Since I first stumbled across this brother, late-2010, I immediately saw the “it” factor that would make him a star. I also saw all the qualities that speak to me on a very personal level as a born storyteller.  I literally see hundreds of models each week and it is a rare few that immediately hit me on that muse level.  This brother is the real deal.  In fact, I rarely see a pic of Harry that doesn’t amuse me (in the Greekish sense, that is.)  If i had more hours to spend for TuTchT joints, Mr Uzoka would DEFinitely have a permanent presence on my drawing table. As seen here, though, I have put the TuTchT on him several times through the years, each time bringing the perfect visual-emotional context to the piece I was creating.   The Truth that exudes from his face is rare.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harry transition into film acting in the future.

As he expands his modeling work to the American shores this year, I know this  23rd BornDay will be an “on-the-cusp” one to remember! HBD my musefull brother!