I’ve focused so far on the top ladies on the European wrestling scene, such as Robin, Tess and Carmen. Young and beautiful with fitness model physiques, it’s no wonder that they are in high demand by match promoters. But in many ways the more interesting stories are those of the women who never really caught on, but still travel the circuit. Fighting just as hard – if not harder – while earning a fraction of what the top girls make, they should be celebrated as the real lifeblood of European ladies wrestling.

Allow me to introduce you to Romi, who is 36 years old. Tussling in the nude against a younger and taller opponent intent on humiliating her, it’s just another match for this journeywoman wrestler.

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Seblaine + kids ? :)


The door quietly nestled back in its frame, drowning out the excited noise of the Year 5 students when Blaine pulled it closed, a relieved sigh escaping his chest and Thank God it’s Friday falling from his lips as he turned to walk down the corridor to the teachers’ lounge but Blaine only managed two steps before he was startled to a stop, almost colliding with another body, smiling wide once he realized that it was none other than Sebastian, ready to take over the class for their Math period.

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We are DOING ITTTT. I’ll be at San Japan this year as Disguised-Chrollo. My little brother is going as Yorkshin style Illumi, so we are looking for a Hisoka to finish our adult trio Haha!

I’ll prolly tear up my costume to look like I just got through a tussle with Silva. B ]

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okay hear me out: hisoillu, rimming

((So I accidentally 1.2k’d this, so have [The AO3 Mirror Here] and enjoy!))

“Hisoka,” Illumi says in his typical lyrical way, and oh, how Hisoka just wishes that Illumi wasn’t face down in the mattress right now; just so he could see the irritated little blink he’s surely doing. “You had better have a good reason for this.”

Hisoka tuts.

“Illumi, your suspicion hurts! And here I thought we trusted each other.” Hisoka lets out a quiet sigh, entirely unable to keep the lavisciousness out of his voice as he digs his fingers into the exposed curve of Illumi’s ass. “I have the best reason for this.”

“And that is?”

“Because I want to.”

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Transgender Teen Claims He Was Refused Haircut by Barbershop
(Photo: Stocksy)

With increasing transgender visibility come more tussles, it seems, regarding access to traditionally gendered spaces — from public restrooms and women’s music festivals to gym locker rooms and typically male-oriented barbershops. But in a heartwarming twist on that last one, a British teen was given a warm welcome at a gay salon after being unceremoniously turned away by a befuddled barber.

Sam Vella, who was turned away from a barbership, with his mom. (Photo: M.E.N. Syndication)

Sam Vella, 16, told the Manchester Evening News that he was refused a buzz cut at Village Barbers in the Manchester suburb of Clayton on Saturday because the staffers “weren’t sure” of his gender.

“His hair is really short and he wanted the sides [shaved], so it was a boy’s haircut,” explained his mom, Joanna, who was with him. “But we were told they don’t cut girls’ hair. I initially thought they meant me but then realized they meant Sam. … We explained Sam is a boy, but they said they weren’t sure ‘what Sam was.’ They then shouted at him to leave and slammed the door in our face.”

Sam added, “They just kept telling me that because I wore nail polish I was a girl, and then they didn’t know what I was. I felt humiliated and really embarrassed.”

Kurt Laing reached out to Sam to give him the haircut he wanted. (Photo: M.E.N. Syndication)

The incident was reminiscent of two recent lawsuits in California — one filed in March by Rose Trevis and another in May by Kendall Oliver, both transgender individuals who were refused haircuts at barbershops that apparently serve only men (which is against California law).

But in Sam’s case, he wound up with the haircut he wanted — along with some very kind treatment — thanks to the manager of nearby Village Hair, Kurt Laing, who read about Sam’s humiliation and reached out to the teen.

Laing told the Evening News: “It’s so upsetting that Sam had to go through that and was treated in that way. Hair is hair at the end of the day, and you would think in 2016 people would accept that.” He added, “I believe that people should be able to be who they want to be. And we have all walks of life in our salon. We don’t like to discriminate based on anything. We want people to be able to fully express themselves, whatever that may be. I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, or even a purple unicorn, if you’ve got hair, we will cut it.”

That worked for Sam. “I am so grateful for him to do that,” he said. “It’s such a kind thing to do for someone. I really am grateful and really pleased with it.”

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The Hairspray Live! cast is timeless to us!

Just a bit of a thought I felt I had to get out of my head. Also thank you to everyone who has liked, reblogged, and followed me after my first initial post!

Bilbo let out a startled noise, tea splashing out of his cup, as strong arms wrapped solidly around his chest, a large nose pressed into his cheek as he turned to admonish his assailant.
“I awoke to  find you gone from me.” The dwarf’s voice was rough from sleep. “For that brief moment into wakefulness my heart felt as shale, about to shatter upon the floor.” Thorin squeezed slightly tighter, as if to reassure himself that the hobbit in his arms was a solid being. “I cannot begin to say how truly dear you are to me.” He murmured, burying his nose into soft, bed-tussled curls.
Bilbo was familiar with the horrid dreams that chased them into the waking world, as he too would find himself shooting upward in bed, heart racing and sweaty. How he would glide his hands across the solid form that shared his bed to reassure himself.
Bilbo huffed softly and placed his teacup back on its saucer so as not to spill what was left. “Fool dwarf.” He grumped warmly, a small smile curling his lips as he leaned back into Thorin’s body, taking as much comfort as he was giving.

Michael: Most of us have our own special way of dealing with Gavin. Ray and Jeremy have some sort of superhuman ability to ignore him, but Geoff and I usually end up tussling with him and Jack just ends up sitting on him. It’s usually the last case scenario that we fuck with him, and usually he deserves it anyway – but it’s all good fun. Ryan and I are usually the only two that have actually killed him in the past, and we generally don’t let it go that far.

Gavin: I think their headcount is 8 or 9 now? Minge pots.

Michael: As for whether or not he gets mad, he gets kinda pissy at first when he wakes up, but he doesn’t linger on them too much.

Imagine Jack taking so many secret nonsexual pictures of Bitty, like he wakes up early and gets back from a run and sees Bitty still sleeping, so he takes out his camera and snaps pictures of him. The stripes of sunlight across his body, his hair sleep tussled, the blanket laying across his hips, his shirt exposing the muscles in his stomach.  

AND THEN for their like five year anniversary, Jack sends his nonsexual photos, some of just the two of them, some of just beautiful Bitty being beautiful Bitty, to Lardo and pays her to make them into some sort of art for their home and promises her that she could use it for any sort of gallery or anything if she needs too.


A few of the slightly more suggestive ones get in there, none of the full-on hardcore sex stuff, but maybe a few of Bitty in underwear and a shirt cooking or smth or maybe some where Bitty has total sex eyes or w/e. 

But when Lardo sees them she ends up making them subtly the most noticeable photos in the piece and then gives the piece to Jack and he’s like “You weren’t supposed to get those”

Dorian:  Well, I must say this is an unexpected delight.  The famed Herald of Andraste– a Templar!  I sincerely apologize for taking moments out of day that could be better served tussling with formerly oppressed mages in the hills.

Carver:  What– no!  You’ve got it wrong.  We’re not with the Chantry anymore.  We’re on our own.

Dorian:  Ah, excellent.  Freelance Templars.  So you’re LIKE a Templar, but with no more oversight anymore.  I feel safer already.

Carver:  It’s not like that!  My sister and father were mages!

Dorian:  And I suppose you’re going to tell me that you have an elven friend so they shouldn’t be offended by your Exalted Marches joke.  Oh, Tevinter is missing out on the rogue Templar trend.  It will be all out of fashion by the time you spread there.

Felix:  He hasn’t oppressed anyone for at least the last hour or so.

Dorian:  I take everything back!  It is a pleasure to meet such an upstanding citizen of the south.

Carver:  How do you say “you’re an asshole” in Tevene?

Felix:  Eh, it’s just implied.