tutu and the pirates


Thank you so much anon! And sorry it took so long. I went with a “girl with the pearl earring” look for Ahiru, just cause. Also it makes her look gypsy or piratey. Fakir is so plain but i just couldn’t bring myself to give him a captain outfit. I feel like he’s stuck as cabin boy until he finds out his knack for…something. (That and I’m too lazy haha)

Delinquent Rat
Tutu & The Pirates
Delinquent Rat

Tutu & The Pirates - “Delinquent Rat”

Holy shit, and I just found out that Tutu & The Pirates - Chicago’s first anti-lectual sub-urban insult rock band, a super weird rad band, and maybe even Chicago’s first punk band - is playing a show at Gallery Cabaret (oddly enough, I performed there with a sideshow once) on Friday night. And it’s a fucking free show! Damn.