New tutorial! This time it’s about natural landscapes. Someone asked me to talk about it, so I did a video to show you the basics of natural environments, and a small workflow so you can experiment and try for yourself!

Nouveau tutoriel! Cette fois je parle des paysages naturels! Quelqu’un m’a demandé d’en parler, alors j’ai fait une vidéo pour vous montrer les rudiments des environnements naturels, et un petit workflow pour que vous puissiez vous y essayer!

anonymous asked:

aAAAHHH!!! I love how you draw Papyrus! Could we get a look on how you do it?

Sure why not! Also thanks :3 <3 

Well my way to draw Paps is kinda strange (at least that ‘s what i think) but i will show how i do it in 2 different forms, but first how i draw him the most. This is the first time i do a tutoriel :’v so sorry if i don’t explain things so well, also im really sorry if my english have mistakes, it is not my first language. Anyways let’s start!

First, well, a circle.

Second, the cheekbones. This are important because it is like a guide to draw other things related to the face, also one is bigger and the other is reducced depending of where the head is looking at. The cheekbones, for me, must be of the same size like it is showed below. And i add a little detail lo the skull.

Third, the nose. You can take as a guide a line in the middle of the cheekbone zone, and where the first  2 lines join each other is where you can put the nose.

Fourth, Smile and eyes! I put the eyes ouside the cheekbone zone and the smile is inside the cheekbone zone as it is showed below. I add the upper theet with the smile too an that is like a little guide to do the chin and jaw. ((Damn he is cute)).

Fifth, chin and jaw. I do the inside lines of the jaw as a limit of how long the jaw is going to be and the lower teeth are going to be positioned.

Then, well this is something difficult to explain, but then a bit far away the inside lines i do the rest of the chin and lower teeth.

And to finish this messy skecth, just adjust the size you want Papyrus head to be, add his neck and ta-da! Papyrus’ head is ready.

((The head’s position is really important too.))

And if you are a little confused you can add the chin after doing the first circle and keep going like it is explained above.

Clean the sketch, add some details ((i like to put little lines to the nose)) and done, your Papyrus headshot is done!

And for babybones Papy is kinda different, i draw the chin first but a really small one, the cheekbone zone is an important guide to know how width the face is going to be, the smile is not as large as the adult Papyrus and is not inside the cheekbone zone anymore but the nose does, eyes are smaller and are more circular and that makes him cuter btw, little neck and head and you are done!

Hope this is helps! Let me know if you want a compleat body Tutoriel

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Why are you so awesome ? ❤ ;; i'm curious about eyes and eyebrow (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎) have a hard time with them and like how you do it so if you can share your wisdom : 3


OK first we have our cursed picture

I’m the laziest artist of the universe so my eyes are basically a simple arc shape and some ovals/circles

i told u

Here I added the pupil, some reflections on the eye and the eyelid!!!! 

(still cursed)

After adding bottom eyelashes I do the eyebrows in 3 strokes, 1 if it’s too thin =00 But i prefer  t h i c c



Remember, looking at references doesn’t make your art worth less >=( Normal people look at references, it’s helpful, we NEED to learn.

You can’t draw a horse if you’ve never seen one, right? you need references to know how it looks

please don’t be ashamed!!! Also try new shapes, play with them =000 I hope this helped a bit?