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GIF Tutorial: How I make my gifs (Part 2)

Now that you have your frames ready, you are now set to make your gif.

In this post, I will teach you on how make your gifs using Adobe Photoshop CS5 because that’s what I use. 

Step 1: Open your Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Make sure the animation window is opened so that you can make your gifs properly.

Step 2: Opening your screen captures on photoshop.

Click the ‘File’ option from the menu bar, then Scripts > Load Files into Stack.

A window titled 'Load Layers’ appears. Make sure the USE option is on 'Files’ NOT 'Folder’ because it loads quickly, though the result is just the same. But for me, I prefer to have it set on 'Files’. Select all the photos in the designated folder, then wait for it to load, then click 'OK’.

Once that’s done, only one frame appears, but when you notice in the layers area, the frames are all set on separate layers. 

It should look like this.

Now, to load all frames, this is what you do. 

Click the tiny little arrow on the upper right corner of the animation window.

Then Click 'Make Frames From Layers’

The rest of the frames then will begin to appear. But there’s a glitch (Well not exactly a glitch), when completely loaded, the frames will appear reversed. Meaning, the gif plays backwards.


To get rid of that, click the same tiny arrow I mentioned previously, then click 'Reverse Frames’. That will now set it back to normal.

Step 3: Editing/Adjsting your GIF.

Now that you have your frames normal, you may now do what you want.

You can resize the gif fit for a tumblr post or photoset.

Just to add a few pointers, here are the proper dimensions to use for the photosets.

Basically there are 3 box sizes in the tumblr photosets: 

  • The big one is 500px wide.
  • The middle sized one is 245px wide.
  • And lastly the smallest one is 160px wide. 

The height of the image is not necessarily important in using photosets, what’s important is the width of the image/gif.

Anways, you may now do what you want, like resizing, cropping, adjusting the colors and the brightness and contrast of the gif, and setting the time delay between the frames. I always use 0.007 seconds when setting a time delay between frames. ALWAYS MAKES SURE YOUR LOOP OPTIONS ARE SET TO 'FOREVER’. 

Now, say that you’re done adjusting everything on the gif, you now have to save it as a gif file.

Go to the File option once again, on the Menu Bar then choose 'Save Web For Devices’.

(Now here comes the most important part, but I can’t print screen it because for some crazy reason photoshop doesn’t allow you to print screen the save web for devices window so I’ll try to explain it in full detail in a very understandable way for all of you.)

Now, when uploading GIFs on tumblr, you need the file size to be below 1mb for them to move. If it’s more than 1mb, tumblr still uploads it, but it does not move and is forever frozen.

In the ’Save for Web and Devices’ window, you will see the file size of your GIF underneath the preview box.

Now, let’s say your GIF may be above 1mb, below are the things you can do to adjust the size of your GIF:

  • You may go to the ’Colors’ option, still in the same window (Save For Web and Devices) and adjust the number of the colors that will show on the GIF until you’re satisfied and the size is below 1mb.
  • Also, you can also change the option above the transparency option check box, and choose from there. Mine is always set in Pattern. And you can also change the options above it, mine is always set in Selective.

  • If that doesn’t work, you can choose also to lessen the number of frames in you GIF by deleting some. Much preferably, never delete from the center. Always choose to delete from the beginning of the gif or the end.

  • You can also crop the gif, or resize it, to reduce the size as well.

Keep on doing those until you have your gif below 1mb, then you may go back to the 'Save for Web and Devices’ window again and click save when you’re finally satisfied.

Then that’s done! You have your gif!

Dimensions: 245px x 163px 

Size: 929kb

And before you guys say that my GIF seems slow, yes it is because in the video Jlaw flips her hair in slow motion exactly like that! HAH! 

I’m so sorry if my tutorial seemed somehow confusing, but I hope I helped you guys, if you don’t understand some stuff, or if you have anymore questions, you may reach me through my ask. Feel free to ask me anything.