Final image (added hexagons on layer behind the drawing)

teatimeismytime asked me how I color stuff and the honest answer is I have no idea but heres a step by step of a painty thing I did. 

This is how I go about most of my digital work (unless I’m attempting lineart in which I have like 20 layers). I like working on one layer to get the most out of blending and to make it more natural. I make new layers when I want to try something I’m not sure is going to work, like those highlights at the end, or when I’m doing something in the background. I like to paint the background in on top too though, like in the other painting in that link.

general tips:

use a big tool!!!!!! until you are working on the fine details, use a big brush size!!! I follow this rule in every kind of art, from digital to watercolor to drawing to relief carving. Getting stuck using tiny tools to cover large areas aint fun, and I like the look of big strokes better but that’s more personal preference.

remember color theory choosing colors opposite each other is always a safe bet, blue and orange are my favorite. shading with black and white can look weird, and shading using only lighter and darker shades of the same color is boring, so bust out that color wheel and choose a complimentary, or a split complimentary, or a triad, or whatever your heart feels like.

the first thing I do with any new medium/photoshop brush is shade a sphere. Good shading practice and gets you used to the new tool.

look at references. theyre useful. look at old master paintings or your favorite contemporaries. get inspired.

literally have fun and be yourself use whatever colors or tools you want, go with what you want to do, try shit out fuck up a bunch, dont worry about it. you can always make more.

How to use NRASS for CAS

Hello everyone! insanitysim asked me how to enable multiple makeup per location with NRASS, so I thought I’d make a tutorial about it because I’ve seen many other simmers with the same problem.Nrass can be kind of confussing at the beggining, but Maybe this tutoial will be alot of help.

1.  First thing you do is click on your sim and click NRass, then click on master controller

2.  Then a window will pop open. You will click on settings

3.  Once in settings you will click on cas

4.  After you are in the cas section you will scroll down until you see Multiple makeup per location

5.  For you it will probably be false, but we need to change that to true, so all you do is click on it and it’ll change to true. 

This works with all the other options. All you gotta do is just click on them to change them to true, then click the check marck at the bottom

Well, I hope this help any of you. If you have any questions, just ask me I’m sure I can help. Thanks to insanitysim for letting me post this publicly <3

How to draw Portraits ?

I am basically self taught, except for this 4 month course that gave me a boast into realistic drawing especially portraits, and since then I continued my journey through YouTube, Of Course imitating references helps a lot, but some times one usually needs these small notes which make all the difference.
I’ve decided to save all this experience online, because though I am seem like a nobody,but on the personal scale I keep on being asked for links videos, good galleries …

How to hold the Pencil the real way
-for some people it may seem weird, as it did for me one year before, any I advise you to take it seriously.

Check Out the whole playlist for more;

Basics in Portraits .
- forming basic shapes in the head, and some shading








* If you intend to take it seriously, then you should practice and study each video, and start by drawing real people NOT PHOTO REFERENCES .
*and Yes all these videos are from Proko and MarkCrilley

anonymous asked:

hey. could you maybe explain how you did the 7 gif here /post/124963362253/the-100-meme-17-characters-clarke-griffin-i ?

yes, of course :)

this is a tutorial on how to turn this:

into this:

please like/reblog this if it helped you

you need 

  • photoshop (i’m using photoshop cc)
  • and to know how to make gifs

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your art and even though we aren't really in many of the same fandoms anymore, I have always appreciated seeing the expressive things you create. Because so much of what you draw for is anime where facial features are unrealistic, how do you decide what the characters "look like" in your style? I'm trying to figure out how I draw individual characters in my own style, but it's so hard when I'm basing it off of the original animation, where they might have very stylistic eyes, etc.

Thank you<33

Actually, I understand your problem so much;__; Drawing someone you can see visually in a different artstyle and then altering the design to your style while still leaving the character recognizable and, well IN character can be such a paaainn!! I can never get the anime character right when I draw them for the first *quite a few* of times.

But as a piece of advice…mm, I always try to give them the features that FIT their personality, you know? WHILE trying to also keep the original design simultaneously. (for the basic example sharp, angled features for serious\sharp personality characters, and rounder ones for the excitable happy ones, but its more to it than that)

Personally I try to focus on getting their eye shape/ brows as close as possible (though I tend to alter that too if I think it would show more of their personality), and their hair. and the expressions. As to other things I tend to change them a bit..Like, if I draw Asahi it’s going to be all gentle lines, but I still try to keep him looking like a delinquent he’s compared to IF only he didn’t have those sheepish kind expressions because of his peaceful nature. That’s why I give him upturned brows and downturned eyes. Give them a sharper angle and Asahi WILL end up looking like an actual criminal.

Hinata is a ball of sunshine with wide range of expressions, the pure excitable child, so I try to give him kind of child-like features? If I can say so. Kageyama is all sharp lines and angles and expressions that are bordering adorable and kind of awkward. Intimidating, but not the point where it can be taken seriously because that kid is a dork:”D

When drawing someone you should always ask yourself what kind of character you are drawing, and what you actually want TO SHOW by drawing this character. Some characters are harder to figure out than others and take more time and experimenting, but eventually you’ll get a hang on it!

Also, general emotional palette of a character is super important too!! Not quite catching the look of a character will not be as noticeable as drawing them out of character and giving them the expressions that just isn’t THEIR. 

Give Kageyama Hinata’s expressions of happiness? It will not be Kageyama anymore. So it’s important to think about this, too:)

I hope it helped at least to some extent, that’s a nice question and I don’t think I can manage answering it well enough;_;