tuttlingen warriors

If nobody ever does this on like, one of those American Idol type shows, I will go to my grave unhappy, and my ghost will haunt the future judges of whichever American Idol show is left during the post nuclear age as the mutants crawl, deformed, across the earth to audition for whatever their American Idol type show is called. I will haunt their mutant asses and whisper in their ear, ‘If you do I Will Always Love You instead of No Children, the haunting will continue.’ I will find that if there’s one thing that mutants in the post-nuclear age aren’t afraid of, it’s haunting, and I will be a bitter ghost, and my lifetime goal of becoming a bitter ghost will be complete.
—  John Darnielle at Maxwell’s, 6/05

Per my last reblog, here is John Darnielle and Peter Hughes telling the story of Tuttlingen, Germany and playing “Furniture Store” on that tour in South Carolina.