Washed Away by the Waves

The ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.

These lines by Nathaniel Hawthorne say something very similar to what Warren Keelan photographs depict. Keelan is an Australian seascape and ocean photographer who captures his perception of the ocean through his lens. Keelan has always been fascinated by nature; the ocean and its ever changing form, its unpredictable nature.

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A Whimsical Ride

Anna Taberko creates visually stunning GIFs that capture the whimsicality of viewing things through the kaleidoscope. The patterns appear only to disappear again, living in the world of continuous loop yet never failing to mesmerize the audience.   

Taberko uses vibrant background colours for her pieces and illustrates elements of nature such as flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits and even butterflies, morphing from one form to another, moving them in circles.

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