BUY or DIY: Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes or Pearl Body Jewelry.

Top Photos: BUY $250 Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes from the Etsy shop of MyLittleBride and Efrat Davidsohn Jewelry. The epaulettes clip on. Her other much more ornate necklaces, that cover the shoulders, are gorgeous and reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Bottom Photo: DIY by Panda Hall, using brooches to hold the “shoulder necklaces” in place. I rarely look at anything on Panda Hall without researching where the DIY actually came from. I found the original Etsy source for this DIY in the comment section.

Below is one of  Efrat Davidsohn’s beautiful Shoulder Necklaces. It’s $1,300 and you can find it here.

anonymous asked:

can you give me some tips on how to draw hair? ^^

i think i can!

this is how i usually draw hair:

1.) draw face+head. you don’t have to draw the whole skull but sometimes it helps to be able to see where the head itself ends to determine how to place the hair

2.) sketch the hair. make sure to leave some room between the skull and the hair because hair is layered and fluffy, it doesn’t lay flat on top of the head. also make sure to decide where the hair starts and if/how it’s parted. this determines the flow of the hair and how it should fall around the head. this can be a bit tricky, depending on the hair style but with a lot of practice it’ll start to make sense soon!!

keep the shape of the hair simple, draw a few kind of blocky strands in different shapes, don’t try to draw every single strand, it will make the hair look messy, especially if the strands all have the same… thickness?

like this for example:

don’t do this.

3.) lineart. i still like to keep it simple, vary the line thickness here and there to give it more depth and i will add very few strands so that it looks a bit fluffier and more hair-like.

4.) colours \o/ the lineart already helps decide how to place shadows and which direction the various strands fall in, so again i don’t have to colour too detailed, because it’d make it look too messy again. this is very trial and error for me, sometimes i redo this part multiple times.

more examples:

basically: pay attention to how the hair is parted, don’t draw every single strand, make sure you unterstand that hair flows and is layered and not some stiff substance that’s always straight and you’re golden ( ´ ▽ ` )

i hope this helps a bit!!

DIY Tee Shirt Dress or Coverup Tutorial from Trash to Couture.

Buy the largest size tee you can for this restyle with minimal sewing. For more DIY cover ups go here and for a huge archive of DIY restyled tees go here.

Below is another easy cover up from Trash to Couture: DIY Easy Knockoff Victoria’s Secret Cover Up  here. For the original Victoria’s Secret knockoff (with pattern and how to wrap it) go to my post on La Vie en Rose’s cover ups here.  


Macrame DIY

One of my first interior design posts was about the gaining popularity of Crochet Wall Hangings. These things are actually pretty traditional, people have been making them for a very long time, but all of a sudden they have become trendy again. In that original post I linked to several Etsy stores that you could find them in, along with to a few patterns to make your own, but now that they are popping up even more in wedding decor, I decided to post a tutorial right here. If you want to see some examples of these things in real home, click here.

People like to get really tricky and fancy with their Macrame, and if you are a skilled at knitting, crocheting, and arts and crafts in general, then I applaud you. This tutorial is for the rest of us though. The steps are pretty easy to see up above. The reason I chose this one is because you don’t even have to mess with different colors of yarn, you just use paint! The only real thing that needs explaining is the knots. So I’m going to try my best to do that for you all. Feel free to send me questions about it later.

Larks Knot (To attach the yarn)

Divide one piece of yarn in half. Put the loop under the dowel. Wrap the ends over the dowel and through the loop. Pull taught.

Square Knot (Using two loops and four strands)

The left cord goes over the center two cords and under the right cord. The right cord then goes under the center two cords and through the hole you created. 

The cord that is now on the left (blue in the example above) goes under the center cords again and over the cord on the right.

The cord on the right goes over the center two cords and passes through the hole. Like so:

And thats it! You move down your line of Lark’s knots that you made on the dowel. Then do Square knots with the yarn where it naturally aligns. It will take awhile to get used to the spacing, so I suggest using cheaper yarn at first. Tip: It is much easier to make this look nice if you have the yarn hanging from the dowel, instead of laying flat on a table. 

anonymous asked:

What is your process for drawing/coloring/shading thneeds and smoke(from the cigars)?

omgggg ahhhhhh I don’t actually have a real process for those; I just do trial and error until it looks passable lol…

ok but I whipped these up rly quick just for you, anon!!!!

a very basic shading tutorial

because i was asked by earthprxnce for some basic shading tips.

i use two brushes for shading. the pencil and basic paintbrush

and this is the most basic you can get on shading tips. these were the kind of tutorials i was given in highschool and i found them really helpful when i was still doing traditional art. i really hope this translates to digital well lol.

ask any questions you want and i’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

i made a few typos and my handwriting is really messy lol hope this is legible.

anonymous asked:

How did you make your smudge guard glove? Also.. show pictures of yours? :D

I use mine mostly on the tablet, as it lets me move around more smoothly (= smoother linework!) but they work when drawing too (for me anyways). 

I’ve never tried one that you purchase through a retailer so I actually have no idea if they’re made from a special material? Socks are comfy tho, and you can find pretty hilarious prints these days. 

DIY Easy Melt and Pour Orange Clove Gardeners’ Soap Tutorial from A Cultivated Nest.

The grated clove and orange peel give this sap a wonderful earthy look and delicious smell. The melt and pour glycerin soap base makes this an easy and quick DIY. This is the perfect gift for any time of year.

For easy homemade soaps like Vanilla Latte Soap and many more go here: and for more DIY beauty and spa recipes including roundups from 2012, 2013 and 2014 go here.