Popcorn nail art tutorial inspired by these junk food nails I did.

1. Paint your base using a light yellow polish.
2. Paint the bottom half of the nail red, making the line slightly rounded.
3. Paint white stripes over the red section.
4. Using your light yellow polish, make dots overlapping the bottom striped section just slightly. This will make your bag of popcorn look like it is really spilling over!
5. With black polish, write “pop corn” on the striped section. You can easily omit this step if space doesn’t allow!
6. Using a light brown polish, make lines that look like “3″ to create the outline of the popcorns. You’ll want to do this along the bottom of the yellow too in some spots.
7. Repeat this shape all over the nail. You do not need to make this exact or make it look like you outlined every piece of popcorn. You just want to create the illusion of a full bag!

Finish with a top coat and enjoy!

Fandom Tutorials, Guides & Tips - Chapter 1 - earlgreytea68, lezzerlee - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
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image under text

aka how to make banners with html!


I used this image as the background.

- Paste this code after <style type=“text/css”> or before </style>:

htmltut {
   color: white;  /*Do not change the color*/
  background: url(http://static.tumblr.com/a358be94eafb65ab680f6e99d45f6637/qxq3b0n/8Uxn653qk/tumblr_static_an63bozeugow48cogcog0s8ww.jpg) no-repeat; /*replace current url with url of the photo of your choice*/
  -webkit-background-clip: text;
  -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;

- Add this code under <body> or anywhere you’d like to place the text with image:

<htmltut>TITLE HERE</htmltut>

- Update Preview and Save!

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How to color scenes with POC in them
  • tutorial by itsphotoshop
  • please, like/reblog if it was useful
  • two psds inside

Hello guys! I received a complaint about how some colorings whitewash (especially the pastel trend) a while ago, plus many times I’ve been asked for specific colorings for POC, so here we go. Also, here is a POC-friendly PSDs masterpost.

I’m basically stating which types of coloring to avoid and what settings to use, mostly in Selective Color.

(more examples inside.)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your art and even though we aren't really in many of the same fandoms anymore, I have always appreciated seeing the expressive things you create. Because so much of what you draw for is anime where facial features are unrealistic, how do you decide what the characters "look like" in your style? I'm trying to figure out how I draw individual characters in my own style, but it's so hard when I'm basing it off of the original animation, where they might have very stylistic eyes, etc.

Thank you<33

Actually, I understand your problem so much;__; Drawing someone you can see visually in a different artstyle and then altering the design to your style while still leaving the character recognizable and, well IN character can be such a paaainn!! I can never get the anime character right when I draw them for the first *quite a few* of times.

But as a piece of advice…mm, I always try to give them the features that FIT their personality, you know? WHILE trying to also keep the original design simultaneously. (for the basic example sharp, angled features for serious\sharp personality characters, and rounder ones for the excitable happy ones, but its more to it than that)

Personally I try to focus on getting their eye shape/ brows as close as possible (though I tend to alter that too if I think it would show more of their personality), and their hair. and the expressions. As to other things I tend to change them a bit..Like, if I draw Asahi it’s going to be all gentle lines, but I still try to keep him looking like a delinquent he’s compared to IF only he didn’t have those sheepish kind expressions because of his peaceful nature. That’s why I give him upturned brows and downturned eyes. Give them a sharper angle and Asahi WILL end up looking like an actual criminal.

Hinata is a ball of sunshine with wide range of expressions, the pure excitable child, so I try to give him kind of child-like features? If I can say so. Kageyama is all sharp lines and angles and expressions that are bordering adorable and kind of awkward. Intimidating, but not the point where it can be taken seriously because that kid is a dork:”D

When drawing someone you should always ask yourself what kind of character you are drawing, and what you actually want TO SHOW by drawing this character. Some characters are harder to figure out than others and take more time and experimenting, but eventually you’ll get a hang on it!

Also, general emotional palette of a character is super important too!! Not quite catching the look of a character will not be as noticeable as drawing them out of character and giving them the expressions that just isn’t THEIR. 

Give Kageyama Hinata’s expressions of happiness? It will not be Kageyama anymore. So it’s important to think about this, too:)

I hope it helped at least to some extent, that’s a nice question and I don’t think I can manage answering it well enough;_;

Tips for Fandom Blogs

I decided to make this post full of information about becoming a successful fandom blog because it’s information I wish I had had when I started out on tumblr. Obviously this information is all based on personal experience but here are my tips on how to set up your blog and gain followers! Hope this helps :)

Setting up your blog

  • First you need a kick ass url
    • this is the first thing people look at when judging your blog - you want to make a good impression
    • it should be related entirely to the fandom(s) that your blog is centered around
    • the shorter the better
    • avoid dashes
    • if you want to ask me for one of my saved urls step right up
    • here’s a tutorial on how to save urls
    • character names make really good urls - be creative in finding ways to make the name still readable in an available url
  • Icons
    • again this is something people will be looking at to get a snapshot impression of your blog
    • bright colors are your friend
    • your icon should be related to your fandom(s) (obviously)
    • for fandom bloggers I would say avoid selfies - your face is beautiful and lovely and if it’s only a personal blog go for it! but if you’re trying to break into the fandom community a good fandom icon makes it a whole lot easier. post selfies tho we love your face!
    • there are lots of icon makers out there - using hp as an example if you search through tumblr.com/tagged/hp-icons  you’re gonna find some great hp icons
    • or for teen wolf tumblr.com/tagged/twicons - if you can’t find any for a particular fandom the first time you search, adjust your tag a little
    • google will give you alright results, but generally you’ll have to have some editing skills to make those look good
    • pretty and good quality is the priority
  • Themes
    • do not use themes from the theme garden
    • white or black backgrounds are generally the standard
    • good resource for finding themes
    • my favorite theme blogs: x | x | x | x | x or go through the themes tag
    • usually the simpler the better
    • 1 column for posts is standard
    • font is key in themes. Look for themes with a clean looking font. If you don’t know what that means I’d be happy to take a look at the font you’ve chosen
    • updates tabs are a great way to put information on your blog without making it look cluttered 
    • use a color scheme - they make everything more appealing
    • sidebars or top headers should be related to your fandom
      • some really pretty transparent sidebars or top headers
      • or use an edit already on tumblr (make sure to give credit)
    • make a navigation page
    • and make sure your ask box is turned on
    • header image should be bright and pretty as well and not the standard preset image - this is what will show up on your mobile theme
  • Get x-kit - trust me you want it

How to get followers and friends as a fandom blog

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