Hairspray Live! Tomorrow Night

Hairspray Live! is on tomorrow night on NBC starting at 8pm EST, but make sure to tune in at 7:30 pm for a special pre-show hosted by Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes to show audiences the backstage shenanigans of a live musical. Darren Criss will also be on social media during the whole production to give you a look behind the scenes. I believe he’ll be on Facebook live. Tomorrow night’s production stars newcomer Maddie Baillio as Tracy Turnblad.

 It also stars Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad, who won the 2003 Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a musical as Edna. The rest of the cast includes:

 Kristin Chenoweth, a Tony winner for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and a  Tony nominee for Wicked will be playing Velma Von Tussle. 

Jennifer Hudson as Motormouth Maybelle, who won an Academy award for Dreamgirls in 2007. 

Ariana Grande as Penny Pingleton who is a two time Grammy nominee for her music. 

Derek Hough as Corny Collins who is a 6 time mirror ball champ of the reality show Dancing with the Stars. He was also in Radio City’s Spring Spectacular and has danced across the country with his sister, Julianne. 

Martin Short will be playing Wilbur Turnblad. He is known for his comedy and his work on Saturday Night Live.

Dove Cameron will play Amber Von Tussle, she is a Disney channel star, starring in the show Liv & Maddie

Garrett Clayton will play Link Larkin. Clayton has starred in Disney’s Teen Beach movie and the sequel of it, as well. 

Ephraim Sykes will play Seaweed Stubbs. He has appeared on Broadway in The Little Mermaid, Memphis, Newsies, Motown the Musical, and Hamilton. 

Be sure to tune in!


The black eye that Chris Pine sports in Star Trek Beyond is apparently real, courtesy of Idris Elba.

“It was great. He gave me a black eye, and that was fun, and we used that. He’s a big guy and we tussled and threw some fake punches.” —Chris Pine

“He tried it with me, man. I was like, ‘Boom, have that.’ He’s a show-off, man. We could have covered it up; he just wanted to show everyone that he had a shiner.” —Idris Elba

“Cas!” The name said very proudly by a four year old Dean Winchester, after he had struggled for several minutes with entirety of ‘Castiel.’

“Cas!” The name shouted by Dean Winchester everyday after that, from the play ground to middle school hall ways.

“Cas.” The name whispered softly as Dean stared into his eyes after a tussle over the TV remote led to Dean pinning him down, hands above his head. The kiss that followed was the first of many.

“Cas.” The name panted and moaned against neck every time they made love, tangled together in limbs and sheets.

“Cas!” The name screamed in fear and pain as they laid in the road, surrounds by broken glass, the car’s headlights shining over the wreckage of the other car.

“Cas.” The name sobbed in relief when Castiel finally opened his eyes three days later.

“Cas.” The name choked with tears as Dean Winchester dropped to one knee before him, hands shaking so badly that they couldn’t open the little black box that held the ring.

“Cas.” The name said proudly as Dean promised to love him for the rest of his life in front of everyone they knew.

“Dean.” The only name that mattered since the first day of preschool.

“Dean.” The first name on his lips every morning and the last at night.

“Dean!” The name he used as a curse and a praise.

“Dean.” The name his whole world revolved around.

“Winchester.” The name they shared.


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MMMMMMMMMM WHELP – the good news is that the Sans and Undyne confrontation ended with no serious injuries or casualties 8D At least, not from the gods themselves. The humans that were inadvertently effected by their latent powers/emotions, weeeeeeeelllll…. Let’s just say that, off-screen? Many mortals had been driven to rage, and so much more felt the touch of death. Even little tussles between gods have a major effect on the mortal realm– and this one, especially with the strength of Sans’s emotions, was big. It ain’t lookin’ pretty in the mortal world, that’s for sure.

I can imagine much later though, people writing odes/ballads or something about the battle between these two. I might write it; it’d be pretty cool ;A;

But anyway– let’s go see what our resident God of Magic is up to, shall we? B)

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