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How to make music! One of the long-awaited tutorials. :D


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Bendy and the Ink Machine - The Devil’s Swing - Piano Tutorial

Gothamites As YouTubers.

Headcanon: This was my request!

Jerome: Pranking videos and challenges.

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Edward: Theories and science videos, collaborating with Oswald with his piano.

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Oswald: Piano tutorials/covers.

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Barbara: Makeup/fashion tutorials.

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Selina: Dance videos.

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Bruce: Theories, vlogging about his day.

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Revali’s Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Piano Tutorial] // DS Music


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Impossible Remix - Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bend You Till You Break - Try Hard Ninja


A lot of people’s asked me for the sheet music or tutorial and here it is! Please credit me when you make your cover off my tutorial hahaha


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Bendy and the Ink Machine - Bend You Till You Break - Piano Tutorial


Binary Sunset (The Force Theme) - Star Wars [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Fontenele NXT


I told zach-stone that i was going to make this in April and it’s finally finished! If you want more tutorials, send me an ask and let me know! (I’ll try to be less monotone in future vids)

I hope this comes in handy for all you people that want to play Bo songs!!


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Tattletail Song - Mama Hates You - Piano Cover


Smile for you - Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Yeh-Kun

Kawoshin Youtuber AU

Shinji is an average high school student who spends a lot of time on the Internet. He’s got a few friends at school, but his home life is less than ideal. His father is rarely home, and usually just ignores his existence completely. Shinji watches YouTube videos in his spare time as a sort of escape.

Soon, he finds Kaworu Nagisa’s channel. Kaworu’s channel is filled with piano tutorials, all the way from beginners to advance. He has some covers thrown in there too and they’re the best things Shinji had ever heard. So, he finds himself watching all of Kaworu’s videos. After a while he even saves up for a cheap keyboard and begins to learn how to play. Life at home seems less depressing. He also has a kinda-sorta crush on the Youtuber, because holy shit he’s gorgeous. Shinji’s not the only one who thinks that though, since the top comments on Kaworu’s videos often have to do with his looks.

But ANYWAY, Shinji soon learns that Kaworu will be appearing at a YouTube convention in Tokyo. He HAS to meet him. Shinji suggests the idea to Toji and Kensuke, they’re all in. Asuka had over heard so she’s coming too, much to Toji’s irritation. They get there and Shinji eagerly waits in Kaworu’s line with a letter he wrote. He stammers his way through meeting and getting a photo and nearly dies of a heart attack.

Months later Shinji is surprised to get a hand written letter BACK from Kaworu, telling him how touched he was by his story and kawoshin happens okay this got too long


Also on Youtube! Thanks for listening!

Vocals: Ashe
Original: Rebecca Sugar ft. Deedee Magno
Instrumental: New Piano Tutorials
Image: kerbabbles.tumblr.com

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