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1. WHAT’S YOUR NAME?: opi / goose / ducky
2. HOW OLD ARE YOU?: old enough to fly 
3. WHAT ARE YOU TALENTED AT?: graphic coding & design, writing, fashion, photography, dance
4. WHAT IS A BIG GOAL YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS/HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED?: trying to get my chronic pain dealt with.
5. WHAT’S YOUR AESTHETIC?: ballet, swans, gold, crystal, mirrors, pearls, feathers, birds, white, chandeliers, ducks, mint, princess tutu, roses, tea cups (which is funny bc i don’t drink tea out of a teacup, i just like using them for decorations)
6. DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING?: asian ball-jointed dolls, lolita fashion, maleficent statues, optimus prime statues & figures, makeup, and duck/geese chotchkies.
7. WHAT IS A TOPIC YOU ALWAYS BRING UP IN CONVERSATION?: LEMME tell you about GEESE ;; the gayness of optimus prime ;; i’m sorry did someone say ducks?
8. WHAT’S A PET PEEVE OF YOURS?: smacking noises, self-entitlement, hogged conversations, toxic projection
9. GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE?: the right to an opinion does not mean the opinion is right

  1. the MUSE: flawed messiah ( rise :: katy perry )
  2. the muse: from ost ( arrival to earth (unreleased ver. :: steve jablonsky
  3. the muse: armor ( world on fire :: les friction )
  4. the muse: inner soul ( dante’s prayer :: loreena mckennit )
  5. for shipping: megatron/optimus ( battlefield :: svrcina )
  6. for shipping: ripley/optimus ( empire of our own :: raign )

anonymous asked:

Could you do some sousuke and rei dad headcanons?

of course!


  • Sousuke is that really cool but overprotective dad, who will do just about anything for his kids
  • If he finds out that one of his children are being bullied at school, he will immediately threaten to go there and teach the kid(s) a lesson. He never does, though, and he just ends up talking to the kids’ parents and the principal.
  • Sousuke is the kind of dad that fires dad jokes at you 24/7. There is no escape
  • He will do almost whatever his kids ask him to do around the house, they’ve got him wrapped around their fingers. Ice-cream? He’s already on his way to the store. Movie night? Of course. Tea party? He’s already wearing a tutu, where’s the tea?
  • Hot dad Sousuke


  • Rei is more strict than Sousuke, but he still has a hard time saying no to his children.
  • He’s that really encouraging and inspiring dad who gives amazing advice and reads stories to his kids before bed.
  • Rei is very strict with homework, though, and will make sure that his kids did it. If they need any help, he’ll be right there.
  • Rei always makes sure that his children are eating well and taking care of themselves.
  • He probably cried when his kids moved away from home. mama rei