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Hey everyone! I’m really short on money and as the new semester has started, I have fees that I cannot afford. My college tuition and housing is mostly paid for by scholarships, but I have a few extra things that I cannot pay out of pocket (textbooks, groceries, leftover tuition that wasn’t covered, and transportation to and from work).

My current job is an after school teacher, where I work 9 hours a week. Recently they demoted me to substitute teacher due to low enrollment, which means they only schedule me when they need a shift coverage. This is my only source of income and it’s not even guaranteed. I also haven’t been making any money from SW, which is harmful for my mental health anyway, so i can’t rely on that.

Instead of outright asking for donations, which hasn’t really worked in the past, I am offering services in tutoring, exam prep, and essay writing/editing.

Here are the subjects I can tutor in:
- AP Language & Comp
- AP Literature
- AP European History
- AP Psychology
- AP U.S. Government
- AP U.S. History
- AP World History
- American Government/Civics
- World History
- American History
- Psychology
- Geography
- World/Comparative Religions
- German I & II

I can also provide AP exam help, homework help, and essay writing and editing.

- Teachers assistant with summer school and after school program, working with K-8 students; provided tutoring, homework help, and taught lessons
- Online tutor with these websites: TutorMe, Chegg, and Wyzant
- Pursuing a bachelor’s in secondary education (social studies)
- Studying social studies formally since 2014
- Passed AP exams in high school with scores of 4 and above
- Knowledge of educational accommodations to successfully teach students with disabilities

I am charging $15 an hour for this service, which is pretty reasonable considering professional tutors charge anywhere from $25-$50 an hour. I am available via text, phone call, video chat, email, tumblr–whatever works best for you.

If this is something you’re interested in, or know someone who needs an online tutor, please feel free to contact me. We can further discuss scheduling and payment.

Even if you don’t need this services, a simple signal boost would be extremely helpful! Thank you!

drowningisthefirststeptodying  asked:

Hey so I'm going to be tutoring someone with ADHD. His mom hired me because he is struggling in school and even though he is on medication, he still needs a lot of help in algebra. I don't have any personal experience with ADHD but I really want to help this kid and I don't know how to help someone with ADHD and all the psychology stuff I read online are not helpful. Please help me help this kid

Mostly it’ll be the same as tutoring someone who doesn’t have ADHD. You’ll figure out where he’s struggling and why, and find ways to help him learn how to do the math. A few things you’ll probably want to keep in mind: if you’re working with him after school, his medication may have worn off and that will make it harder for him; if algebra is very difficult for him it will be hard to focus on it even if his medication is still active; he may need a lot of breaks, and if he does try to make them active – lots of moving around and stuff; and try to make it fun and interesting for him.


Imagine the Doctor tutoring you (actual you, not an OC, your actual real self in life RIGHT NOW) everyday after your classes. Imagine him using his weird words and examples to explain to you science or math, or history, or whatever it is you need help on. Imagine him adding little facts that school doesn’t teach you.

“Yeah well he wasn’t exactly the straightest ruler.”
“Shakespeare? You’re telling me Shakespeare was gay?”
“Well everyone’s gay a little bit. Wouldn’t stop flirting with me.” (;D)

(I need this in my life XD)

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In the medical field, we ask for help every day. We call a consult to figure things out that are outside our expertise. When you are a student many things are outside your expertise, and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to call a study consult, a tutor, to help you figure things out.
—  MDinTraining on the utility of tutors in medical school

queel-vientoborro-tusmanos  asked:

Hi! I'll start helping some kids with some subjects on school. Do you have any suggestion and how to explain things to them without losing the idea? They're from elementary school so I think that if I go to far on thoughts they may get lost. Also, any suggestions on working with kids with ADHD? Just in case any of them has it (I don't know them yet)

Make sure you’re familiar with the material they’re learning so you don’t go too far with details.

If any of them have ADHD, do lots of breaks and have the kids stand up and move around when it’s break time.


Out Of Left Field (Part 4 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by teenwolfmen

Author’s Note: Alright! Part 4 is finally here! I am so excited to finally get this up, and I really hope you guys like it :) Please let me know, feedback is always appreciated! Some interesting things are starting to reveal themselves ;) As always, please enjoy!

A big shout out to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for dealing with my procrastination on this story, for helping me generate amazing ideas, and for editing and contributing :) There is absolutely no way this series would be possible without her!

Warnings: Language; hella awkward-ness


“Bye Lydia!” I called after her in a sing-song voice. She turned and wiggled her fingers at me before rounding the corner, bag in hand. She was off for another date weekend with Aiden, so once again I had the room free to host another movie night. I had bought some snacks so that Stiles didn’t have to bring so much, laying them all out on my desk for us to grab at our own convenience.

Stiles: Walking down your hallway now.

With a squeal of excitement that I would never tell them I let out, I practically ran the whole four steps to my door and flung it open, popping my head out to greet them.

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math tutoring opportunity + more

hey guys! if you’re interested in getting help in math (i do all math ranging from algebra to some of calculus cause im in the class) please dm me. Oh and if you’re interested in tutoring other people in other subjects dm me also! Im trying to start up an online tutoring thing because i think people would appreciate the help :)

oh and please spread the word!

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tangelotime  asked:

Extra advice for the tutoring ask, maybe make your checks for understanding based on asking questions and asking them to reexplain. I find fidgeting and not necessarily looking at the teacher helps me focus on what's being said but as the teacher I find that it's still concerning when my students do exactly that lol. Let yourself be concerned but don't ask your student to change body language, just keep making them answer questions. Also, brain breaks are great. Do some jumping jacks or somethin

How to be an Effective Tutor // by starPLATINUM

Hey guys, Star here. I’m a new studyblr, so you guys probably don’t know but I’ve been a math and physics tutor for two years now (ever since I started college!) and an engineering Statics tutor for one year. I’ve been told by a bunch of our freshmen that I’ve somewhat of a fan favorite, because I have a bunch of experience with the subjects I tutor and with tutoring in general.

Some of you bright students may be offered tutoring jobs at your schools/universities, so I thought I should offer some tips on how to tutor effectively. Alternatively, these tips apply to study groups, as well, if you have to catch any of your friends up with the material!

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Help Me Move!

Hello everyone! My name is Levi! I am currently 17 years old (18 in the summer), and graduating from high school in just a few short months! Although college is unclear, i know one thing for certain: I am moving out of my house. My parents and I don’t see eye to eye on many things, and with me being a queer ‘n trans kid, this isn’t always for the best. Constantly being misgendered and deadnamed has been draining me for nearly four years, and hearing my mother’s thoughts on how being anything but cis/straight is wrong has been damaging to say the least.

So, please help me move out! 

As of right now I do not take donations, but you can commission me! I am an aspiring author, with my first book coming out in the summer, and a fanfic writer. My price is $1 per every 100 words, AKA a penny per word. You can find examples of my writing here and here. If you are interested, please send me an ask for my email or PM me!

I am also an English tutor! For that, please shoot me an ask or private message to get more information. I charge $10 an hour and am available on any video messaging platform you need. 

Please consider helping me get out of my house and into my new home!

New Media Internship Success

toadisme submitted:

Success story: I got a summer internship with the U.S. Department of Education to blog, write scripts for videos, and teach other staff members how to use social media.

Also, for anyone looking for a job with SUPER flexible hours (and hella great starting pay), especially those without transportation, check out Tutor.com– I’ve been tutoring for them online since September and it’s the most convenient job I’ve ever had.

Congratulations on your internship! That fact that you’re doing those things but also teaching them to others will be great material to include in future cover letters. Also, thanks for the tip about Tutor.com!