Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In the medical field, we ask for help every day. We call a consult to figure things out that are outside our expertise. When you are a student many things are outside your expertise, and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to call a study consult, a tutor, to help you figure things out.
—  MDinTraining on the utility of tutors in medical school
High School Study Group!

Inspired by erzastudyblr’s group, I have decided to make a study group for highs school students!


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  • must be in (or going into) high school
  • must fill out this application
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What to gain?

  • Study and homework help
  • New friends and followers
  • Fun group blog and chats
  • Motivation
  • Tips for studying and note taking
  • 8tracks study playlists
  • Option to talk about the college search and application process

This is going to be really fun, I am going to construct a group blog and I have a lot of great ideas for it! Meet new friends, study, stay motivated, get help, and share tips! Talk high school school, work, life, and organization. 

Hope you have a great day!

studyblr tutors/mentors?

Hey guys!

I’ve noticed a lot of people asking each other for general study tips but something I think would be really cool is if you could ask people on tumblr about study specific information, like if there was a concept you didn’t understand you could ask someone who studies the same thing and they could explain it. Remember tutoring helps everyone involved, the tutor gets to review something they already know and the…tutee?…gets to learn something new. It would also be a great way to make studyblr friends!

Along a similar line I also thought it would be awesome to match older studyblrs with younger ones who might have questions about college/university/life in general, like a mentoring thing.

What do you guys think? Good ideas or nah? Please reblog and comment or message me and let me know what you think and if you’d want to get involved. If there’s enough people I’ll look at setting something up… And if not I’ll delete this post never to be seen again haha

help a spoonie out???

Okay so here’s the situation. My parents filed for divorce earlier this year. My dad decided to skip town and now has a girlfriend halfway across the country. He’s staying with her, isn’t around for me and my four younger siblings, and isn’t paying child support. My mom and I are having a really hard time financially. We have an in-home daycare, but nobody can afford daycare so we aren’t getting any kids. We watch one kid part time right now and will be getting another (full timer) in mid-November. That’ll only $600 a month. Our bills are over $3,500 a month. We’ve cut out all unnecessary expenses and are even on Medi-Cal. My mom just got a second job and I’m tutoring and babysitting where I can. I also am moving to Utah next summer and need to start saving for it.

My mom has fibromyalgia, RA, and other problems with her feet as well. I have fibromyalgia, PCOS, and an undiagnosed nerve problem that is slowly making it impossible for me to walk. My arms are starting to be affected as well.

I need help. I’ve set up a donation button on my blog. I also tutor (Geometry, Algebra, and high school English) for $15 an hour over Skype and edit papers for $2 a page. PLEASE spread this around. We need help desperately.

Online Tutoring with the Phandom Study Buddy

Do you need some help with your education??? Would you like to help others with theirs???

Click here to apply!

The above link will take you to our Embassy where you can apply to be a Tutor or Tutee. 

Simply complete the application form linked under your country or region (or ‘Other Countries’ if we don’t have yours listed yet) and our Tutor Captains will match you with the Tutor or Tutee who best fits your needs and skills.

This service is completely free and online, and is open to everyone who needs some help with their education.

Our only requirement is that you be over 13 years old to become a tutor - due to tumblr’s terms of use.

Please note: you do not need to be a member of the Phandom to participate!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop by our FAQ or send us an ask!


“Remus!” You shouted before he could leave the room. You were really shy and you didn’t want to ask him to tutor you in front of his friends, Merlin only knew the implications they would make. You saw him tell his friends to move on before he made his way towards you.

“Did you need something (y/n)?” He asked politely. You were slightly taken aback by the fact that he knew your name. You’d never really spoken to him despite both of you being in the same year. “Um, Professor Slughorn said that, well first of all I’m failing potions, so Slughorn said that I should probably ask you to tutor me and I was wondering if you could? That is if you’re not too busy.” Everything came rushing out before you could pause to let him reply.

You were clearly nervous, you were ringing your hands together trying to find someway not to burst out again. You saw him smile when he noticed your nervousness and it put you slightly at ease.

“Yeah, of course, it’s no problem.” He said as a some what goofy smile spread across his lips. “What do you need help with?” He asked.

“Well, everything really, I keep causing explosions in case you haven’t noticed.l you meant it as a joke, but there was plenty of truth behind it. He smiled either way. "Alright, well we can meet in the library after classes end.” He offered and you smiled gratefully. “Yeah, that’d be perfect, thank you.” He smiled at you warmly as he made his way back out of the classroom.

You couldn’t help the blush that spread across your cheeks as you gathered your things, you were going to be spending the afternoon with your crush since 2nd. You were both excited and nervous at the thought.

anonymous asked:

pro-tip if you're using on-campus tutoring: DON'T APPROACH THE TUTORS OUTSIDE OF THE TUTORING CENTER. i work at my cc's writing center and the people i despise the most are the ones that come up to me while i'm doing my own hw/eating lunch and ask me to check their paper. the center is ON CAMPUS and FREE. unless you WANT to get us to talk shit about you to our coworkers, don't bother us while we're going about our lives (tho if you're a friend/partner u might get a free pass bc we like u)

I agree completely. You wouldn’t go up to a fast food employee on their day off and expect them to make you french fries, would you? No. You would go to the fast food restaurant instead. The same goes for tutoring centers. Unless you have made specific plans with the tutor, you do not ever expect them to do work for you outside of the center. Go to the center and have someone else look it over for you if it absolutely must be done right this second, don’t ruin someone’s time away from work.

(Right when I read this, I texted it to The Counselor, who is a tutor and his response was “that’s certainly grounds for justified murder, I think.”)


You stared blankly at your computer screen, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

“Wait…” You hesitated. “What?

The Doctor shuffled in his seat, looking extremely uncomfortable. “Ah, you see…” he paused, his face drawing into a look of confusion of its own. “What did you need help with again?” 

“I just… needed to know if you knew what you would use to find time if you had displacement, acceleration, and velocity. Not… not whatever you just said.” 

A sheepish grin spread across the Doctor’s face. “Oh, my bad,” he chuckled. “I heard ‘time’ and I just got… carried away…” he trailed off, and his eyes suddenly focussed on something that you couldn’t see. 

“Doctor?” you asked, a tone of slight annoyance colouring your voice. 

The Doctor blinked and then slapped a hand onto his desk, causing you to jump. “Righty-o! So you need your delta T?” he asked as he scribbled something onto a piece of paper. He held it up a second later with one of the five acceleration equations scrawled neatly in his penmanship. 

“So you would substitute all the numbers in, and then move these numbers into the formatting of the quadratic formula. Then you solve for delta T and you have your answer.” Moving the paper away from the webcam, the Doctor grinned. “Understand?” 

You glared at the piece of paper in his hand, and a defeated sigh escaped your lips. 

You really hated physics. 

{Requested by @skymundane477}

| x | xxx |

Imagine the Doctor tutoring you (actual you, not an OC, your actual real self in life RIGHT NOW) everyday after your classes. Imagine him using his weird words and examples to explain to you science or math, or history, or whatever it is you need help on. Imagine him adding little facts that school doesn’t teach you.

“Yeah well he wasn’t exactly the straightest ruler.”
“Shakespeare? You’re telling me Shakespeare was gay?”
“Well everyone’s gay a little bit. Wouldn’t stop flirting with me.” (;D)

(I need this in my life XD)

I Helped Division I Athletes Cheat in College

People were outraged when basketball player Rashad McCants admitted on an episode of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that student athletes pay tutors to write their term papers. What the former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill basketball player revealed wasn’t a big surprise to me. But the sports world freaked out and commentators, columnists, and fans bickered over ethics, the lack of oversight in the NCAA, and the opportunistic nerds who get the athletes A’s. 

For years, I willingly did homework for a number of student athletes. To this day, I don’t consider any of it unethical. It all started back in 2007, when I was finishing up my degree in radical economics at the University of Utah, which is also a Division I school. To help cover food and booze, I worked a variety of odd jobs including tutoring undergrads. 

Tutoring worked like this: I’d tell the campus tutoring center which classes I could tutor, and when a student came in and asked for help in one of those subjects, the center would pair us together. The students would pay $10 for a “slip” from the tutoring center. They’d give me that slip at the end of each session and I’d turn it back into the tutoring center and wait for my measly check. I made a whopping $6.25 per hour, which was just enough for a pint and a bagel. The school pocketed the leftover $3.75 an hour—I guess they had to make theirs too, on top of my massive tuition and the beaucoup bucks coming in from sporting events. 


Tutoring in Monoblack Control decks (Multiplayer EDH)

You know, black is not looking for anything roundabout. Black is like ‘Literally, I want to defeat my opponent. Let’s cut to the heart. What’s the best way to win?’ And so black, part of that is, black’s tutoring is, ‘Why look for anything—why would I not get the best? Why am I looking for anything other than the absolute spell I need?’” - Mark Rosewater (Drive to Work podcast, ep. 52 - “Black”)

First of all: I’m not a pro-player. I also want to point out that the experience I’m willing to share (mainly with newcomers to the format) should be regarded merely as an unpretentious and amateur (but passionate) talk about what, for me, is the aspect in which MTG’s monoblack really excels: unconditional tutoring. This should help you consider why, what and when to tutor in your search for better chances of victory in multiplayer games.

Tutors in EDH

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