’s much smarter. We assume she’s hiding out somewhere, but we have plenty of guards on duty, and if she shows up, we will take care of her.”

Take care of her.

Claire seems to realize her mistake and quickly tries to fix it, “Oh, God Y/n, I didn’t mean it like that.” She sighs deeply, “I just mean she’s not going to hurt anyone. It’s safe here. Please, I need your help. We already have two triceratops eggs incubating. Don’t you want to be here when they hatch?”

Later that day, you relayed her message to Owen, and you weighed it out together, finally deciding to give it a go. Now you lay here, thinking of everything that could go wrong, knowing that you’re the one who’s not going to get any sleep.

Owen walks back into the room and his brow furrows as soon as he sees your face. “What’s wrong?” he asks, climbing into bed, “You’re not still worried are you?”

“Of course I’m worried, Owen. ‘It’s safe here’” You say, mimicking Claire’s voice, “That’s what she said the last time.” You cross your arms in aggravation but he simply puts his arm around your shoulder and pulls you into him, your head resting on his shoulder.

“It’s going to be okay. I promise.” He whispers as he places a kiss on your head. You nod, still upset, when you feel his hand sliding up under your shirt.

“Owen!” you exclaim in a whisper. But he’s already peppering your neck with kisses. You decide not to fight it, knowing that you can never resist him. After three and a half years, you still get butterflies every time he touches you and as he pushes you down into the bed, hand sliding further up your shirt, you sigh, loving that he can still make you feel like this.

Thanks for reading!! Part Three coming soon!!

You know what we don’t talk about nearly enough? Harry Potter and Teddy Lupin.

- Harry taking Teddy out on double dates with Ron and Hermione. And Ginny coming over to help babysit.

- Harry giving Teddy his first toy broom for Christmas, just like Sirius did for him.

- Teddy being the ring bearer at Harry and Ginny’s wedding and being so proud of himself and so excited about his dress robes.

- Harry playing dragons with him and letting him ride on his back as he crawls around on the carpet pretending to breathe fire.

- Teddy meeting little James for the first time and wondering how something this loud and smelly could possibly be so cute.

- 9 year old Teddy being instantly infatuated with Lily and singing to her and rocking her to sleep and only minding a little when she spat up on him.

- Harry telling Teddy every little detail he can remember about Lupin and Tonks because he knows what it feels like to not know your parents.

- The big get-togethers at one of the Weasley’s or Harry’s house at which all the adults get a little bit tipsy and the laughter fills the room. And Teddy is stuffed full of delicious food and he wants to sleep but he also doesn’t want to miss anything.

- Teddy and Victoire sneaking off and building a fort.

- Victoire always wants to play princesses and so Teddy always has to be the prince and he grumbles about it all the time but he secretly loves it.

- Teddy jokingly calling Harry Mom when he’s bossing him around, and Harry laughs but his heart breaks a little.

- Harry seeing him of to Hogwarts when he turned 11 and Teddy giving Harry a huge hug before rushing on to the train, alight with excitement.

- No Harry definitely did not cry. Nope, not a tear.

- Harry seeing him off every year, and feeling exited for all the adventures his little Teddy is going to have and all the friends he will make.

- Harry and Andromeda becoming really close throughout the years. And he vents his problems to her while she gives him life advice and tries to teach him how to cook.

- They may have gotten a teensy bit drunk together after taking Teddy to the Hogwarts express for the first time.

- Teddy having sleepovers on Harry’s couch during the summers and Harry trying to make pancakes in the morning but ending up burning them so they go get donuts.

- George and Ron slipping Teddy some free samples of the newest Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

- Teddy playing imaginary games with Lily and she wants to play princesses, and so Teddy dresses up in a tiara and a tutu and they have tea.

- Teddy going to Harry’s house when he’s mad at his Gran and Harry letting him vent.

- Teddy crying when he feels like his life is unfair and Harry desperately wanting to take away everything bad in this boy’s life but just hugging him and letting him feel his pain.

- Harry being the overprotective soccer mom from hell and he will fuck the other kids up if they mess with his Teddy.

- Harry freezing when he hears one of Teddy’s classmates call him Lupin.

- Harry and Ginny sending Teddy all kinds of presents for his seventeenth birthday including a watch and a big long letter telling him that they are so proud of him and no Harry did not cry when writing that.

- Teddy never doubts that he is loved completely by every single one of his substitute parents.

- Harry giving this little boy everything he has because he wants Teddy to have everything he could have had as a child and more. And Harry being so pleased every time Teddy smiles because no, this boy is not broken. He is perfect and strong and funny and brave and most of all he’s happy.

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Headcannon for Riddick as a father? (Like more baby through childhood rather than around Jack's age in pitch black) please?

  • Overly protective papa bear who’ll eff you up if you mess with his baby, that’s right he’s talking to you
  • Carrying around his kid in one of those baby carriers that you strap to your front.
  • Master swaddler.
  • Will willingly play hide and seek with his kid and secretly enjoys it. 
  • Being a climbing frame for his kid them moment they can climb and walk. 
  • Spending weeks teaching his kid to walk.
  • Waking up the moment he hears his baby make a sound i.e. super attuned to his kid, their breathing, and the noises they make. 
  • Being super gentle, and really careful because he doesn’t want to hurt his kid.
  • Not being a total pushover and telling his baby off when they do something really bad like something stupid that could get them hurt. 
  • Will wear a tiara and a tutu and play tea party and not bat a single eyelash at anyone who finds out. 
  • Bed time stories, that probably aren’t as U rated as they could be.
Finding out the gender

Harry Styles Pregnancy Series


Word Count: 605

Rated: PG

“Boy.” You say in the car on the way to the doctors. You legs are resting on the dashboard and Harry is focused on the road.

“What did you say sweetheart?” Harry asks his eyes momentarily peering towards you, then moving back to the road in front of him.

“Boy.” You state, “I think the baby will be a boy.” Oh yeah, you decided to find out he gender at this appointment.

“I think we are having a little girl.” Harry says. He laughs at the irony of the situation. 

“Boy” You say.

“Girl.” Harry says.

“Boy.” You say.

“Girl.” Harry says.

“Boy.” You say.

“Girl.” Harry says.

“Boy.” You say. 

“Girl.” Harry says.

“Boy!” You say.

“Girl!” Harry says.

“Fine.” You say, “Do you want to make this interesting?”

“Absolutely!” Harry cheers.

“What should we wager?” You ask.

“Not chores. Your too lazy to do any of yours so I just do them for you!” Harry laughs.

“Oh shut up! I’m carrying your child Mr. Styles!” You say. Harry then places his hand on your knee.

“Our child.” He corrects.

“Yeah whatever.” You joke. You stare at him lovingly. He notices, but doesn’t say anything. 

“Okay so how about we bet the color of the nursery. If I win I get to pick the color, if you win you get to pick the color.”

“Deal Mr. Styles.” You say.

You pull into the doctors office once again. It feels like you live here. Like you can’t get away from it. It is a nervous feeling, but yet comforting. 

You continue with these mixed emotions as you sit in the waiting room. When they call your name they begin the appointment with the ultrasound. You can hear your heartbeat in your ears. For some reason you can’t even look at Harry before you hear the subtle beat of you baby. 

You let out a breath of relief before the doctor says, “Would you like to know the gender of your baby?”

You look at Harry for a brief second before you reply a quick “Yes.”

You hold your breath while the doctor wiggles around the wand until she says, “You are having a little baby girl.”

“A girl?” Harry whispers, “Baby were having a girl!” He kisses your forehead as tears fall down your face.

“I will give you two a minute.” The doctor says, but you barely hear her. You don’t even hear the door close behind her. You are too wrapped up in each other to even notice.

“A girl.” You whisper. You can’t even comprehend it. It doesn’t register in your brain. “Tutus and tea parties and dresses.” You laugh.

“We are gonna have a beautiful little girl.” Harry says. “And I won!”

“I knew you were going to go there!” You laugh.

“Well I get to pick the color and now that I know we are having  a girl, I’m going to pick a light yellow.” Harry says.

“Good.” You whisper, “Thats what I wanted any way. Pink is so cliché.”

“It is isn’t it!” Harry laughs, “We aren’t going to be cliché. Our daughter is going to be so popular.”

“You said our daughter!” You say.

“Yeah I did.” Harry says.

“It sounds so weird!” You laugh.

“Yeah it does.” Harry begins “It fits though. It feels comfortable.”

“Mmm.” You hum, “It does.”

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Could you do some sousuke and rei dad headcanons?

of course!


  • Sousuke is that really cool but overprotective dad, who will do just about anything for his kids
  • If he finds out that one of his children are being bullied at school, he will immediately threaten to go there and teach the kid(s) a lesson. He never does, though, and he just ends up talking to the kids’ parents and the principal.
  • Sousuke is the kind of dad that fires dad jokes at you 24/7. There is no escape
  • He will do almost whatever his kids ask him to do around the house, they’ve got him wrapped around their fingers. Ice-cream? He’s already on his way to the store. Movie night? Of course. Tea party? He’s already wearing a tutu, where’s the tea?
  • Hot dad Sousuke


  • Rei is more strict than Sousuke, but he still has a hard time saying no to his children.
  • He’s that really encouraging and inspiring dad who gives amazing advice and reads stories to his kids before bed.
  • Rei is very strict with homework, though, and will make sure that his kids did it. If they need any help, he’ll be right there.
  • Rei always makes sure that his children are eating well and taking care of themselves.
  • He probably cried when his kids moved away from home. mama rei

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So I'd like to know any anime you'd recommend? My anime knowledge is very limited, only ever having watched/read stuff like Ouran and Meitantei Conan/Magic Kaito and very little of a few other series in the past. I want to get back into anime but I don't know where to start--anyways can you give a few or a list of your favorites?? Thanks you!!

Oh man oh man what to recommend. Honestly kind of all depends on your type of anime? Or rather shows in general bc they tend to fall into certain categories (like magical girl or sports or slice of life),

I’ll just make a list of a lot of the anime I watch/have watched.

(this got really long fast so I’m putting it under the cut)

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Nash Imagine

During the summer you normally didn’t have a lot to do, you’d go swimming or to th beach with friends, but you’d mainly hang out with your boyfriend nash..You guys had been dating for 3 years.. And you loved every minute of it… You could see getting married, having kids, and being a grandma…It was 8 am and you got a text from Nash 

Nash: Hey, i gotta babysit sky wanna come over and help?

You:Yeah sure! be there soon

You jumped out of bed, took a shower, did your makeup and dressed, got some break fest and went out the door… As you got over to nashs house it was around 10am… You pulled up into his driveway and knocked on the door, Hayes answered.. Hey (y/n) nash is upstairs in skys room

mmk, thanks :) you said as you headed up the stairs and opended the door,to see nash and sky both wearing rainbow tutus and playing tea party.. you took a short video and watched before sky made Nash wear pink eyeshadow and a unicorn horn.. You started laughing and couldn’t stop 

Nash turned around and started blushing 

hey (y/n), how long have you been watching? 

couple mins, it though it was to cute to interrupt.. You said you walked in and sat down next to nash and watched skylynn get teddy bears and give them some tea.. It was around 12 so you decided to go make lunch… You made mac and cheese and you made you and nash some sandwiches… after you ate she wanted to watch frozen.. so you put it in and sat down… she passed out half way into the movie, so nash took her up to her room and tucked her in before coming back down..

When he was up there you thought about how good he was sky, and how good he’d be if you guys had kids… he came back down and saw you spacing off 

What ya thinking about? 

Just the future.. And how good you are with kids…You said… 


Do you want kids nash? you asked 


cause you are really good with kids… 

Before he could answer your mom called and said you neede to come home, for dinner 

I gotta go nash, i’ll text you later

mmk, bye babe

and 10 years later, you guys were married with kids, and ya’ll lived a amazing and happy life


Okay, so what do you guy think about this? Sorry if it isn’ what you wanted…

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Just imagine, super soldier, ex-assassin, Bucky wearing a tiara and a tutu skirt, having a tea party with their daughter, while casually fake-sipping tea and when Steve comes home, he tries hard not to laugh at the sight.

“Bucky, Brooklyn, I’m home- Wha?”

“Oh! Don’t worry Princess Bucky! Prince Steve is back to save you!”

“Don’t you dare laugh at me, Steven Grant Rogers.”

(yes my headcannon name for thier daughter is Brooklyn hush)