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Hey there! I'm new to your blog (pretty new to tumblr tbh) and I keep on getting confused about the people who you regularly RP with. Do you think you could put up a run down of the faces we regularly see on your blog and, like, links to their blogs? Love, a nerdy newbie

(( OOC: Sure thing! :D 

@potterdeer / Paige ( AKA my Lily. <3 ) 

@ohtheclevernessofme1972 / Laina ( AKA Helga. <3 ) 

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Nanowrimo for role players!

HEY ALL!! So firstly, HAPPY NANOWRIMO for all you FABULOUS writers out there!!! I am rubbish at writing novels SO I thought to give myself another challenge this month! I am going to continue to rp and keep track of how many words I get out of each rp post and keep track, with the hope of hitting 50 k by the end of the month! OR you can even set a goal for yourself, doesn’t even have to be 50k! I might even post daily updates on my blog!!

Anyone else is free to do this! Without the pressure, its just a fun little challenge! I even think I might make little mini congrats graphics for anyone who is participating and manages to hit the mark!! 

SO let me know if you are going to be doing this!! Just something to include rpers if you are like me, and aren’t too great at writing novels ;)!! hahah!! 

NOTE: I am also totally counting oneshots as well!! hahah! 


Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Tumblr!
Merry Christmas Family!
Merry Christmas Friends!
Merry Christmas Mutuals!
Merry Christmas RP Friends!
Merry Christmas RPers!
Merry Christmas Anime Fandoms!
Merry Christmas RWBY Fandom!
Merry Christmas Arkos Fandom!
Merry Christmas Renora Fandom!
Merry Christmas Naruto Fandom!
Mercy Christmas Narusaku Fandom!
Merry Christmas Fairy Tail Fandom!
Merry Christmas Nalu Fandom!
Merry Christmas Bleach Fandom!
Mercy Christmas Ichiruki Fandom!
Merry Christmas Pokémon Fandom!
Merry Christmas Fate/Stay Fandom!
Merry Christmas DC Fandom!
Merry Christmas Marvel Fandom!
Merry Christmas Superman Fandom!
Merry Christmas To Even The Fandoms I Don’t Like!

listen ok, 


while i dont think its entirely the fault of “skinny artists”

and while im just as much a fan of a thicc ass as the next mf

pls practice different body types

just for your own benefit as an artist, because drawing only one body type is as limiting as it is stale

thats all im sayin

Though a city was always bustling with life, it was also surrounded by dangers and problems. Known for its wave of crime at every corner, this city was also known for one more thing. The rumor of a masked hero who stalked the shadows roamed these streets. At first it was thought to only be a rumor, just something people on the internet said, or homeless people talked about.

Then there were the police reports of people being beaten up and literally left on the door step of the police station. Photos leaked in the newspaper, and a name eventually came out, the Inugami. This name emerged when an asian man supposedly saw this masked hero save him from a mugging. His savior was described as being dressed in black with a white dog mask with blue markings. He thought it was an Inugami, an angered dog spirit in the form of a man that would hurt those who hurt him in the past life.

Wether the rumors were true or not, they would be proven tonight. After the sun had long set, and street lights lit the city, the police had zoomed in response to a call of a shooting. Once gone, someone peered from the roof top of a smaller apartment building. Using a long borrowed extension cord, this person tied it off to slowly slide down. As he descended, blood from an untreated wound wrapped around his hand and the cord. This caused him to lose his grip and fall nearly twelve feet to the ground. This person fell flat on his stomach right on top of some trash cans. This caused a loud crash and spooked a cat to start running. The person laid on the ground for some time, slipping in and out of unconsciousness.

Literally been freaking out to do this, cause I’m actually so happy I made it thus far. I’m kinda surprised really, since I left for like 84 years, and became active again I didn’t loose really anyone XD

So happy to make it this far, and with these people! <3 I’m like terrified the people I put in here won’t even recognize me cause I changed my name from killusenpai, then homicidalsenpai, and then just to spiinatic 

And I’m really sorry if I missed you, cause I honestly think I missed at least 3 people.. 

LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS (Yes, even you porn blogs (though I gotta wonder why you follow me since I’m a mostly sfw kinda blog… ?)) 

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Whoohoo!  I’m not sure if it’s sad or something, but hey, I’m happy about it.  One more ape to add to the pile!  

And, just because I’m starting to lose track, I complied a list of all the wonderful PotA RPers.  :D

Let’s start off with our new addition:

Here are also the other PotA RPers.  I separated them because they haven’t updated in a month or longer, but they haven’t said their blog is shut down or anything, so I wanted to make sure they get some love too. 

And, last but not least, here are the OC “humans” involved in the PotA RP world:

Did I miss anyone?  If I missed you and you want to be included in this little shindig, please tell me; I don’t want to leave anyone out.