TUTORIAL: how to avoid a flat drawing

deppered: yay! could you give a few tips on adding depth to cartoonish faces (like how not to let them come out looking flat)?

DISCLAIMER: i don’t consider myself incredibly qualified to answer this- so please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete answer, and you can definitely go a lot more in depth with it! i’ll answer to the best of my abilities :>

you’re creating the illusion of depth, so first you need to understand the mechanics of how it works. otherwise you’re just guessing/copying what you see other people do (which isn’t something that doesn’t WORK but you’ll be infinitely better once you understand the fundamentals)

to start off, we need to acknowledge that there are lots of curves and dips to a human face. (take a moment to slowly run your hands over different parts of your face. it sounds stupid but it really helps to take a moment to examine smth closely) to help visualize the curves a drawing would have, i’ll use a grid

(hahaHA using lance as an example, what a surprise)

an important part (the most important part??) of creating a convincing drawing is understanding and using shadows. if you’re inexperienced, this is something you’re going to have to look up (or create your own) reference for and study. applying some shadow, you can see that they follow the grid i made

[IMPORTANT: if you’re applying shadows, don’t forget about the source of light!! inconsistent lighting leads to messed up drawings]

small details are what’ll really pull your drawing together. consider shadows on things like the teeth/tongue, eyebags, eyelids, EYES, lips, etc

but you don’t always need to add shadows/colour to a drawing it make it look believable! a lot of the time i’ll add a drop shadow beneath the face because it’s quick, i like how it looks, and it’s already a step towards giving a line drawing a little depth.

also consider using varying angles when you draw a character. front-facing and profile views get very boring very quickly, and are probably easier to go flat with. turning a character to ¾, 5/6, whatever fraction u want, that’ll convey a sense of dimension, with or without shadows to help

more examples (u can see that the top two drawings don’t feel very flat):

anonymous: do u hav any tips for developing ur art style + actually being able to draw semi-realistically? (like when u can tell where to put shadows and anatomy and stuff like that IM OSRRY I JUST LOVE AND ADMIRE UR ART AND ART STYLE AND UR EFFORT AND ITS JUST ALL SO AMAZING $!!!!)!)!!

WOW i’m glad i caught this ask like.. while making this tutorial LOL thank u anon, for coincidentally asking smth that falls perfectly in line with the nature of this tutorial- i’ll continue my answer under the cut

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TOP TUTORIALS FOR FORESHORTENING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UeMx6sdbkY
THE BEST WAY TO FORESHORTEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FduVpInq-J0

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lets get furry

you wanna make really nice lookin fur?? don’t know how all those furry artists do it???? allow me to educate you then

1: Lay down your base color! This is important and should be darker than the color you are aiming for.

2: Take that boss ass acrylic brush and set that thing as follows.

notice how we already are picking out our desired shade of lavender!

3: on the same layer as your base (if you are uncomfortable, make a duplicate so you don’t have to worry) and start making little strokes in the direction you want your fur to go. Put these strokes into rough rows and make sure you space them out enough for them to be told apart.

5: Keep going until you’re done! Want some cool dyed tips to your fur? Just choose a different color! Let’s start adding some cyan tips.

Just rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied! Don’t be afraid to play around with blending either, it can lead to some cool combos! 


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Character sheet of Elena.

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