Mini Tutorial: Backlighting

PROGRAM: Adobe After Effects CC

OBS: There are several ways to achieve this effect; this is simply the way I prefer to do it. 

1. First I chose a clip that you want to add backlighting to.

2. Next step: Mask the character. I used 2 different masking methods here: First I removed the sky with the help of several “Color Keys”. This way I don´t loose the small details of in the hair. 

But this effect erased the white color in Ariel´s face, so I had to duplicate the clip and this time mask only her face (with “Roto Brush”). When I am done masking I render the clip with Alpha Channels, so that I am working with only 1 layer. 

3. Background time: I decided to go with the same background as in the original, but made a few changes: ”Glow”, “Gaussian Blur” and “Gamma/Pedestal/Gain”.

4. RED LAYER: Background. YELLOW LAYER: Masker Ariel.

5.  I then duplicated the masked Ariel, turned the layer all black with “Levels”. GREEN LAYER: Shadow

6. The I masked the shadow layer with the “Roto Brush” (really simple; just draw over everything) and then heavily adjusted the settings until it looked like  shadow. 

7. Changed the layers “Opacity” to 50% to make it see-through. 

8. Added some adjustments to wrap it all up: “”Curves” and “Remove Grain”.


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At first I had a big problem with his shoulder. THE PERSPECTIVE WAS SO HARD. Honestly I don’t have any hint to tell you cuz I spend 4 years on it.

Yea, 4 years, since 2011 I guess.

I’m not trying to show off about how I spent a long time on this, it’s just hard to understand and study his chest plate and his shoulder plate. Knockout is not a square transformer, partly his body is more like a well built male human body: thick and strong neck, and the triangle shape of his body.

However his hips is not straght down, there’s little bit female body element in there, but not that obvious.

All I can do is to tell you the shape and what I tried to get his body looks right, what you can do is to practice more and you also can study the detail about his body part on google or just re-watch TFP.

You can do anything with his optics, I used to drew his eyes like human shape or whatever I wanna do.

I believe you can do it.


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Do you have any Valentine's Day tutorials? Thank you!

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Drawing a realistic Eye using Coloured Pencils by polaara

Avengers Academy Tutorial

Okay I’m gonna say some tips that I’ve found out from playing Avengers Academy to help people progress through the game more quickly. Keep in mind, I am level 11, almost 12. Right now, these tips work for me, but keep in mind, they might change in the future. Also this plan does not require spending any real money. I got to this level this quickly for free. It is possible to play smart. And I hope these ideas help you.

Also remember this is what I have found is best for myself, not necessarily for you. So feel free to add suggestions, disagree with me, or give tips of your own! <3

Time is literally money in this game. The more you save on time, the more coins you have. The more coins you have, the more you’ll save on time. That’s why every action you take has to be calculated and smart. You have to choose quests with precision in order to get the most reward out of the smallest amount of time. Here’s some instructions to help you make those good choices.

  • Do easy quests first. I classify easy ones by if they require an hour or less total time. If you have a longer quest (like 4 hours or even 2 hours depending on how fast the easy quest will be done), don’t do it yet. Even for a character not already in use, you don’t know whether that character will be required for the next quest that comes up (which is usually in 15 minutes). And if it does, you literally just cockblocked your ability to roll in new quests–and thus your progress. Resist the temptation.
  • Your goal is to get so many easy quests done that all that is left is longer quests (2-5 hours). Once there’s 2+ hour quests only, you can do them all at the same time without worrying about whether you’ll need a character for an upcoming easy quest.
  • 8 hour quests should almost always be saved for before bed. These quests lock your character in for 8 hours. If something else comes up where you really need that character, then you can’t cancel that action. That’s 8 hours down the drain. (Remember, time is money). Unless almost all of your quests require an 8 hour time frame, just don’t do it. Save it for later.
  • Stop trashing quests at level 8. The wait time for a new quest jumps to an hour, and it’s no longer time efficient. Suck it up (try not to cry 4 real T_T), and do the quest, according to these tips. Before level 8, however, it can be time efficient to skip quests. But remember, longer quests make more money.. Depends on preference, I suppose.
  • Whenever possible, try to have it so one character’s action, fulfills multiple quest requirements. Once, I had a quest for Wasp to plan a party for 4 hours. Like bullet point 2 suggests, I didn’t do it. By the time I had finished all my easy quests (many of which required Wasp), I had THREE quests that required her to plan parties. I literally decreased what could have been 12 hours to 4! If I had prematurely sent Wasp on that 4 hour quest, this would not have been possible. This is further emphasizing that bullet point 2 is so, so important.
  • Arrange character actions smartly. This is hard to explain because of so many different ways you can do this, and it’s also hard to accomplish without a ton of practice (I still fuck up sometimes). Example: say Black Widow (1hr), Stark(15min), and Wasp(3min?) all need to practice at the upgraded shooting range. Say another quest requires Stark(1min), Wasp(5min?), and Falcon(1min) to fly around. Instead of doing one quest at a time, you can smartly to arrange actions so that you are essentially multi-tasking. Have Falcon fly, and Black Widow immediately start on her task. That leaves one shooting range spot open. While Wasp takes that shooting post, Stark flies around. That way, they’ll be done close in time to each other and can switch. Stark can take the shooting range, while Wasp flies around and finishes the flying quest. Obviously this seems like common sense, but it can get a lot more complicated than this. Thought needs to be put in to who is doing what for how long and where. Like I said, awareness and practice are key to this tip.
  • Skip the free 30 seconds whenever you happen to notice it. It’s just 30 seconds, but 30 seconds can become 30 minutes if you do it enough. :)

Above tips showed you how to turn time into money, now it’s time to turn money in to time. If you followed this advice, then you should be making a shit ton of coins (like at least 2-3k a day at my level). How do you spend these coins to save on time even more? How do you prioritize the overwhelming options of what to buy?

  • Your first priority should be unlocking new characters when they come up in the story line quest.The reason for this is that a lot of the time, 2 missions requiring the same character will appear. Since a character cannot be two places at the same time, you have to do the missions sequentially. The more characters you have, the higher chance that all your missions will come up for different characters, allowing you the ability to do all missions at once! This saves a lot of time.  If there’s a character you need to unlock, do that first!
  • The second priority should be leveling up your characters. This should be done immediately when possible. Buying buildings, outfits, etc. with coins can help you complete quest and give you more variety yes, but leveling up characters increases your total income. You will make coins faster and be able to buy more things. It’s delayed gratification. Dooo itttt.
  • While this could be argued, your third priority is buying & upgrading buildings, especially when a story line quests wants you to do this. Some people will tell you outfits are better, but I save that for last. That’s because both outfits and buildings give a higher diversity of actions, but unlike outfits, buildings allow more actions to be done in one place. Have you ever had a mission pop up wanting a character to study in the Timeless Archives, and it’s already occupied? This doesn’t directly solve the problem, but it provides more chance for quests that won’t land on an occupied building to come up. Outfits, on the other hand, decrease that chance.
  • Outfits are the last priority. They’re still important because they provide a higher variety of missions (which is handy in being more likely to avoid 8 hour missions)… But other than that, they don’t do much for you, at least as far as I’ve seen. (Edit: apparently they decrease the time of 1 action, so this is something to consider.) Also, some of the actions that come with the outfits are 8 hour actions… and you don’t want more of those. So be smart and careful in buying outfits.
  • I know there’s not a lot of databases online for this game, but do your best to research what you are buying. For example, the outfit store may not be a priority for you early on, even though it’s a building, because no new actions come with it–only outfits. So choose wisely!

Anyway I hope this helps you guys! I’m sorry I get a little long winded sometimes, but I tried to keep it to the bare essentials. Once you start viewing time management as a skill in this game, not only do your options of what to do increase, but the game becomes more fun and challenging than simply sending Avengers off to do their thing. I’m super enjoying it, and I hope you all are too!