Dall’s Porpoise Pair by John Frisch
Via Flickr:
This is a pair of Dall’s Porpoise playing in the wake alongside the ferry. Anderson spotted the porpoises before I did and he showed me where they were. I joined him in trying to photograph them. I was trying to get a shot of the porposes coming out of the water to breathe, but apparently they breathe by just breaking the surface of the water. It was so great to get the gorgeous blue sky reflections in the water with the porpoises. Wikipedia: Dall’s Porpoises are hugely active creatures. They will often zigzag around at great speed on or just below the surface of the water creating a spray called a “rooster tail”. They may appear and disappear quite suddenly. The fastest of all small cetaceans, Dall’s Porpoises can swim at up to 55 km/h, almost as fast as the Orca. Dall’s Porpoises appear in small groups (about 2– 10 in number). The groups appear not to be tight knit and may aggregate together at good feeding grounds. On very rare occasions a thousand or more individual may be seen at the same time. They feed on a variety of fish and cephalopods. Shoals of fish such as herring, anchovies and mackerel are common meals. The population is believed to be common in most of its range and although no precise estimates exist the global population numbers in at least the hundreds of thousands.