a bunch of soft klance headcanons!!

  • so despite everyone on the team thinking keith is super in shape and healthy, keith is actually on the thin side due to forgetting/being unable to eat while living in his shack. so after the Pool Scene, lance keeps thinking about the way keith’s ribs poked through his skin and how he’s noticed keith forgetting to come to meals
  • after this, lance finds himself standing at keith’s door with an extra bowl of goo, a little sweaty with nerves because what if keith laughs at him? what if he’s making his feelings too obvious?
  • keith opens the door to see a sheepish boy standing before him, who stutters through excuses, forcibly ladens keith with food and leaves, tripping over his feet a few times as he does so
  • keith is still, a bowl in his hands and suddenly realizing that he’s been hungry for hours. and lance.. knew? lance cared? 
  • just think about keith realizing that all the things he thought were lance being obnoxious were really just hidden ways of looking after him. he’d thought the rocks lance had put in his bed were there as a prank, but lance had left them there as a gift after seeing keith picking them up on a planet they’d visited. lance shutting down the simulator while keith was training was him wanting keith to stop overexerting himself!!!
  • so keith sits on the floor with his back against the wall, fingers tight around the bowl that lance had touched, that lance had brought for him, because he cared about him…. and feels something warm and new rise in his chest
  • he doesn’t think about it for a while, as they go into battle and emerge victorious time after time, lance’s reverberating whoops loud and vibrant in his ears
  • they leave their lions after a particularly hard fight, surging with energy and life, their smiles big and their hair sweaty and tussled when they tear off their helmets
  • they find each other after exiting their hangers, and while shiro congratulates keith for keeping his head, lance bumps his shoulder with a grin. his face is warm, his eyes are glinting but soft
  • keith… keith melts
  • lance touches his hair, combing his hands through the strands with a tender look on his face
  • “your hair’s all messy,” he says, and keith feels a momentary flush pass over his face before lance is pulling him gently out of the room and down the corridor
  • “what are you doing?” keith askes as he’s lead into the bathroom. lance just smiles and says, “i wanna wash your hair.”
  • despite having lived alone for so long, and being used to relying only on himself, there’s something about lance caring for him that feels less intrusive and more… natural. soft. loving.
  • keith never knew he’d ever want something as simple as someone caring about him, completely and unselfishly, but he’s okay with that. the feeling of lance’s hands on him as he rubs behind keith’s ear with a dorky laugh and a quick joke is more than enough to free him from any doubts
  • keith doesn’t want to be a burden, but god, how he loves being loved by lance.

“Emma? You’ve got a visitor.”

“The orderly wasn’t too pleased with my latest escape plan and we had a bit of a tussle. But i did manage to swipe you some jello on my way over. How’s your corner of the mad house fairing, Swan?”

Has this AU been done yet?? Anyone wanna write it??


Kolvina + Driving


Was apart of a bootleg Super Smash Bros zine recently titled Terrific Tussle Cousins. It was a local zine but I still didn’t want to post these bad boys until it was officially published. Really proud of these knock off smash bros to be honest. 

remember that time? → inspired by this post by @vrepit-sals

“God,” says Lance with a laugh, leaning further back into the sofa, “Do you remember the first time Hunk corrected Iverson in class?”

Hunk smiles a little proudly, and Pidge bounces in her seat, pointing at Lance with a gasp. Keith is silent, but watches them fondly as they chatter, unconsciously finding himself paying more attention to Lance’s toothy smile and slightly tussled hair than the topic in question.

“Yes!” Pidge hisses, “Quiznak, I can’t believe I forgot about that! Hands down the best day of my life.”

Keith smiles from where he’s sitting, crosslegged and barefoot for once on the couch next to Pidge, chin resting on his propped up hand as he listens to the others reminisce about the Garrison. He doesn’t remember much from his days there; mostly because a great deal of it was monotonous, but he does remember the incident in question. 

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BTS Reaction - Calling them ‘daddy’ [NSFW]

Seokjin [Jin] -

You and Jin were attending a boring dinner party. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but you couldn’t get rid of the aching feeling between your legs. Jin looked so good tonight, dressed up in his black suit with his blonde hair tussled lazily across his forehead. The wetness built up in your panties, and you were sure it wouldn’t go away until you had Jin between your legs. So, with this in mind, you snuck up on him, placing your hands around his waist. Leaning up you seductively whispered in his ear.

‘I’d rather have your cock in my mouth than this boring conversation in my ears daddy’

 You witnessed Jin’s eyes darken and before you knew it, you were sat on the sink in the restaurant’s bathroom with your elegant blue dress hitched up to your thighs. Jin’s fingers teased your entrance before he roughly pushed you down onto your knees. His hands ran through your hair, biting his lip as you looked up with innocent eyes.

‘I’m waiting princess’ 

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Yoongi [Suga] -

Yoongi threw his head back in delight as your hips moved in circular motions. His hands gripped your hips as you held onto his shoulder blades, nails digging into his soft flesh. His back rested against the headboard of the bed while you bounced on his cock, loving the feeling of him filling you up. His damp, black hair stuck to his forehead, slightly covering his dark eyes as he leaned up a bit to softly kiss your lips. He pulled away and softly smiled up at you before tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Moans and pleas fled from your lips.

‘Please! Faster daddy!’

Yoongi stopped your movements, confusing you for a moment until he lay you on your back. The intense look he threw you caused your heart to stop. He roughly slammed his length back into you, attaching his lips to your neck leaving a trail of dark purple bruises. One of his hands lay on your hip while the other gripped the headboard for support. He repeated his movements until there were dents in the wall and he had you screaming his name for the neighbours to hear. He casted you a smug smirk, letting you know that a long night awaited you.

‘I’ll show you how fast I can go kitten’

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Hoseok [J-Hope] -

Hoseok held your hips, eyes glued to the way your naked pussy glided along his jean clad thigh. It came a great surprise to him when you confessed that you fantasised about him, specifically his thighs. He wasted no time and immediately set you on his lap, before pushing your panties aside. Now here you were, riding his thigh like there was no tomorrow. 

However, after a while you became irritated as Hoseok was doing nothing to help you with your needs. It was becoming frustrating as you continued to bounce on his thigh, while he sat back and enjoyed your struggle to get yourself off. Begging was the only way you were able to get him to satisfy you.

‘Daddy, can you help me?’

You whined, causing Hoseok to groan at your submissive tone. He began to bounce his knee up and down in a jerking motion, while his fingers slipped into your clit. Your hands flew up to his hair, slightly yanking as his fingers thrusted deeper inside of you. He leaned up to your ear, his hot breath tickling your skin. 

‘Let daddy do all the work babygirl’

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Namjoon [Rap Monster] -

Namjoon chuckled cruelly at your pitiful state, as you lay stark naked on his bed, your hands cuffed behind your back and a blindfold blocking your sight. His tongue dragged down your stomach before stopping at your pantie line, to which he pulled down with his mouth. The feeling of his teeth scraping against your naked thigh almost sent you over the edge. Namjoon came back up and used his thumb to circle your sensitive bud.

‘Please daddy, I’m desperate’

Namjoon merely hummed, continuing to gaze at your submissive form. The sight alone was a prize as your hair lay spread out beneath you with your pink lips parted in delight. He pushed his thumb inside you slowly, testing the waters. You gasped as you felt the cold metal of his ring hit against your clit. Namjoon then retracted his hand away leaving you whining, but quieted you down by ripping off your blindfold and placing his chapped lips onto yours. He pulled away, a string of saliva being the only thing that connected you two. 

‘Show daddy what you are willing to do for him’

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Jimin -

Jimin hoisted you up onto his desk, his head buried in your neck as your hands ran through his brown hair. His hips moved in a circular motion, hitting the spot that always made your toes curl in pleasure each time he thrusted. Your nails scrapped down his back, as he left love bites across your collarbone. Moans flew out pass your lips, begging him to keep going. He continued to slam into you, taking you to a whole new level of pleasure. 

‘You make me feel so good daddy’

You always knew it was one of Jimin’s kinks but you were always too shy to try it out. But now you wanted to get a reaction out of him. Surprisingly, it didn’t shock him. He kept thrusting, however this time he was going noticeably rougher and deeper. His nails dug into your hips, surely leaving bruises. You could feel his cock fill you up, each time he pulled out left you with an empty feeling. He breathed heavily into your neck, causing goosebumps to appear on the bare flesh. 

‘Don’t tease me, baby’

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Taehyung [V] -

Taehyung’s tongue circled your wet folds, teasing you with his pink muscle. Your hands found their way to his hair, pulling tightly at the soft strands. He smirked smugly against your pussy and soft pleadings of ‘harder’ and ‘faster’ left your mouth. He continued to ignore you and went on with his pleasurable torture. That was until a soft, almost silent, plea escaped your pink lips. 

‘Please daddy, just fuck me’

Taehyung halted his torment on your clit and peaked his head up at you. The sight almost made him cum right there in his underwear as he gazed at your messy hair and fucked out expression. He wasted no time in pulling down his boxers and gripping his cock, to which he desperately inserted himself inside of you. He breathlessly chuckled as he witnessed you come undone beneath him.

‘You like that babygirl?’

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Jungkook -

Jungkook panted into your neck, his wet hair sticking to his forehead as he pinned you against the tiled wall. Water glistened down both your bodies as the glass door fogged up, due to the heat of the water or what was happening currently inside, you weren’t sure. Jungkook thrusted in and out of you with ease, becoming quite needy as he slammed into you deeper. One of your hands held the back of his neck while the other left scratches down his back. He held you up against him, making it easier for him to fuck you senseless.

‘Daddy, not so rough’

Jungkook merely chuckled in response to your pathetic attempt to make him stop and continued on abusing your pussy. He silenced your protests with a rough kiss to your already bruised lips which earned a moan to form in the back of you throat. Jungkook forced his tongue into your mouth before parting and throwing you a handsome yet irritating smirk.

‘I don’t think you are in any position to be telling daddy what to do kitten’

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Ooooolllld art! This was from an idea I had for the Crossover from Hell where Dipper and Mabel find the time traveling tape in their backpack while helping their dad help their anxious Unlce Wirt clean his giant house. They get permission to go up to the attic and after a tussle the tape malfunctions and sends them back in time to when Wirt was still living alone with his mother. They accidentally break something and travel back to the present, only to find that their little mistake, as small as it was, caused their father to never exist and Wirt was a cold, distant person who reluctantly lets them stay at his house while they try figuring out what to do, before their error claims their existense as well.

They also learn about a few secrets Wirt keeps from them, and that they’re the reasons why he doesn’t warm up to people anymore.

It’s one story I really wanted to post or write, so if anyone is the bit interested in it I may consider completing it. I dunno, if anyone is curious ;)

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: assuming Amber Von Tussle is 17, which is Tracy’s age in the Hairspray movie, and Hairspray takes place in 1962, Amber’s birth year would be 1945. In “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now” she says “Once upon a time I used to dress up Ken”, referencing Ken from the Barbie doll line. Barbie first was introduced in 1959, which means Amber would be 14 when she first got one. Ken wasn’t even introduced until 1961, making Amber 16 when she could have gotten one. Amber would not have gotten a children’s toy at 14 or 16 or even any age after 10, considering her mother. Amber also makes a references to “Gidget”, specifically Gidget going to Rome. Gidget was an American sitcom that first aired 3 years after Hairspray takes place. Gidget going to Rome was a novel that was published before the sitcom, but it was published in 1963, which is still a year after Hairspray is over. Amber and her mother are time travelers who did not do their research, but I did. They’re caught. I cannot put up with these lies any more.