The older I get, the more obsessed I am with anything and everything Lisa Frank. But of course we may not always have the time or energy to do a full-blown 90s homage (like these I did before). So here’s a simple, fun, and super easy tutorial for how to sport a classic Lisa Frank look!

1. Paint your nails with a white polish. 
2. Using a makeup sponge and generous amounts of polish, paint stripes of the colors you want to use in your gradient, overlapping the colors just a bit. I went for the full gradient, using dark purple, light purple, pink, yellow, mint, and blue. Make sure your stripes are wide enough to cover the full nail when you stamp it in the next step.
3. Stamp your nail. The trick to getting a good stamp out of it is to NOT press down hard when you stamp your nail. You just want to use a light amount of pressure. This allows the polish to transfer thickly to your nail versus absorbing more into the sponge.
4. I used a cheap clear coat to smudge the colors together a bit before they dry. This just makes the ombre a bit smoother. But be careful with this step. If you work on any area too much you risk wiping away the color to reveal the white, or picking up a color on the brush and bringing it where it isn’t meant to go!
5. Using a black Migi Nail Art pen (or a nail art brush dipped in black polish), create your basic leopard print shapes. The best way I can explain to do this is to make various crooked horseshoe/“n” shapes, or sort of ( ) shapes. Mix it up, play around with the shapes - no leopards are perfect!
6. Fill in the gaps between your spots by creating dots and tiny lines.



So I did a really fast presentation today at work about my quick-character-design process. Since I’ve been the one doing most of the character design at work these days and I usually have to spit ideas out really fast (our turnaround is lightniiinnnggg), the art director thought it would be helpful to just do some knowledge share. 

All these prompts are from my coworkers, btw. 

Basic steps I follow: 

1) List out parameters (given to you or made to you) – Blue sky projects are hard for me, so if I’m given something really vague I usually make up my own list anyway. 

2) Quick Research - Basically 30 minutes worth of Google Image Search and note taking, haha

3) 3 Iteration pass. Sometimes my first drawing is done before i do any research just to get my knee jerk reaction to the project out of place. It’s usually the most obvious design, and oftentimes the worst one. Think in terms of shapes and silhouettes. Visual hooks. Have the inspo board up for reference and inspiration. Etc etc etc Also a good idea to do more than one design because getting married to the first one isn’t always the best idea. 

Nothing really new. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a tutorial on how you draw faces?? If not it's totally fine!! Thank you and I really enjoy your art!!

Alright!! Thank you! I’ll do my best trying to explain it hhahah. 


I really recommend Sycra’s videos if you’re like me and have a hard time studying art.  In this tutorial I’ll just go through what my process is when drawing so please get to know the basics before doing this. I hope you’ll learn something new!

First of all, my “style” is very inconsistant. I keep trying new things all the time so no picture is the same lol. Here are a few recent sketches:

Even if my style is inconsistant, my process is usually pretty similar, so I’ll go through how I build the face up, and then how I actually paint it. 


Now, if I knew this would be a serious, rendered artwork I’d draw a proper lineart, but it takes way too much time for a simple drawing so I skipped it. If you’re a beginner you should start by doing guide lines for your face, it helps a lot with proportion!


Something to remember is that everything gets darker the farther away from the light source it gets. Sounds super basic but I forget this all the time. It’s easy to fix with just a gradiant on top of everyhting lol. 

Usually I draw the base of the skintone in a pale nude colour, and have the shadows in a darker, more red tone. Basically I do shadows in a darker, colder colour than the base color. Please check Sycra’s tutorial on coloring if you’re unsure, because things can get pretty complicated! 

I hope this helped some of you, or maybe inspired you to try something new out! Just remember that talent isn’t a big deal, it’s about hard work and enjoying what you’re doing along the way. (a-also learning the basics like anatomy and so on….. I should do that…..) Anyone can get good at drawing, you just have to keep at it! I believe in you! Just DO IT