tutu project


F - Do you ever think about Mytho or Rue… or Tutu?

D - Of Course.

F - Do you ever think about what could have happened differently?

D - I try not to, to be honest.

I drew this months ago but then I misplaced it and never got it uploaded. Actually I’m pretty sure there’s another page but I don’t know where it got to in my mounds of half finished projects -_-

Princess Tutu Episode 16: The Maiden’s Prayer

But they say the town that was filled with innumerable blossoms of every color imaginable somehow looked gray.

“There is beauty in everything if you look for it and find it in yourself, and if you contribute it to your world in any way you can.” -Julie Kent

See Misa Kuranaga and Jeffrey Cirio​ this Friday 5/22 and Sunday 5/24 on stage in Balanchine’s “Theme and Variations” with Boston Ballet​ 

Photo by Liza Voll Photography​.