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Do you mind if I ask how you got that intense glowy sunlight effect? I spent a veeery long time trying to figure out the exact same thing awhile back

Basically I just shade with a very dark color, and apply a small gradient of some bright saturated color along the borders to emulate diffused light.

Varying light angles and intensity for mood! I love back light HAHAHa–

Can work it in other hues, too! And I guess here’s a quick walk through of smth similar to that pic you were talkin about, with windows of strong light.

Draw the projected light over the subject

Add shadows on the character. Moved the light going past the character hitting the floor.

Overlay the bleeding light!

I use a lot of this kinda thing in finished pics too– here’s a recent example!

(This image was a collaboration– Sketched by labonbull and linearted by 73oss)

How to make candles.

Making candles is a lot easier than you might think! Here are instructions on how to make your own all natural, safe, and magickal candles.


Anything to hold your candles in. (Moulds, tea cups, sea shells, mason jars…)
Wicks or Wood Wicks
Soy Wax  
Dye Chips
Any herbs of your choice (Recommended: Any mints, lavender, sage, or small cuttings of fruit skins.)
Essential oil(s)

Make sure that your essential oils and the herbs you use smell similarly.


First you will need to gather all of your ingredients and lay them out neatly.

Take your candle holders and fill them with soy wax and as many colour tablets as you desire. The more you add, the darker your candles will be.

Put them in the mircowave (as long as they are not metal - if your holders are metal, melt the wax in a pot over boiling water double broiler style) and melt everything together. You will need to add more and more wax as you go along because melted soy wax yields much less than the flakes. Stir until mixed.

Add your herbs/fruit peel pieces and your oils. Mix again.

Add your essential oils, as much as you feel is necessary. Mix again.

Drop in your wick, making sure to place it in the centre of your holder. You can balance it and hold it in place as the wax hardens by laying a butter knife over the top of your candle holder and balancing the wick against it. (If it is a bit off centre, though, no one will be able to tell.)

(Optional) You can line up whole herbs against the edges of the mould and they will dry along the edges and make lovely decorations.

Let the wax harden. 

Trim the wick.

Ta da! Your candles are ready! Make sure to make them with good intentions and feel free to carve sigils into the top.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

‘Tutorial - Basic Dragon Anatomy 2015′

Updated to a much older tutorial I had made!  Just showing some basic muscle groups on a standard feral western dragon, and how these can be broken into easy shapes.  I also threw in some additional colour-coded dragon pieces to show the ‘basic shape groups’ of dragons of varying anatomy.  If anyone has any questions on anything specific, let me know.  I am by no means an expert on animal anatomy, but I’ll answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.

-Great resource for animal anatomical illustrations.-

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Thanks for looking!  Hope it helps, and happy dragon drawing!