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how do you make your screenshots nice and clear?

ok, well you start off by opening the game and finding a nice place that you would like to take your screenshot!

I used this picture of Hopper! :3 ok then once you’ve got the perfect place press the home button

Once you’ve done that open Miiverse

log in and select to upload a post

select to add a photo to your post then choose if it will be the top or the bottom

add some text to the post and then post it! Once you have done that go on a computer and log in to Miiverse online. select the post you would like to use

then right click and select to copy the image

you then open photoshop (I use CC 2014) and create a new image

make sure you use this width and height! once it is open paste the image into photoshop and then flatten the image. You will then need to edit the image size

These are the settings I use

Once that is done I use Topaz Clean 3. Topaz Clean is a software you can download online for photoshop. I used the 30 day trial but then searched for a keygen to use it for free!

These are the settings I use 

Once that is done, save it and it is ready!

I really hope this helps! Please message me if you have any other problems! :3


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