How to Pack for Any Trip is like a Marie Kondo book for travelers

How to Pack for Any Trip
Lonely Planet
2016, 160 pages, 7 x 4.7 x 0.5 inches (softcover)
$12 Buy a copy on Amazon

I’ve bought many a travel guidebooks from Lonely Planet before jumping on a plane, but this is the first I’ve seen from the adventure publisher that guides you before you leave the house. Reminding me of Marie Kondo and her magical ways of tidying up, How to Pack for Any Trip helps the traveler learn to pack efficiently and clutter-free. (The packing section even says, Kondo-style, that “the liberation of decluttering is magical.”)

With modern clean graphics, this pocket-size book (about the size of my wallet) teaches us how to choose our luggage, decide what to bring, pack lightly, fold – or roll up – our clothes, organize a backpack, and how to pack with kids. It also has a section on how to pack for different landscapes, such as large cities, the snow, campsites, beaches, the mountains, jungles, and deserts. Fun, useful, and just released last week, this book is a no-brainer for anyone planning to pack for a weekend trip or a month-long adventure. – Carla Sinclair

July 26, 2016


Here’s a tutorial for my watercolor peach nails!

© Teodor Năstase | Romania
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The power of layers and layer modes

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Found via Facebook but then I went and hunted down the name on the watermark and HairByJaneY’s instagram is here and it’s pretty damn awesome. There are a lot of speed-up videos showing how the braids were accomplished, and apparently the same videos exist (at normal speed) as tutorials over on her YouTube channel.

(Also if you just do a google search for “hairbyjaney braids” you get THIS stunning view.)

@morgynleri this looks up your alley; are you familiar with her stuff already?

Art Resources!

Hey all you digital artists and art enthusiasts! This is a list of free art resources/tools that might just help you out!


Paint Tool SAI - SAI is probably the most popular tool to use for digital art (aside from stuff like Adobe Photoshop). It has a really simple interface and a lot of different features. You can download brushes for this program like water colours and patterned brushes for free from deviantart. It also has the option for layers and lineart/colouring layers! I use this for lineart mainly, but it’s good for colouring as well.

Krita - Krita is another popular tool. It’s a little like SAI, although I prefer this program for colouring (unless you have a drawing pad, I would recommend doing lineart in SAI and then colouring in Krita). It’s really simple to use and has a nice interface and a LOT of brushes and effects! This will take a moment to start up though, so give it about 2 - 3 minutes. It also has a palette option so you don’t have to go searching for colours!

MyPaint - I haven’t personally used MyPaint before, but from what I’ve seen, it has a similar interface as Sai and Krita and is updated regularly, unlike the other two (although they don’t need updating really, they’re great tools!). It has a simple interface and different brush and layer options.

Pyxel Edit - This program is for pixel art and what I use to do my pixel sprites and tilesets. It’s VERY easy to use and a great program! I highly recommend it for pixel art. Note: the free version is just as good as the premium, so don’t worry about that - and no, it does not expire.


PaintBerri - PaintBerri is a cute little site made for digital artists in late 2015! It’s so adorable! This site also allows you to create art online with a tool similar to Sai but not as advanced (last time I had used it anyway). I highly recommend this site!

DeviantArt - Chances are you’ve heard of DeviantArt. This is a community not just for digital art but also for games, photography, traditional art, fanfiction and so forth. This has got to be one of the biggest creative community online and is a great way to share art!

Here is a pretty great place to share it too, though a warning: you should always have a claim on your work so that others can’t steal it.


DesignDoll - WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW THIS PROGRAM HAS HELPED ME. It’s a program where you can pose a doll for reference and body proportion. IT’S AMAZING AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. You can also download different models and poses for this program!

DragoArt - This is a great resource for beginners or those who aren’t feeling confident. It has a bunch of easy tutorials on how to draw pretty much anything. And it’s updated almost every 10 seconds! Even if you’re confident, this is still a good resource to check out.

And that’s it! Thank you for reading this incredibly long post. Please reblog for your arty followers and feel free to add on anything I missed!

Have a great day (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Hello, friends!

Meg here, and welcome back to another round of TUTOR TUESDAY! This weeks topic was recommended by Kisarii, thank you! Today we look at anatomy and some tricks that may make it easier to understand. This is a pretty vast topic so this is just Part One of The Human Body ( aka Gosh Darn Bodies are Da Best and Hands are the Worst ‘n’ We Gon’ Find Out Why)

Have any recommendations for tutorials? Send them on over to either this blog or my personal blog here! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


since it’s been asked more than once now, thought I’d show how i edit  my traditional sketches, using an adrinette comic i still need to finish as an example xD

so this is how i edit my traditional sketches when i am too scared to shade and highlight them on paper [seeing as the pencil led smears like crazy if you aren’t careful and i draw very veeeerrrry small lol].

ditlev brushes can be grabbed over here [they used to be up on a different site for free from the creator, which is where i got them, but that site is dead now] … and the ‘regular brush’ i use is a custom one i made for inking. here’s the settings if you wanna try it out:

[should look a bit like that when done! and for the record i have photoshop cs4.]

hopefully that wasn’t too confusing or vague ;0; feel free shoot me questions if you have any.