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How do you draw Shiro? I've been trying but it doesn't come out right, if you don't mind do you think you can do a small tutorial of it? You don't have to though

fghdfs dont worry bud that usually happens to me when trying to draw a new character! I’m sure with practice you’ll draw him just fine soon ^^

but uuhh hM since you’ve asked for it heres a basic runthrough of how i draw my shiros lol (im sorry im really bad at explaining things;;)

a little piece of advice; use a lotta official screencaps for refs! try to focus on the characteristics of their facial features that distinguishes them from other characters. hope this helps even a little!

Paper Fox Army

This tutorial will show you how to make an origami paper fox. Paper folding is something I’ve always liked to do, and I thought I’d post a tutorial on how to make one of my favorite creatures. You, too, will soon be making your own paper fox army once you practice making them (p.s. they will take practice!). 

You need two sheets of square paper to complete one fox. Take note of the picture in the next step to find out what the paper should look like after folding that particular step. Most of these folds are what you would consider a “valley fold” though a few are a combination of mountain and valley, hopefully following the instructions and seeing the pictures will help give you an idea of what direction to fold.

 …and now… on with the tutorial!

For a little history, this tutorial was made in 2008 and was actually constructed so it could be photocopied. The text was typed, printed, cut and pasted next to the illustrations. 

DIY Crate Bookshelf

Full Tutorial:

Materials Needs:
-8 unfinished wood crates - 12.5 inches (H) x 17.75 (L) x 9.5 (D) or any size would work
-Sander or just a few grades of sandpaper would work
-6-8 Sponge brushes
-Plastic table cloth
-Minwax Provincial Stain - 946ml can (any stain color would work)
-Minwax Paste (isn’t completely needed)
-Drill or screwdriver
-Screws - 1 inch
-L bracket


Hello, friends!

Meg here for another TUTOR TUESDAY! Today let’s look at noses! They can be quite pesky, I know. If you have any tutorial’s you’d like to see just shoot me a message here or on my personal blog! Seriously guys, send me requests! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!






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Step 3

Check your email (SPAM) for the confirmation code (numbers)

Step 4

Retype (not copy paste) code from email, and fill in your ID / password / nickname / gender / DOB. (HQ PIC)

Password should have both letters and numbers, and no repetition of numbers and/or consecutive numbers. Then press the green box.

Step 5

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Tutorial 2: DOWNLOAD MELON APP (iOS/Android) 

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Hiding Seams

        Ok, so how do you hide seams on an edge overlapping a smoother fabric without hand-sewing every darn seam? Here is a small visual tutorial to describe the tip!

Step 1 – You want to hide that raw edge. Imagine this as the inside of an ear, or a fabric-covered nose, maybe even the inside edge of a mouth.

Step 2 – Turn the edge under, the smaller the edge, the better. You can even glue this edge down like this if the backing is stiff.

Step 3 – Apply just a thiiiin line of glue. This is just to illustrate this step, you would apply glue only where you need it of course.

Step 4 – Apply the turned edge to the line of glue on your piece. Gently pressing the fibers into the glue.
This step is what takes practice, try it with scraps a few times before doing it on your actual final project!

Step 5 – Fluff out your fur and shave if needed. It should be a nicely covered edge like shown.

[TUTORIAL] Download MelOn App (Android/iOS)





Step 1: Download .APK file here (You will be directly downloading it on your phone or pc and move to install it)

Step 2

Click on downloaded .apk file. If you encounter “Install blocked” notification, click on settings, and tick to allow “Installing from unknown sources”. Then press OK to continue installation

Login to your MelOn Account on Android

Click on the following boxes to be redirected to login page.

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        So how exactly do you get the pattern and figure out how to put fur on the fursuit head or other part you are making? It is time to explain the wonderful complexities of “furring” something – in this case, on a foam-constructed head. The technique of using tape to create a pattern invaluable. It is a very useful technique to learn! 

        This guide will help you create your pattern which will be useful for planning your fur usage (reducing the amount of wasted fur fabric), you can arrange your pattern to know how much fabric to buy, and it will help you know what shape your pieces need to be before you apply any glue to your head! This patterning process will also make it possible in an easier way to prepare your pieces to sew if you choose to sew, instead of glue, your fabric.

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Xanlow Week Day 2: Family

Yesterday I uploaded Inigo!Siebert and today I come with two more goodies for Xanlow Week, family style again! First up:

Mercenary Inigo with Pink Hair and FRECKLES:

Here’s another Inigo sprite edit for you guys that you can download and use in your games! This is a simple edit that has Inigo with pink hair and freckles, like in my Dancer!Inigo sprites but with his regular mercenary outfit.

To get this sprite into your game, download the file here. If you don’t know how to get custom sprites to work in the game, follow my tutorial on how to do that here.

Next up…

Inigo + Siegbert Parent/Child Unique C-A supports:

The Gay Fates hack already adds parent/child supports between Inigo and Siegbert but they’re the generic Siegbert/Mom supports applied to Inigo and thus I found them quite lacklusted.

SO to make things better, I wrote unique parent/child supports for these two! I poured quite a bit of love into these supports and thus, these are very, very long (as in, almost 300 screenshots long). 

Because of the insane size of these supports, I won’t include all the screenshots on this post but I included a link to all of the screenshots + files for your game near the end of this post.

Here are some choice screenshots of the A support:

Download links and more screenshots under the cut!

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I have been given the amazing opportunity to test out Polly Plastics for free in exchange for review.  And holy crap is it amazing!

*Seriously I wish I would have known about this stuff sooner*

I will be reviewing three components of the materials.

The Moldable Plastics

Color Pellets

Silicone Molding Putty

For those who do not know.  Polly Plastics is a thermoplastic… meaning  you heat it up and it becomes a moldable material.  You can also use it to make your own worbla!

Although it has many other functions too.  I found it extremely useful that it came with a guide that gives you ideas on how to use it.  Anything from decorative to functional.

Without further ado…

The Moldable Plastic Pellets

Note:  Requires boiling water to get to moldable state.  Although you could also use a heatgun on it (although not recommended until you have a clump so the pellets don’t fly everywhere)

You will know its ready to be molded when the pellets become clear.

As they get cooler they will begin to get cloudy looking (not transparent!)

It honestly feels like a combination between gum and hot glue when its in its moldable state.  And it was extremely easy to mold!

I used it to build a rough texture on my worbla piece.

*If you are combining the pellets with worbla be sure to heat up your worbla as well so the pellets stick*

Yes - You can paint the plastics.

But its not only great for details, but also FUNCTION!

For my Tales from the Borderlands Fiona derringer *yeah yeah forgot to tell you guys that I was making one… it will be done soon*  I used the pellets to fill in the cracks between the barrels.

AND one of my favorite functionality tips.  Got the wrong size nut/bolt.  No problem.  Grab your bolt and wrap a piece of moldable plastic around it (when it still in its moldable state) and BOOM… you got a new nut that fits your bolt.

*Tested the durability and the makeshift nut was extremely strong, holding on tightly to the bolt… while at the same time you can still screw it on and off.  Nifty!

But what about those colorful pellets?!

They are amazing simply because it gives the plastic a consistent look.  Personally I liked using the color pellets more than actually painting the plastics because the pellets had such a clean solid look.

Thankfully a color mixing guide is included with the pellets to help you get the exact color that you are looking for!

And that Silicone Molding?!

Seriously just as awesome as the actual plastic pellets!

Have an object you want a molding of?  Then encase it in the 2 part silicone mold.  Wait 30 minutes and there you go!  I tested the molding on my Sailor Jupiter rose earrings to see how much detail that the molding picks up.  And after using filling the silicone mold piece with the moldable plastic pieces, I found that the molding picked up all the details from the original rose piece.  AMAZING!  I was even more thrilled that I didn’t have to wait 24 hours using resin.  Using the plastic pellets where 100 times faster!

Overall impression…


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