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Can you please make a tutorial on how you did the gifs in the spine breaker comic? The bouncy heads!

Yes no probl♥ tbh if it’s not difficult to do ahah

I work on sai and pcs6 

If you never made gifs on pcs6 I know it can be pretty confusing so I’ll try to make it very detailed!

First of all the drawings. Draw your character(s) and create two different files. One for the head and the other for the body+backround etc

Save the head as png – >(32bpp ARBG) meaning that the head will be transparent (there will be no white backround around it) and the body as png – > (24bpp RBG).

For the next steps I work on PCS6! We will start the animation!

Open the two files on PCS6. Paste the head.png on the body png. So you have this

Then go on the timeline window (if you don’t have it go on window — timeline) this is where we are going to make the animation! And click on create an animation (mine is in french so I don’t know what’s the exact name)

So you have this

(1. I put the frame at 0.1 s and instead of 1 time I choose always, but it’s up to you!)

Create a new frame in the timeline (2.) and lower the head (only on the frame 2)

Then create a third frame and raise the head a bit. And again and again until the head is at the the same height as the first frame, I created 3 other frames.

Now play the aimation, it should like this!

It looks great and you can stop here if you want! 

But if you want to make it even more bouncier (*-*) go back to the frame 2. And create another layer of the “head” (ctrl j)

Click on the eye of the “head layer” (still on frame 2) to unsee it. Go on “head 2″ — (ctrl t) and transform the head so it looks like this (kinda like a crêpe)

(note: if you go on frame 1 and you can see “head” and “head 2″: click on the eye of the “head 2″ to unsee it (still on frame 1)  then go on frame 2 and click again on the eye to make it reappear.


Play the animation and ayyyy bouncy head!

To save the gif go on Files - Save for web - Save

And tada you’re done, good job :^DD If it’s still not clear don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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may i ask how your drawings look watercolor like ?? is it a special brush you are using ? love your art btw !! keep it up ^o^

i mainly used this brush for the coloring

i got most of my brushes from devianart!! n just did go randmon with the settings  really ´ V `;;

  • for the water color effect just add a new layer above your base (clipping + FRINGE!!!) and there you go  = W =
  • for some nice effects you can also add an overlay layer (or some textures) 

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I love your art style so much! It's always so detailed and I love it! Can I ask how you draw Lapis' hair? For me it's IMPOSSIBLE but you make it look so easy!

Hi @kylie0321! Belive it or not, this is the most difficult question i have been ask so far xD because i dont have a WAY to draw hair…i just follow my heart o_O haha but i will try to explain what i do when i copy a character.

First i recollect some pictures from the character, you will notice that Lapis hair never looks exactly the same, so you have to recognize the most distinguishable features, in other words, you have to simplify it.

Here you can see how the crewniverse draws her hair differently, so i found 3 features that always repeat: 

1- The triangle-like back of her hair (? (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH)

2- the spongy (? bangs, sometimes more fuzzy or bigger 

3- and the sideburns, i dont now if its ok to call them that, but you get it xD

So, you can start simple, a triangle, a semicircle and the pointy sideburns. Then just add some movement and details and you are done. I think that whatever style you have, if you start with those 3 things it will always look like Lapis!!

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como você edita seus icons?queria ter uma noção de como é,obrigada

Você vai abrir seu Ps

e vai estar assim, você clica em arquivo, (irei colocar uma linha vermelha para ficar mais fácil)

você tem que clicar em novo, pois ali vai dar a opção do tamanho do seu icon, header ou que tu for fazer

esses são os tamanhos que eu uso na header, mas para os meus icons eu uso 300x300, ai você pode colocar o tamanho que você achar melhor

depois de escolher o tamanho e tudo certinho, vai abrir assim e agora você vai fazer esse procedimento 

arquivo > inserir

vai abrir as pastas, e você escolhe a imagem que queira editar, e ficará assim

vou dar uma dica, porque as vezes na hora de editar a foto, ela acaba ficando esticada e estraga totalmente o icon

ali na parte de cima, aonde está em vermelho é aonde está a opção de manter as proporções, e aonde está em branco, é o lugar que você deve clicar toda vez que for para você editar seu icon ou sua header, depois de “centralizar” o icon, você pode puxar a foto sem medo que ela fique com aquela aparência de que foi esticada.

Depois de editar, é só apertar enter e salvar, e para salvar é só ir em arquivo e vai aparecer a opção de “salvar como” nos prints, dá para ver…


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oi então, eu não sei pegar as fotos do insta, será que poderia me explicar como faço?

deixa a foto do instagram assim e aperta Ctrl+U 

vai abrir essa página, e ali em cima tem uma caixinha, e para essa caixinha aparecer você aperta Ctrl+F, dentro da caixinha, você digita jpg 

e já vai te levar para o link da foto

copia esse link e cola na outra página 

e depois é só salvar 

Desculpa a quantidade de prints 

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Oh, sorry I didn't include this in my other message, but I was wondering- if you don't mind- how do you do your art style? It has a very sketchy type look to it, and I love it so much!

Thanks anon! :)

First of all, english is not my mother tongue so sorry for the typos!! -_-U

I think the sketchy look of my art is because i am really untidy he he ( or is it sloppy the word ? idk ). I work on photoshop and my favorite brushes are the crayon ones, i recently bougth some from Kyle Webster ,but you can find good brushes for free too !! ;)

I made a little tutorial, hope it helps!!

1- I start with an impossible to undestand set of lines, this skecth here is so clean that looks like a finished lineart compared to my usual sketches xD 

2- Then i lower the opacity of the sketch an draw the lineart, i think the crayon brushes help a lot with the skecthy look!

3- And then i just add color with the same crayon brush. I like to paint fast , and i dont look for perfection. Another thing that i do is to not turn off the skecth layer, i just leave it there with the opacity low. Add some shadows and u are done! :D

Anon, practice a lot! the key is practice. I love trying new styles and i copy the ones i like from others, i know copying (? sounds bad, but with time it will help u develop ur own style! and to improve yourself !! woohoo

Happy drawing <3


first of all this is the first tutorial I make and English is not my native language, forgive anything. xoxo

if you like this tutorial or it help you, please, like/reblog the post. Any request or doubt just ask.  © @deanwinchsteir

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Ahh~ You're art is just amazing! I've been working during, maybe you've answered this a lot. But can you do a tutorial on eyes? T_T *slapped*

ah thank you!!! my eyes are pretty simple but i hope this helps ;v;


A lot of people asking me about how I choose my colors when I paint so here is a daily training I’ve made during a pretty long time. With a lot of practice you will be able to find the right color almost everytime.
Hope it will help some of you :) 


Tutorial: “ Paletas de Sandia" 

Los dias de verano ya estan aqui y pense en tecnicas para combatir el calor, bueno aqui vamos 


- 5 Tazas de Jugo de Sandia ( ½ de sandia mas o menos)

-½ taza de azucar 

- Paletas

-Vasos de plastico


- Licuadora.

- Colador

Manos a la obra!!!

 → Paso 1:  Coloca la sandia en la licuadora y el azucar y licua hasta que quede un jugo

 → Paso 2:  Pasa el jugo a una taza pero antes debes pasarla por el colador ya que si tiene pepas debes sacarselas 

 → Paso 3: corta rodajas de limon y colocalas con cuidado en tu paleta para que cree el efecto de "tapa ” en nuestras paletas 

 →Paso 4: Debes vaciar el jugo en nuestros vasos y luego colocar las paletas con el limon 

 → Paso 5: Llevar al refrigerador por unas 2 horas y listo!! Las ricas paletas estarán listas para pasar el calor

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