TuTchTmuse Harry Uzoka brought his laid-back Joie de vivre to the editorial “In Praise of Slowness” shot by Mark Sanders and styled by David Lamb for Kinfolk Magazine. Perfectly cast! @harryuzoka #TuTchTIMAGING #TuTchT #TuTchTmuse #ThruTuTchTEyes #HarryUzoka #Justanorm #TuTchTMuseHarryUzoka #MarkSandersPhotography #KinfolkMagazine #DavidLambStyling #InPraiseofSlowness #TopUKModels #Harry

Portrait of one of my TuTchTmuses, the brilliant UK-based brother Harry Uzoka. One of the brilliant Justanorm collective.  I chose this joint as the cover & avatar of my new Tumblr page that focuses on the work of our bros who are making marks in the worlds of fashion, entertainment & art.  Its up and running now and I’ll start posting on a regular basis next week.  Get a jumpstart & follow & share! 


A good number of the TuTchTFav bros making a big impact on the modeling world are actually “bruvs,” based across the pond in the UK. Here’s the amazing, unique face of TuTchTmuse Harry Uzoka. His work is always a genius blend of uber-smoothness with a impish, mischievous edge. Some models’ shine emits from the surface but as a born storyteller, I’m always partial to the ones whose shine emits from somewhere deep within. Harry got layers and layers of shine, each one hinting at an untold story. Thanks for sharing that quality with the world bruv! Onward and Upward!
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So no sooner had TuTchTmuse Mr. Harry Uzoka stepped foot on American shores last week for a shoot, BAM!!! He was immediately snatched up by FUSION MODELS! (Home of another one of the UK’s top models of color, Mac Phiri) My “An ‘Arry A Day” campaign (helping to create buzz that he was in the market for an NYC agency) now officially comes to an end less than 50 days after it began. Its a testament to the incredible body of work Harry has amassed that I’d been sharing a pic of day from the time his American work Visa came through to the day he signed to Fusion and I STILL didn’t get to some of my favorite shots! The kid is brilliant! I’m thrilled the USA market and the runways of NYC Fashion week will now be regularly treated to the soulfully introverted, effervescently extroverted, boy-next-door/old-souled electricity that is generated from some magical place within this unique brother!
@HarryUzoka @FusionModelsNYC
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#TBT - Favs from our Archives:
Another shot of the striking visage of Fernando Cabral (@fernandocabral07 ) at the Siki Im show, SS14. If you’ve been lurking around the TuTchTworld for several years you know that I’ve been a huge fan of Fernando since way back when he was just “the what’s-his-name little brother of model Armando Cabral.” He has since become one of the top male models of our generation, amassing a jaw dropping amount of amazing work each month, a shelf full of awards and a visual impact that is like no others in the field. And from my few handful of interactions with him, he seems to remain extremely grounded, level-headed and focused PLUS an all-around nice, considerate guy with a heart of gold!

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Another TuTchTFav Fernando Cabral is a gentle & gentile soul with an ironclad grip on the Industry, reaching levels that few models of any ilk reach! Here he is owning a runway in a Rick Owens fit, FW15, Fashion Week.
@FernandoCabral07 @RickOwensOnline
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Since I first stumbled across this brother, late-2010, I immediately saw the “it” factor that would make him a star. I also saw all the qualities that speak to me on a very personal level as a born storyteller.  I literally see hundreds of models each week and it is a rare few that immediately hit me on that muse level.  This brother is the real deal.  In fact, I rarely see a pic of Harry that doesn’t amuse me (in the Greekish sense, that is.)  If i had more hours to spend for TuTchT joints, Mr Uzoka would DEFinitely have a permanent presence on my drawing table. As seen here, though, I have put the TuTchT on him several times through the years, each time bringing the perfect visual-emotional context to the piece I was creating.   The Truth that exudes from his face is rare.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harry transition into film acting in the future.

As he expands his modeling work to the American shores this year, I know this  23rd BornDay will be an “on-the-cusp” one to remember! HBD my musefull brother!

Continuing my mission of posting a picture of Harry Uzoka everyday. One of my favorite TuTchTmuses, the top UK model Harry Uzoka received his visa to work in the USA a couple weeks ago and is looking to be signed in NYC. It is a tricky time of year, right after NYFW when everyone is taking a break, but my support of this great brother isn’t tied to a calendar. The TuTchT continues. I’m doing my part to steadily build the buzz by displaying a shot of him each day, from selfless & candids, to tear sheets, to shots from his incredible portfolio, until some lucky agency swoops him onboard. If you’re one of the masses of international Harry Uzoka supporters & wanna join me, post & hashtag #AnArryADay - let’s open the eyes of these agencies & get this brother signed with a quickness!!
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Wondering how many Harry Uzoka shots in my archives feature him in stripes? No worries, he’s covered. My daily posts of Harry continue! Here’s my brit bruv rockin the Bjorn Borg stripes as he checks messages prior to another busy day in the game.

Although I’ve been approached by a couple of top agencies to scout for them over the years, my time and travel restraints make me unable to fully take on this role. But when I see a talented brother I do what I can to help. And one of the most talented is TuTchTmuses Harry Uzoka! He’s already one of the top male models in the UK & is repped in London & Los Angeles but has yet to be signed in NYC. His American work visa came through last week and I’m sure it will just be a matter of time before he’s signed. But to help build the buzz and speed the process, i’m embarking on the somewhat daunting task of posting one picture of Harry everyday until he’s swooped up by an NYC Agency. Since my Harry archive is several hundred pics strong, its not THAT daunting hahaha. I’ve got the material & he’s worth the time & effort. I think American market will love this effervescent, cool-as-fukk kid as much as I do. He can (and has) done it all from total commercial to High Avant Garde couture and everything in-between! He’s a regular on the catwalks of London, Paris, Barcelona & Milan. Harry Uzoka’s looks and personality represent everything that is rich, vital and mad appealing about the young American male so US campaigns and the runways of NYC are a natural fit. Share these pics and spread the word, let’s get this brother signed in record time by sheer groundswell of support!

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One of my favorite portrait joints featuring not only the man himself, Tyson Beckford, but TuTchTmuse Salieu Jalloh, one of my all time favs, steady rocking the industry!  The historic dope factor of this joint was increased (in my own head at least) because Mr. Beckford hit me up to give me props on the work. (Thx also to agent George Brown & model Pierre Woods who helped make this joint possible.)

This page features work of many brilliant artists & creators. It is designed to give shine to some of our greatest young brothers of color working in the world of fashion, entertainment & art.  Also check out my TuTchT page where I exclusively feature my own illustration work: TuTchT.Tumblr.com

GUESS WHO’S FINALLY PLANTIN HIS FEET INTO NYC SOIL?!!! TuTchTmuse Harry Uzoka, one of the UK’s top male models dropped the word just a few hours ago that his American work Visa was approved. If you’ve been around the TuTchTworld for several years you know how much I respect this brother’s skills and his ability to bring an effervescent charisma to a wide variety of fashion genres & modeling gigs. Here he comes. NYC… Let’s keep this brother VERY BUSY with lots of castings. I think Americans will fall in love with this guy. I hope someone like @TheAgentMan or @MikeStallingsNY gets his name on a dotted line while he’s here. A Proper WELCOME BROTHER!!! In this shot Harry Rocks the Boglioli Suit for Mr. Porter, as seen in The Fashionisto.
@HarryUzoka @Justanrom @MrPorterLive @TheFashionisto
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TuTchTmuse HARRY UZOKA is a Truth-filled chameleon who nails every gig he’s booked for. Here he is workin the angles for Cream Magazine, shot by the brilliant Matthew Pandolfe, styled by Torian Lewin.
@HarryUzoka @MatthewPandolfe @TorianLewin
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Kickin off today’s posts with TuTchTmuse @harryuzoka Who recently filled a couple pages in CREAM Magazine with his dopeassness, lensed by Michael Pandolfe, styled by Torian Lewin.
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To get this page started, here’s some of my TuTchT Model Portraits.  This was my first collabo with TuTchTmuse Kone Sindou, part of my “Gentlemen, Throw Your Deuces” series.

This page features work of many brilliant artists & creators. It is designed to give shine to some of our greatest young brothers of color working in the world of fashion, entertainment & art.  Also check out my TuTchT page where I exclusively feature my own illustration work: TuTchT.Tumblr.com 

One of the great model/photog teams of recent years TuTchTMuse Kone Sindou and photog Cliff Watts. There’s lots of talent and skills at work in both of these men’s work individually but when they get together the magic never fails. Here’s another recent collabo.
@Thats_Your_BoyKone @CliffWatts @Red_Models @ChillagentD
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