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How did you draw the Dreemurs?! Especially Asriel! and you did so well with aging too

I look through reference from dogs, instead of goats! 

And I depend how short their “nose” is and how puffy their cheeks when it comes to aging them. They get longer, more extruded and define jawline the more they age. 

Asgore is tricky, I just gave him more angular build to give that masculine feel.

I hope this helps!

Do you want to learn how to draw Sans?

On this day I’ll make a livestream with the steps to learn how to draw this skeleton in a basic way. I’ll also show you how to draw Papyrus and maybe Muffet

Don’t miss my livestream on youtube, I’ll be waiting for you, any question  that you want to ask me you can make it in a super chat, I’ll try to be as precise as possible

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The Abhorsen’s Bells

My biggest project for Geek Girl Con this year was creating Sabriel’s iconic bells, the magical tools she uses to battle necromancers and lay the dead to rest. Since the bells are such an integral part of her character, I knew I wanted them to be both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough to endure lots of handling. (And unlike her sword, this was a project where I could use actual metal!)

Tutorial by:  Grace of Ginger Armadillo Costumes 
Tutorial Link:

Better quad meshes from Marvelous Designer using Instant Meshes

I wasn’t really a big fan of Marvelous Designer because of its unmanageable, crazily high-poly, tri-mesh exports. However, I recently discovered this autoretopology tool called Instant Meshes which beautifully generates amazing quad meshes from your tri-mesh exports with just a few clicks. I strongly recommend creators who use Marvelous Designer to try it. 

Here’s a tutorial on marvelous designer forum, and here’s the project page. It took me a while to find the download links. I guess ppl on GitHub don’t usually put out obvious download links like we do here. XD

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I really really really love how you draw Sam's and Alex's hair! (Sam's hair is the hardest thing ever for me to draw TBH...)

AHHH thank you so much!! sam’s hair is untamable i’m 100% positive of this (but i still love drawing it sfhskdjf)

i threw together this quick tutorial of how i do it for anyone struggling to capture the true essence of his hair (a stylish porcupine)


Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli Makeup Tutorial!!!

Youtube ~ Instagram

come back to my real nature💜💜 makeup based on The Vampire Diaries..I LOVE this serie even if now I prefer Originals😆😆
the video to make this makeup is now on youtube (link in bio)😙❤❤
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Tabby Cattercushion (a free tutorial)

Tabby Cattercushion (a free tutorial)

External image

External image

So I made a HUGE cattercushion.

Do you see what I did there? ;)

You can, of course make a gazillion of these (s)cattercushions so they can live up to their name, in a narrower gauge yarn, or chunkier, in all sizes and colours…

For this one, I used Schachenmayr Boston and Rico Creative Melange Chunky, 7mm circular needles and some enormous mother-of-pearl buttons. You’ll also need a cushion pad…

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