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Got any art tips on drawing hands? More specifically finger placements?

SO this is kinda the template that i use to draw hands

to figure out where the fingers would go, i draw a curve to indicate where the tips of the fingers would be (or the knuckles, it works both ways). by following that curve, i’m able to figure out where the fingers would go. 

you don’t have to follow it perfectly, but staying along the curve makes the finger placement look more natural and makes it easier for me to draw hands

i hope that helps!!!

Color Reference Guide to Recognize & Avoid Whitewashing

I’ve made a tutorial on how to color adjust to fix washed out coloringsbut I noticed people aren’t always sure when their coloring needs fixing in the first place. So I’ve made a bunch of colorings you can use to compare your own to. It’s designed to help avoid whitewashing, but also help avoid over-correction.

If you’re not a content creator, you can also use this guide for reblogging as well. :)

Using the Guide

  • Each set comes in three: cool, neutral, and warm. If your coloring is bluer/whiter than the cool tone, consider readjusting.
  • Examples of what might be too pale/bright are beneath each set
  • There are various categories (daytime, night scenes, etc) for each type of scene you might encounter
  • Each coloring has a color palette beneath for the highlights, midtones, and shadows of the character’s face. If you’re having trouble eyeballing it, use the eyedropper tool to double check.

1) For the sake of simplicity, I’ve used one character per category, but characters of color are not interchangeable. Identify the skin tone for the character you’re coloring and work with that. This is only meant to give a frame of reference for what is and isn’t whitewashing

2) If any of the colorings look different than what they’ve been stated as (i.e. the cool tones look too warm or some look way too dark to be visible) calibrate your monitor. It means your screen color and gamma needs readjustment.

Guide itself is under the read more!

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anonymous asked:

Teach me how to draw armor!! Pleeaassdee I struggle with this so badly but your armor is always so amazing I just want to see how you make it, show me a tutorial oh my god please i need you

thank you so much!! I…okay!! i’m not particularly good at armour or teaching or well anything really so if anyone wants to point out mistakes or add to this feel free to do so, i’m not sure what part you struggle with so i included shading too? I hope this helps! I’d suggest looking at different medieval armour suits to have a better idea of the parts and shapes but here goes nothing

HERE is a much better explanation with all the layers and a much more realistic approach by perplexingly that your should definitely check out, also their art is fantastic!!

HERE you can find armor parts and if you click around you will see tons of armor reference

good luck!

anonymous asked:

hi! sorry if this is a dumb question but i never know how to implement colour pallets? do you have any advice on how to actually use them?

Hi! I don’t really use color palettes anymore because I prefer to just pick colors as I go but I do have a method for how I place color. I suck at explaining so I’ll just show you a couple examples and then explain as best as I can - (please keep in mind that there’s probably better ways to do it. This is just how I do it)

Basically what I do is I build everything around a focal point.

  • In the first pic my focal point is Kelsey,so I knew I wanted her to stand out. I used the same shade of blue for her dress and the window behind her and different warm tones for the little objects around her (see plant pots,pillow and candles/lights). 
  • I didn’t have to think too much when I worked on the Sailor Moon piece since it’s a simple composition. But I actually did the opposite of what I did for the first pic. I used different colors for the focal point (Usagi) and one color (just different tones and values) for the rest of the pic.
  • A thing I did for both pictures (and actually for all of my art ) was to place a color and then place it again somewhere on the opposite side of the canvas,to balance things out and make everything more cohesive.

Not sure how helpful this was but if you have any more questions just shoot me a message (it might take me a while to respond because I’m really busy) :]

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hair tutorial?! please :3

HELLO! I’m not too sure on how to make a hair tutorial since i kinda just go the hell out with it (its really inconsistent it hurts lol). But i’ll try my best!

Scalp points is really important. You would want it to look natural, and from there you can control where your front hair goes. There are 3 main points, one in the middle and the other two by your temples.

I usually divides my hair sections into 3: the front, sides, and back. YOU DONT REALLY HAVE TO FOLLOW EVERYTHING THOUGH, JUST DO YOUR THANG. I know, my hair structures doesnt make sense with the points and stuffs lmao. But yeah you got my point.

Examples with different hairstyles:

Note to self: do not attempt curly hair if you’ll just fuck things up

Side view examples:

Girls Hair example:

Girls hair doesnt make sense. Just go crazy and make them fabulous queens.

So yeah, thats all i manage to think of. There are great artists out there who make better tutorials than me lmao. Check out kelpls amazing tutorials, or just look at some fancy kpop artists’ hair for reference their hair are amazing

Gif tutorial

Since some people asked me a tutorial on how I color my gifs and make color palette gifsets/multicolor gifs, I’ve finally decided to do it.

We’ll go from this:

to this:

and finally to this:

and this:

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Process gifs!! Because it was frequently asked, here it is finally!

My process is fairly straightforward, I always follow the same routine, I think it’s good to keep good habits in doing landscapes or else it’s too easy to get overwhelmed by all the different parts, layers and details etc…Gotta keep it simple~~

    - 1. First I always begin with doing tons of  thumbnails (less than 300 pixels each). Once I get an idea, I don’t jump directly into making the painting, nah I take my time laying my ideas on tiny thumbnails. Those are fast to make and will save me so much time in the long run. I try different views, try different colors, atmosphere, composition etc I’m just fooling around really, and at the end, there’s always one that will speak more to me.

   - 2. After choosing one thumbnail, I take few seconds to think how I will build up my painting, how I will place each components, how I will ‘layer’ it all. It’s good to have a plan and stay organized I think. It’s the color blocking time!!

As you can see in my process, I like to begin with the farthest object, and then little by little I make my way forward. Most of the time, the sky is the farthest object, so I begin with it. Then I add a new layer on top of the sky and place the stars for example. And then a new layer on top and I place the clouds. And so on and on, I build it up little by little. (even when I work on just one layer, I follow this process, it’s easier to touch up the background if something is amiss before adding the foreground and details)

  For this part, I don’t go into details yet, I just place my composition, I decide of the local colors, I use a big big brush, it’s really rough, but it’s a really important part. Once the big shapes are into place, once the balance looks good to me and the colors and values are alright, I can finally go to the next step.

   -3. Time to decide, where I want my light to come from, and so my shadows. Yeah nothing to explain here ^^’

   -4. Once I know my light and shadows, I start rendering, I go back to my color block layers, and add the details on them., I defines the shapes, add new things etc … I readjust colors to my liking, trying to fit the mood I’m aiming for. And really that’s it, it is the longest part.

We all are different, we all have our own preferences, there isn’t a ‘right’ method, we just need to find what we are confortable with, here is just my way of doing landscapes, hope it can help!  have a good day ❤❤


I share my secret tips on how I draw detailed illustrations effortlessly!
P-please check it out…!

Restart your Wacom driver with one click!

Hey guys, so… I realized I had a pretty handy little script lying around to stop and start your Wacom drivers fast. I’m gonna explain how I did it so you can make one too.

Sadly this will only work for Windows

Open Notepad

copy paste the following in the file;

net stop WTabletServicePro
net start WTabletServicePro

You can use net stop to start or stop whatever service you want. Be sure to click on the properties of the service to get the right name though, the displayed name and the actual name of the service aren’t always the same. 

Next you are going to save the file on a location where you wont easily throw it away. I saved mine directly in the C:/ directory. Make sure that you save it as a .bat and not a .txt. the name can be whatever you want.

If you saved it right the file should look something like this (or if you have a detail view it will tell you that it’s a .bat file);

Next you’re going to make sure that whenever you click this program it will be executed with admin rights. You can´t do this directly on the .bat file, so you´ll need to make a shortcut. rightclick on the .bat file and select “Create Shortcut”. I’d avice you to put the shortcut on your desktop or another directory you can easily access.

right-click the shortcut and go to Properties -> Advanced and check the box next to “Run as Administrator”. This will ensure that your .bat file will always run in administrator mode. 

If you don’t run the .bat file in administrator mode it will not work.

Now if your driver crashes all you have to do is close your art program, double click the shortcut you made (it will show you a prompt asking for permission to run the .bat as admin, click “yes”) and the program will stop and start the wacom driver for you. A command box will appear and you’ll know the commands ran succesfully if the command box dissappears again.You can then restart your program (if you are a bit handy with the windows command line you can even start the artprogram of your choice in the same script).

I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

edit: Forgot something important!

Last step: Feel like a


VIXX ~ Error [141221] SBS Gayo Daejun

picnic-crossing  asked:

I want to hug you all the time tbh ;u; your art is super precious and youre adorably sweet Ive always wanted to know how you draw eyes cause its like my favorite part of your drawings but I'm also a little nervous to ask in case you aren't comfortable sharing.. but if you are do you think you could do a small eye tutorial?? ackkk im sorry 🙈 I can tell Im gonna regret sending this but I appreciate your blog and art and you so so much

hello sweet blossoms! ♡ ahh no worries, you’re too cute! let me give you a huge bear hug aww! (⊃ˆ❍ˆ(͈´ᵕ`͈✿)

I never imagined I’d get a nice message like this about the way I draw eyes, I’m flattered! (﹡ᵗ ꒳ ᵗ ﹡) I don’t really know what to say~~ ah! ♡

for my animal crossing styled chibis, I personally think the way I draw eyes is a little simple and straightforward 💦 I just kind of go with the basic shape of which ever eye I’m drawing! …and add a sparkle! ✧ so to me, they aren’t really unique or stand out much! (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ)ゞ

(@mayor-aby, @cupcakecrossing and @mayor-peachy all have very amazing, super detailed, and unique eye styles! I looove the way they draw eyes~! ♡ they are my favorites! ♡)

SWEATS 💦 so because my eye style is rather simple, I’m really sorry that this tutorial is kind of short and basic~~ |ω`)゚・ (I’ve also never made a tutorial before so I hope this is okay!! ♡)

I don’t really think I’m the best for this, so I’m really very sorry! but I hope this helps at least a little bit maybe! (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ᗨ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥)و ̑̑ if you have other questions on this, feel free to ask! ♪

thank you again and good luck my dear!! ♡


(A bunch of messy quick sketches for comparison, but I’ll try…)

  • Babies have very big heads.
  • Big eyes.
  • Tiny, cute features, usually simplified.
  • Small nose and mouth.
  • Chubby bodies and cheeks.  

I like to give baby Papyrus round teeth. :3

Also, for baby Papyrus, I find that tiny eyes look better on him and big eyes look better on Sans.

Big cheekbones for Pap!

Baby Sans can be tricky to draw because unlike Papyrus,  Both adult and baby Sans’ face remains very round. Just give him smaller face and body features.

anonymous asked:

Can you please tutorial on head shapes? I can't seem to get em right

I really hope this could help even a little bit!!! Have fun!!
(I never done tutorials before, or tried to explain this kinda stuff to anyone so sorry if it’s kinda shitty,,,,, also sry for my janky handwriting)