Hey everyone! If you’re interested in learning how to creatively code yourself then you should really, really check out the upcoming, free Creative Coding course from! It will start on August 3, 2015 and run for 6 weeks.

When I first saw the preview video for this course last year I was blown away! This was not ‘just’ about learning how to program but also about how to approach programming from a really creative side, which was illustrated really well with a lot of philosophical and artistic interludes. Something that other online coding courses have been lacking to a high degree, as far as I know.

And this course is for total coding beginners. So do not worry if you have never programmed before. The course will gently introduce you to it.

Oh, and this time around yours truly will be an official mentor! So join us and see you in the forums and discussion threads!! :)


Here’s a mini tutorial~(=w=)b

For chibi.!!

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I have AatP Ragnarök JSK. The waist fits rather well, but its so tight over the bust it looks stupid. See, I'm rather thick. Not fat, just my overall body shape is rather robust, so even if I wear a sports bra (or lose weight) it wouldn't change much. Removing the shirring might help a bit? But not much. I'm at loss at what to do. I really love it and I wanna wear it without looking stupid. I don't care about the resell value. (I'll physically fight anyone who sends hate my way for changing it)

For some reason your comment about fighting someone (probably the combination of that and the word “robust”) made me think of an old-timey boxing match between two Lolitas with big handlebar mustaches. But anyway! This tutorial might help you. It’s meant for dresses that don’t have shirring but I imagine you could use it to give you an idea of how to add extra shirring to a dress that does have it. 
For the record I certainly don’t care if you alter it. Brand or not, it’s your dress, you bought it, it is going on your body, and you should be able to make whatever changes are necessary to make it work for you


Hey, What’s up my vidder peeps! I have a website that you might just fall in love with.

Anyway, what I’m about to show you is so cool that you might just end up fainting! It is so awesome, that you will jump into the air and shout ‘YAY.’ Want to know what I’m about to show you? IT’S A DANG WEBSITE THAT RESIZES IMAGES FOR YOU, AND REMOVES NOISE.


I’m going to use one of my OTPS as an example for this :)

See this picture?

It’s small, right? It’s like.. really effing small. And it has noise to it.. EWWWW. I can’t use to in my video! I wonder.. can I make this bigger..






1. Music Radio - Popular Campus Group of The Year (1 vote/account/day)


Click on the link above, and search for the “注册” (register) button near the top right hand corner of the page.

A pop-up screen should appear, and enter your particulars as shown in the image. After filling up your e-mail and password, click on the “注册” (register) button again to register. (* Remember to verify your account by clicking on the link Music Radio sent to your e-mail account!)

Go back to the same page, and click on the “登录” (log-in) button now.

Fill up your information as shown in the image.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for UNIQ’s entry and click on the ”投TA一票” (Vote for him/her) button to vote for UNIQ!

A pop-up screen should appear to confirm a successful vote!

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How does Hinata's hair works? Sorry if I'm asking this and waiting for you to answer like you did for Oikawa's. I just find find Hinata's hair more... confusing ( or is disturbing the word it?)

Actually I feel you on this!! it took me a while to figure out how Hinata’s hair works, but once you notice little tricks it’s easier to draw.

I always think about disheveled sparrow when I draw Hinata’s hair?? I don’t know why, that little thing on top of his head just always make me think about cute birds:”D

Not sure if that helps much, but either way remember! When drawing Hinata think about pure things. Draw this child as pure as possible.


How to get bold and fuller lips! 
*Products links* 
MAC lip pencil liner in ‘stone’
Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in 'stone’

Find more about makeup & clothing dupes/tricks/reviews/tutorials  here ♥ 


Sort of a process ‘tutorial’ of my watercolor technique! I promise to take a video soon! I use watercolor pans, white and red gouache, round watercolor brushes (#6 and #1), and Arches coldpress watercolor paper! I always start off with a light wash. I wait until that dries and start layering watercolor until I get the desired color. I start adding fur/feathering by just flicking my wrist a lot and layering the colors until it becomes dark enough. I outline everything with a darker water color and finish it with the white gouache and red gouache for the leash!

I have a sketch of the dog taped to the back side of my watercolor with artist tape! My ‘lightbox’ is just my iPhone’s flashlight.. lol! 

I’m bad at explaining so if you have any questions, let me know! 

(sorry I’m not replying individually, I think all of these are related `v´) 

I use Photoshop CS5! About the brushes, I designed all my inking brushes myself and my friend designed most of the painting ones so I won’t post them, I apologize / bows ;_;. But if you want to download painting brushes (/traditional, texturized ones) you can browse on DeviantArt! To download it you have to click on the picture, go to the right on your screen and there’s the download option. Once you’ve download it and unzipped it you only have to click on the abr archive and your photoshop will automatically load the brushes. Some of them are from newer versions of Photoshop, so if you have an old one you won’t be able to load some of them. Also if you want to experiment with brushes, Photoshop has this (window -> brush) :

Once you’ve chosen a brush you can modify its components. For example, the noise option gives texture to your brushes (you can click on the padlock if you want that option to apply to all of your brushes). You see, my photoshop is in spanish and my vocabulary is very limited so I don’t know what I am even saying and if it matches with your programs. But well. The transfer option makes your brush melt/fuse/merge, while the opacity makes it look with less consistence, but not melting with the drawing. Examples: 

In case you want your inking brushes to look like pencil you have to activate the noise option. In case you want to give that watering effect in painting, you have to use transfer instead of opacity. There are some artists who work only with opacity, I don’t, usually, so I’m not the best option to give advice about it, sorry (/)///(\). The transfer option in Photoshop smooths your drawings, too, and they seem more in the painting style of SAI (it also depends on your brushes). Photoshop is more technical than SAI, so if you’re going to only paint I would recommend SAI, I think. For linearts, maybe MangaStudio. I don’t think Photoshop is intuitive to use, so if you want to take advantage of it you have to learn it. Different tutorials for coloring in photoshop: I, II 

Then you have layer’s options: 

This tutorial explains how to work with the color option: I, and all of these explain useful things, too: I . Blending modes are useful for additional light or shadows, adding tones, etc (tho for proper use of them I guess you have to know how color works. I don’t. So I barely know how to use them, but here we go):  

I used Color and Linear Burn to paint these two fanarts: 

And Color and Linear Dodge for these:

Knowing how to color is a pain in the ass, so there’s something useful for that, selective correction (i think that is how it is called?): 

Then you can modify the balance of colors in your illustration! Examples: 

I usually work with low reds and + blue and white (sorry, I still don’t know how to explain, i use this instinctively. It’s not difficult!! But, here, a tutorial). You can keep modifying the final picture with levels and curves: 





Okay, so, in case you aren’t satisfied or you want to keep experimenting, photoshop also has the option of “actions”. An action in photoshop is a record of x amount of adjustments. You can browse and download actions in DeviantArt, too. Window -> actions

(You can record actions too). I’ll show a few examples of some I downloaded awhile ago: 

If you want to understand better how to use some of these tools I would recommend to watch tutorials on Youtube! Every Photoshop has a different interface and some of these options aren’t in the same place as mine. Also DeviantArt is a rich source in tutorials, so I would recommend to browse there, too. You can apply textures to your illustrations using bending modes to overlay them. With Photoshop filters you can experiment a lot, too. 

And this is all my limited knowledge in Photoshop, I’m afraid I can’t help you with anything else, sorry (/)  (\)